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5 Great iPhone Apps Now Free (Updated)

5 Great iPhone Apps Now Free (Updated) on Freepps Blog

New iPhone applications continue to appear at an astonishing speed, but sometimes it can be more difficult to find the excellent apps that you can download for free. However, sometimes the developers decide to make their apps free of charge, which is always a pleasant bonus. Here you can take a look at some excellent apps that have recently become free.

Simple navigation and interface of the Alto Invoicing app

Alto Invoicing

Alto Invoice is an app that allows you to quickly and easily create professional-looking estimates and invoices. The app is perfect for all the users who provide various services. Whether you’re a freelancer, designer, consultant, or a small business owner, you will find this application highly useful.

Being a cloud-based invoice application, Alto Invoicing is just what you need to create the documents on the go. A variety of features and designs can help small to medium businesses to stay organized.

Making new friends and learning Chinese is easy with Chinese Corner

Chinese Corner

If you have ever started learning a new language, you know how important it is to communicate with native speakers, because you get a chance to hear the real language the way it is spoken on the daily basis. Chinese Corner is a social network for those people who want to improve their knowledge of the Chinese language and culture.

The social aspect of the Chinese Corner app makes it so much more enjoyable to learn new words because you won’t get bored. You can easily make friends with people who want to learn English, so both you and another user can learn something new using the app.

Effective managing of your finances with the help of Coyn


This simple iPhone application gives you an opportunity to effectively keep track of your finances and manage your cash balance so that you always know how much money you have spent. What is great about this app is that it’s extremely simple to use – just swipe down to add your income information, and swipe up to add your expenses.

With the help of this app, you can always stay on top of your finances by setting your target budget and thus, avoid spending too much. 

Effective features of InstaTrend to keep track of your followers


It’s not a secret that Instagram is an extremely useful tool for promotion of your business. By installing the InstaTrend app you can track the number of your followers, so you know how quickly you gain the new ones and whether some users stop following your account.

You can view the progression of the number of your followers either using a table or a graphic. It’s certainly a useful app for those users who want to build a successful business using the power of social networking. 

All the information concerning your iPhone in the System Monitor Ultimate app

System Monitor Ultimate

With the help of the System Monitor Ultimate App, you can easily view all the information concerning your device that you may need. Whether you want to look up the details of your hardware, memory, processor, operating system, storage, battery, and others, you can use this application to help you.

Now you don’t need to browse through your entire phone in search of the information because you can see everything you need in a single app

Make your iPhone even more useful with these simple apps!

All the free apps represented on the list are extremely easy to use, so no matter which ones you choose, you can figure out how to use them effectively in a matter of minutes. Whether you decide to learn Chinese, want to manage your finances, create invoices, make sure you’re getting more followers on Instagram, or simply look up your iPhone data, these applications will be of great use. 

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