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Giphy Launches Official Android App

Giphy Launches Official Android App on Freepps Blog

Giphy, the mastodon of GIFs on the web, has finally released it's dedicated Android app.

The service's availability was previously limited to Facebook Messenger app, where one could search for images and attach them to messages. On the other hand, iOS users were able to get hooked on hilarious - and sometimes sad - images since October.

Giphy AppGiphy App

Thus, Android lovers won't be limited with a mere plugin anymore.

A New Life

The new Giphy app will let you do a solid array of fun stuff, namely:

  • searching for GIF files;
  • sharing them through text messages;
  • sending them via email;
  • posting them through chat apps other than Messenger;
  • casually browsing GIF's if you feel like it.

Of course, the standard functionality of looking up GIFs that express different emotions is here in the Giphy Android app, too.

The app is already available for Android users. If you used the plugin app before, you should update it to get the whole range of options.

Love GIFs and Giphy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Ryan Stone


Tech junkie, grilled haloumi devourer, cat owner @freepps_top

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  • 0

    Acque1983 8 months ago

    GIF is a small world. And sometimes they are better than a thousand words. It's great that now many are collected in a Giphy, I'll use gifs more often.

  • 0

    Dante 8 months ago

    It is good idea to gather a lot of GIFs in one application. Everybody love GIFs and use them everyday.

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