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Target - Plan, Shop & Save Shopping
Target is the official app by the eponymous market chain working all over the US. The app informs yo... Read full review
Starbucks Lifestyle
Starbucks is a mobile app made by Starbucks Coffee Company that allows you to order ahead of your tu... Read full review
AliExpress Shopping App Shopping
AliExpress is a mobile client of one of the biggest online marketplaces on the web. Here you can fin... Read full review
Pongfinity - Infinite Ping Pong Sports
Pongfinity – Infinite Ping Pong is a funny casual ping pong simulation game by Linnama Enterta... Read full review
Flipboard: News For Any Topic News & Magazines
The all-new Flipboard organizes the world's stories, so you can get the best news for all your p... Read full review
Royal Fishing - Catch Treasures Casual
Royal Fishing – Catch Treasures is a casual 2D fishing simulator game by WEIWEI studio, the de... Read full review
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