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Cricket 2016 Top Free Games

Download Cricket 2016 Top Free Games Game - screenshot 1
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Cricket 2016 Top Free Games

Cricket 2016 Top Free Games

Cricket 2016 Top Free Games

Cricket 2016 Top Free Games

Cricket 2016 Top Free Games

Cricket 2016 Top Free Games

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Cricket Games 2016: Have Fun and Become a Cricket Champion


Playing sports outside is fun, but these days you also have an opportunity to play every sports game imaginable without leaving your house thanks to a wide variety of apps available for mobile devices. One of such popular games with numerous fans across the world is cricket. And if you don’t have an opportunity to play it in real life, why not give it a go in the virtual world? The Cricket Games 2016 application is just what you need to do this!

Functionality 9/10

Whether you’re a fan of cricket or you barely know anything about this bat-and-ball game, figuring out how to play it on your mobile device won’t become a problem. The free Cricket 2016 app provides you with a selection of games you’re likely to find interesting if you’re into sports apps.

The games, which can be downloaded with the help of this application, have been selected according to their quality and popularity among users in the years 2013, 2014, and 2015. Thus, you can be sure that you are introduced only to the most exciting cricket apps out there. The way this application works is extremely simple, as it represents an introductory guide to the cricket games available in the Play Store rather than standalone app for playing virtual cricket. As you open this lightweight application on your device, you are greeted with the list of ten cricket games, which can be downloaded with one click once you make a choice. Each game comes with a short description and a screenshot to help you decide whether it is something you are interested in. Moreover, every game mentioned in this cricket manager app can be downloaded for free, which is always a pleasant bonus. The cricket games you will find in this application include:

  • Cricket T20 Fever 3D;
  • Stick Cricket;
  • Cricket WorldCup Fever;
  • Real Cricket 14;
  • Stick Cricket Premier League;
  • Beach Cricket;
  • T20 Cricket 2012;
  • Power Cricket T20 League 2015;
  • Cricket Unlimited;
  • Real Cricket Champions League.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose to install one game or several, as they are quite different when it comes to their settings and selection of matches. Some games represented by the app feature high-quality realistic 3D graphics while others are not as detailed, even though they are still entertaining. Also, the games provide you with different modes to choose from, including tournaments, T20 matches, Powerplay, World Cup, Pass-N-Play, Scenario, Super Over, and a lot more. You can see which modes seem the most exciting to you and find a game, which includes them.

Regardless of which games you choose, you get the most out of each match. The controls are quite smooth and intuitive, so you won’t have any troubles understanding how to control your players. The cricket teams depicted in the games are from different countries, such as England, India, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, and a number of others. With the help of test matches, you have an opportunity to improve your skills and learn some new tricks.

Overall, if you’re interested in cricket gaming apps, you may find this app quite useful, even if you need it only once to find the games for your entertainment.

Design 8/10

There is not a lot to say about the design of this application, as it is as simple and minimalistic as it gets. The app features dark blue background, screenshots from the games, plain white text. All you have to do to view the information about ten cricket games is scrolling to the left or right. One downside to this free app is that you will frequently encounter different ads while scrolling, even so, you can easily close them.

Usability 9/10

The Cricket Games 2016 application is created with the intention of offering you a short description of the best cricket games and an easy way to download them from the Google Play Store. It is especially useful to those who don’t know anything about cricket apps and want to choose which ones to install. The application doesn’t have any special requirements and you don’t have to set up an account to use it – all you should do is open it and you’re good to go. You can easily download any of the listed games directly from the app by simply tapping the “Install” button located at the upper-right corner of the screen. Once you do that, you will be directed to the Play Store where you can read more details about the game and download it to your device.

Cross-Platform Use 7/10

At the moment, the Cricket application is not available for iOS and Windows devices. If you own Android smartphone or tablet, you can download this application from the Google Play Store. The minimum required Android OS version is 2.3, which means you can install the app even on older devices.

In-App Purchases

The application doesn’t come with any in-app purchases, which is not surprising as it is extremely simple. You can view and download all the games listed in the app without any restrictions.


Millions of people enjoy playing sports games on their devices, as they are extremely dynamic, competitive, and exciting, especially when you play against other real players. Cricket is a fun game to play online, so it’s not surprising that a lot of users are constantly in pursuit of new apps to try out. The Cricket Games 2016 app is a convenient guide to the ten best apps in the category, so if you are completely new to such games and don’t know where to begin, it’s definitely a good idea to start with this application. The games you can see in the app are best of the best, so you’re guaranteed to have fun if you’re someone who enjoys cricket.


The Cricket Games 2016 application provides you with a way to quickly download the most popular cricket games from the Play Store and enjoy them whenever you have time.

Pros : Free and lightweight;
Provides you with the list of ten best cricket games;
Allows you to quickly download the apps;

Cons : Only available for Android devices;
There is no way to remove ads.

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Cricket 2016 Top Free Games APK Version History

  • Cricket 2016 Top Free Games v.2.0 for Android 2.3.2+ Jan. 30, 2016
  • Cricket 2016 Top Free Games v.1.0 for Android 2.3.2+ Oct. 23, 2015
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Cricket 2016 Top Free Games

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