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WebMD Pregnancy

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WebMD Pregnancy

WebMD Pregnancy

WebMD Pregnancy

WebMD Pregnancy

WebMD Pregnancy

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WebMD Pregnancy description


WebMD Pregnancy is a FREE app from WebMD that delivers trusted health information to expectant moms as well as fun features and tools. Whenever. Wherever. Online or offline. Whether you're trying to conceive or preparing for your special day, WebMD can help. Check out hundreds of doctor-approved multimedia information and advice tailored to each week of pregnancy.

• WebMD Pregnancy in the News

“It is the most accessible and comprehensive app available for expectant mothers.”
-- Appolicious

“WebMD Pregnancy is the most comprehensive and reliable option out there.”
-- LilSugar

“It helps track a load of precious in-utero firsts that moms-to-be can hold onto forever digitally.”
-- New York Daily News

Featuring 626 articles, 129 quizzes, 104 tips, 23 videos, 10 tools, and 5 slideshows!

• Everything a mom-to-be needs in one place: The WebMD Pregnancy app brings all the essential tools and information to you in one place, making it easy for expectant moms to find everything they may need along their pregnancy journey.

• Info you need, when you need it: It’s like a doctor in your pocket! The physician-reviewed information is highly personalized on a weekly basis based on how many weeks you’re pregnant. WebMD Pregnancy also provides information specific to women carrying twins including checklists, questions to ask a physician, and relevant articles.

• Tools to keep you on top of the complexity and stress of being pregnant: The app allows moms to create topics and questions to ask their doctor, curate checklists with reminders, and save their personalized content for later reading.

• Capture all the fun and joy of the pregnancy journey: Moms can fill out a personal pregnancy journal that captures key milestones, take belly photos, have fun with the kick counter and see how active the baby is throughout the day.

WebMD Pregnancy App features include:
- Pregnancy Week by Week: View interactive educational visuals of mom’s changing body, as well as the baby’s development based on your due date.
- Pregnancy 101: Find all you need to know about pregnancy on topics like nutrition, exercise, labor and delivery, and more! Don’t have time to read everything now? Save for later.
- Ask My Doctor: It’s hard to keep track of everything you want to ask your doctor. WebMD makes it easy by giving you a list of common questions based on each visit, as well as the ability to create custom questions. Can’t remember all the details? Make notes during the prenatal appointment, then share via email.
- Checklists: Start with recommendations from WebMD experts, then create custom lists to help you keep track of what you should buy, what you should pack for the hospital, and more. Set reminders for yourself so you don’t lose track of anything.
- Appointments: Keep track of your schedule – from doctor appointments to prenatal yoga classes – and set helpful reminders.
- Journal: Create a custom journal to chronicle the unforgettable moments. Add photos of your sonogram, post videos of your baby shower, and keep track of all the thoughts and feelings you experience during your pregnancy.
- Baby Belly Slideshow: What if you could easily go back in time and watch your baby bump grow right before your eyes? By taking a photo each week you can enjoy your very own slideshow.
- Symptom Tracker: Track symptoms throughout your pregnancy, such as fatigue, headache, and more. Enter the severity and frequency to share with your doctor.
- Kick Counter: All moms will tell you they remember the first time they felt their baby kick. Keep track of your own special moments.
- My Body: Track your weight and blood pressure to inform conversations with your doctor.
- Contraction Tracker: Contractions are hard -- timing them isn’t. Track your contractions, letting you know how close you are to meeting your new baby.
- Searchable Information: Use our convenient search feature to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Download the FREE WebMD Pregnancy app today!

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