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Cortana Won't Hear You Anymore on Android

Cortana Won't Hear You Anymore on Android on Freepps Blog

Only two weeks ago, Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana was officially released on Google Play Store for the USA and China after several months of beta-testing within the policy of extending their services to other platforms. However, on December, 20 it got updated or - what is more correct - downgraded. In fact, one of the app’s basic features was removed. Yeah, it was “Hey Cortana”.

Cortana Android

As we know, this option could be used for launching the searching process by voice commands. In fact, it’s similar to Google’s own “OK Google” service, what caused its closing for the USA, actually. The Microsoft Corporation explained this move with the statement that Cortana’s work has blocked Google’s hands-free feature. Indeed, a lot of users complained about the wrong functioning of a smartphone’s microphone, which sometimes couldn’t be activated even by tapping an appropriate icon. Besides, disabling of the option could bring Google Now back.

Still, such a removal is only a temporary action as the company is supposed to search for a solution of this problem. However, it’s interesting why this issue hasn’t been detected during the testing of the app’s beta version. Now, for the majority of users, there will be no point in using Cortana without voice support in favor of Google Now.

Double Cortana

It should be also noted that devices running the Cyanogen OS continue to enjoy the “Hey Cortana” feature due to the ability to support multiple assistants. In all the other cases, Cortana can’t hear Android users’ voices, no matter how loudly and distinctly they speak to the assistant.

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    Ann 11 months ago

    Cool app :) on the question "who your daddy" replies "Bill Gates" :D 5 stars, of course

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    Anna 11 months ago

    Hi! Downloading and installing pls and remember the master chief and cortana :-) the App is stable, without errors :-) I advise all ) 5 stars)

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