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How To Change The Email Address Associated With Your Apple ID

How To Change The Email Address Associated With Your Apple ID on Freepps Blog

Situations happen. Not all of them are terribly bad, but some issues may be a nuisance, especially if there's one you don't know how to deal with.

OK, there's a situation and you need to change the email your Apple ID is associated with but keep your other data, for example:

  • name;
  • bank ID;
  • apps;
  • games and magazines purchased, etc.

In spite of what some might say, your email is NOT your Apple ID. It’s just a piece of data used for some purposes, but you can change your email and keep the rest of your data.

The only exception is Apple-based email located on,, or We have some bad news for those Apple fans who have made these emails their main ones. There’s no way out from here.

ID Your Apple

irst of all, you need to log out on all of your Apple devices with the Apple ID you need to edit. Otherwise you'll have problems with logging in next time. Then enter with your account and go to Account section where you can edit your account. You can do it on any device with any OS or browser, via web interface.

Click the EDIT link and enter the new email you’d like to use from now on in the corresponding section. After you do it you’ll get an email with the confirmation link. You’ll have to enter your mailbox, open the email and visit the link. After your mail is confirmed, you can enter your new mail as an Apple ID on your Apple devices.

Here are all the steps, listed in order:

  1. Log out on all of your Apple devices with the Apple ID you need to edit;
  2. Enter with your account;
  3. Go to Account section;
  4. Click the edit link and enter the new email;
  5. Get an email with the confirmation link;
  6. Enter your mailbox;
  7. Open the email and;
  8. Visit the link;
  9. Enter your new mail as an Apple ID.

The rest of your data will be untouched. You’ll still have all your apps and other content you have purchased, and your bank account and other data will remain unchanged, so you’ll use your Apple ID like before.

Still experiencing difficulties? Let us know in the comments or go to our support forum!


Antonio Neri


Our resident meandering word artist, Antonio surely knows how to spot a good taco. @his_duckness

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    lopo 9 months ago

    All these doors should be passed with one key. The situation with changing the email address associated with my Apple ID is the same. Thank Freepps's help, now I know how to resolve this issue.

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