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  • Author: ligi
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  • Package name: org.ligi.survivalmanual
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Offline Survival Manual Review

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Offline Survival Manual Review


This is a Survival Manual / Guide based on the ( public domain ) US Army Survival Field-Manual FM 21-76
It is fully working offline ( which is important to survive in a case of catastrophy )
It contains info on how to make fire, build a shelter, heal and other useful stuff in a case of emergency.Background:In the mist of the current political situation ( Trump & Hillary in USA, AfD in Germany ) I had to prepare for doomsday scenarios and was searching for a good Survival Guide that I can use offline - there where some but none of them where really good & fitting. Also there was none free software ( FOSS ) on FDroid. Hence I was writing this Software.It contains the following content:INTRODUCTION
- Survival Actions
- Pattern for SurvivalPSYCHOLOGY
- A Look at Stress
- Natural Reactions
- Preparing YourselfPLANNING AND KITS
- Importance of Planning
- Requirements for Maintenance of Health
- Medical Emergencies
- Lifesaving Steps
- Bone and Joint Injury
- Bites and Stings
- Wounds
- Environmental Injuries
- Herbal MedicinesSHELTER
- Primary Shelter—Uniform
- Shelter Site Selection
- Types of SheltersWATER PROCUREMENT
- Water Sources
- Still Construction
- Water Purification
- Water Filtration DevicesFIRECRAFT
- Basic Fire Principles
- Site Selection and Preparation
- Fire Material Selection
- How to Build a Fire
- How to Light a FireFOOD PROCUREMENT
- Animals for Food
- Traps and Snares
- Killing Devices
- Fishing Devices
- Cooking and Storage of Fish and GameSURVIVAL USE OF PLANTS
- Edibility of Plants
- Plants for Medicine
- Miscellaneous Uses of PlantsPOISONOUS PLANTS
- How Plants Poison
- All About Plants
- Rules for Avoiding Poisonous Plants
- Contact Dermatitis
- Ingestion PoisoningDANGEROUS ANIMALS
- Insects and Arachnids
- Leeches
- Bats
- Venomous Snakes
- Snake-Free Areas
- Dangerous Lizards
- Dangers in Rivers
- Dangers in Bays and Estuaries
- Saltwater Dangers
- Staffs
- Clubs
- Edged Weapons
- Other Expedient Weapons
- Cordage and Lashing
- Rucksack Construction
- Clothing and Insulation
- Cooking and Eating UtensilsDESERT
- Terrain
- Environmental Factors
- Need for Water
- Heat Casualties
- Precautions
- Desert HazardsTROPICAL
- Tropical Weather
- Jungle Types
- Travel Through Jungle Areas
- Immediate Considerations
- Water Procurement
- Food
- Poisonous PlantsCOLD WEATHER
- Cold Regions and Locations
- Windchill
- Basic Principles of Cold Weather Survival
- Hygiene
- Medical Aspects
- Cold Injuries
- Shelters
- Fire
- Water
- Food
- Travel
- Weather SignsSEA
- The Open Sea
- Rivers and Streams
- Rapids
- Rafts
- Flotation Devices
- Other Water Obstacles
- Using the Sun and Shadows
- Using the Moon
- Using the Stars
- Making Improvised Compasses
- Other Means of Determining DirectionSIGNALING TECHNIQUES
- Application
- Means for Signaling
- Codes and Signals
- Aircraft Vectoring ProceduresSURIVAL IN HOSTILE AREAS
- Phases of PlanningCAMOUFLAGE
- Personal Camouflage
- Methods of StalkingCONTACT WITH PEOPLE
-Contact with Local People
-Survival Behavior
-Changes to Political AllegianceSURVIVAL IN MAN-MADE HAZARDS
-The Nuclear Environment
-Biological Environments
-Chemical EnvironmentsAppendix A: Survival KitsAppendix B: Edible and Medicinal PlantsAppendix C: Poisonous PlantsAppendix D: Dangerous Insects and ArachnidsAppendix E: Venomous Snakes and MollusksAppendix F: Dangerous Fish and MollusksAppendix G: Ropes and KnotsAppendix H: Clouds Foretellers of Weather
This app is libre software - you can find the source-code on github:
Pull requests are welcome
If you have improvements regarding the content or want to help translate you can use the wiki: surviving!

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