The Holy Quran - English

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  • Last update: 5 years ago
  • Version: 3.5
  • Size: 59.4 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Peace Through Understanding
  • Content rating: Rated 4+
  • Languages: English
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The Holy Quran - English Review

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The Holy Quran - English Description

Follow your religion diligently with an innovative The Holy Quran app for iOS users. Expand your knowledge base on Islam and preach the meaning of beautiful verses mentioned in this holy book.


  • You get complete English translations for all the verses;
  • Original Arabic text will be displayed;
  • The Holy Quran is a responsive app and is compatible with iPad HD version as well;
  • Tafsir or commentary for every chapter along with the listing of 1500 verses;
  • 8 Recitations in English and Arabic by renowned reciters like Benjamin Bilal and Said Al Ghamdi.

Expand your understanding of Islam and inculcate spiritualism from the teachings of the leaders by downloading The Holy Quran app for Apple devices.


Detailed explanation and accurate text conversions; There are multiple customizable options.


It should be available in other languages as well.


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  • SN
    Sis. Naeemah
    As-Salaamu a'laikum. Al-Hamdulillah for your the app and your work and maintenance of the app. I usually use it daily. I like the way I can scroll down the side to find the ayah within the Sura and I Like that I can touch on the side of the Sura to find a specific surah and a little window comes up and says "Jump to Chapter...., and within the window I can move faster to the specific Surah that I want without scrolling down all 114 if I know exactly what surah I'm looking for. Very nice. Al-aHamdulillah for that, and for just having a Qur'an to carry around and read at anytime, and that is easy to read. I'm used to reading the Yusef Ali Translation. The words in this translation is different from Yusef Ali. Although, I know from the Arabic different words can be used to basically say the same as the Arabic. I also have the Yusef Ali Version. I'm basically used to your version, but I use both. I usually go to Google Search to search for a specific ayat that I only have part of the words of the ayah. So I said by Allah's guidance let me see if I can find it in the app. I don't just want to search for a Surah or ayah, I wanted to search under the word "Allah" or words that I know are in the ayah, but I don't know the surah or ayah . No "Allah". I look under God I see Allah it says "see Allah". It should be under "A"---I did not see Allah under the letter "A". Please help. Thank you and may Allah continue to bless you your families and your work.
  • MA
    Maryam Abdi
    I tried to uncover the translator for this English edition, can not find it. The question has been asked yet not answered. This Quran and it's tasfir has many disputed interpetations. It does not identify the translator. Lots of bells and whistles but seems to be filled with assumptions. I have read many English Qurans, this translation is setting off alarms. Allah did not Identify Duhl Quarnayn, nor the man who was reserected after 100 years. Namel are a tribe instead of ants?, The hopoe a man instead of a bird?, The Jinn are errant Jews instead of a race of creatures made of smokeless fire ? If these are assumptions and not fact, woe to those who tell lies about Allah. Allah revealed to His Prophet Muhammad PBUH that the majority opinion would be upon the deen. This seems rife with minority opinions. I pray Allah guide us all to His straight path. Allah knows best.
  • BB
    Belma Belma
    I am reading Qur'an in different languages, and it is really useful to have a completely different translation for comparison. Also, this app's tafseer (who is the author?? Why not signed??) has very interesting analysis, much closer to my understanding of Islam, but in comparison to some previous explanations, fierce and brave, quite revolutionary. I recommend reading this Qur'an translation with whole tafseer, but I also ask developers to please sign author/s, as well as make this book accessible via different media. Thank you and I hope you will continue with issuing apps, you had a great start.

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