Japanese English Dictionary & Translator Free 英和辞典・和英辞典

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  • Last update: 3 years ago
  • Version: 10.7
  • Size: 166 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Bravolol Limited
  • Content rating: Rated 4+
  • Languages: English, Japanese
  • In-App Purchases:
  • Remove Ads $1.99
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Japanese English Dictionary & Translator Free 英和辞典・和英辞典 Review

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Japanese English Dictionary & Translator Free 英和辞典・和英辞典 Review

Easily learn Japanese with Japanese English Dictionary & Translator app! Free download & no Internet connection required!

The app enables you to search Japanese & English words with definitions, examples, pronunciation, and more.


- Detailed word definitions & example sentences
- Related search suggestions
- Advanced sentences analyzer
- Favorite words & search history
- Flashcards for self-learning support
- Customizable font sizes for better readability
- Japanese (Kanji & Kana), English & wildcard character search support
- Japanese, British English & American English pronunciation with phonetics

Welcome to download the Japanese English Dictionary & Translator app!

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  • S
    There is a another review here that says it's the best Japanese dictionary they have ever used. I would like to echo that statement and also emphasize that it's not a hyperbole. Put it simply this app is very great at telling you the English equivalent of words. Language is very tricky because one word can mean many things. In English for example, the word "fan" can refer to an object that spins to push air to you or refer to a person who likes something and is devoted to it. This app will give you all the possible meaning of a Japanese Japanese word you posted, sometimes with simple explanation and elaboration. This is pretty much the only thing the app does but it does this really really really well and is far more important feature when it comes to translating something. First off, it needs to be said that this isn't a translation app. It strictly does word to word translation, and it cannot translate sentences. The downside is of course that you need to have the Japanese word in order to look up the meaning. Typing in how a words sounds like will probably not work most of the time but if you come across a Japanese word and you need to know what it means, copy paste it here and it will give it to you. When combined with Google Translate, you pretty much have the ultimate translation tools right there. Google Translate can scan things (even from images) and translate them but as we all know, their translation and be imperfect and sometimes really off because they get the context wrong. With an app like this dictionary, you can take a Google Translate output (the Japanese text that it reproduces if from an image) and paste it here. Using it and some thinking, you should be able to construct more logical sentences because you are getting all the possible meanings of that scanned word. And that's from the prospective of someone who doesn't know much Japanese. If you are actually learning Japanese, this app will be even more useful to you because you can just spend your time looking up the vocabulary. I like translating Japanese sentences as a hobby and is sort of self learning the language. This app has been important to me. Alone it is a great focussed app, combine it with Google Translate and some basic knowledge of Japanese grammar, you can translate even complex sentences easily.
  • DH
    Daniel Hogg
    This app has been incredibly useful to me, now more than ever as I am in Japan and frequently need to reference words or derive the furigana from the kanji (or just outright translate). It looks like the new version has some issues, though, and so here are a couple of reasons why I won't update to the current version. First: auto-clearing of search history. There have been multiple occasions where I search a word and need to go back and look at it again later, and since it stays in my history, I can just go back to that time and find it. Seeing as the update makes that no longer possible to do, I would prefer to stay on the previous version--it's truly a great educational tool! Second: user feedback. Apparently, the app now no longer provides the furigana for the kanji when you search a word, which is already the case when you go from English to Japanese. If that is also true going from Japanese to English, what is even the point of searching? I frequently write out/copy-paste kanji so I can actually know how to say the word and not just define it. Third: experience. The app as it presently is (for me) works beautifully. I've not had any troubles with it whatsoever and don't really see any reason to make it change to something which appears to be inferior. So, if anything could be done to improve the app, it would be, first, to reverse the auto-clearing functionality. Instead, make that optional for users who prefer a squeaky clean history. Second, make furigana available both ways (searching English to Japanese and Japanese to English). Third, continue to provide a beautiful in-app experience. Whether it be inputting words/characters, copying and pasting, or simply enjoying how the app looks, providing a solid aesthetic for users who rely on the app should always be a goal. By doing these three things, I have no doubt that the app would be excellent for everyone and that reviews would be more positive. I'll also be glad to update my review with a positive rating whenever these issues get sorted out (not that I'm important, but who doesn't like a good review, right?). Hoping for the best from this app and the team behind it!
  • M
    I always appreciated being able to look up a word in English, Japanese, or romaji, and had been using the old version for a year and though wasn't thrilled with it due to incompleteness, I was still okay with it as it was better than any of the other ones that were free as well. But the new updated version has all the improvements I was hoping for, ten times better. Now, it automatically lists all the ways to use a word in sample sentences, and most importantly, offers Japanese voice pronunciation of the sentences of the word. I love the new format because it is better organized and clearer to read and navigate through. Thanks Bravolol! My Japanese will get better even faster with you!

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