QuickBooks GoPayment: POS Credit Card Reader

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  • Last update: 4 years ago
  • Version: 8.3.1
  • Size: 140 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Intuit Inc.
  • Content rating: Rated 4+
  • Languages: English
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QuickBooks GoPayment: POS Credit Card Reader Review

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QuickBooks GoPayment: POS Credit Card Reader Review

Plug your card reader into your iPhone or iPad and take credit cards quickly and securely. And a card reader isn’t even required. You can always scan a card with your camera, or key in the card details directly.

Instead of swiping, dip the chip! If your customer gives you a chip card, use the EMV card reader and insert the card in the back slot. You can still swipe non-chip cards in the front slot of the reader.

Your customer signs right on your device to authorize the payment. Then you can email or text a receipt to your customer. Accepting a payment takes just a few taps from start to finish.

- Customize your receipts to include your logo, store info, social media links, and a personalized message.
- Add a list of items you frequently sell, including prices, descriptions, and photos. Then create quick orders from your items or enter custom amounts.
- Make it easy for customers to include a tip on a credit card payment.
- What if your customer doesn’t have their credit card handy? Tap in cash or check transactions to record them.

- Add up to 50 users to accept payments on behalf of your business.
- Use the online service center to accept, refund, or review credit card transactions.
- Enjoy safe, encrypted credit card processing.
- Sync transactions to QuickBooks for hassle-free small business bookkeeping.
- Build trust with your customers by using tools from the leader in small business financial management software.

Choose a plan that works for you:
- No monthly fees with rates from 2.4%
- or
- $20.00 month with rates from 1.6%
- No monthly minimums, hidden fees, setup or cancellation charges.
- Rates include these card types:
Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

1 - Download the free GoPayment app.
2 - Complete the application.
3 - Get approved.
You’re good to go! You can start accepting credit card payments even before your card reader arrives.

Accepting credit cards is a snap. You can take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.
1 – Enter the charge amount.
2 – Insert, swipe, scan, or key in credit card info.
3 – Have your customer sign on your device to authorize payment.
4 – Send receipts through email or text. Payment arrives in your bank account in 2-3 business days.

A free mobile card reader is available to new, approved mobile payments customers only.
Additional card readers are available for purchase at http://quickbooks.intuit.com/payments/emv-reader

Works with Apple devices running iOS 8 and higher.

If you have any trouble with your card reader, you can still accept credit cards by scanning cards or keying in card details.

http://security.intuit.com/privacy to learn how Intuit protects your privacy.


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  • KM
    Kelleen MW
    When I first started using Intuit, I was very impressed. The transactions made it easy for me and my customers. It was essentially foolproof especially for someone newly starting a small business being a cosmetics distributor. They even had the option of texting and emailing your invoice to your customers which I liked. Then about 1 1/2 months into my second batch of transactions after an "online party," I receive a call and an email from Intuit Risk Management stating that my transactions have been withheld, meaning that they will not be depositing my money that I earned from my "online party" in my personal account and that they are required to do an investigation to protect all parties that use their company (customers, sellers and Intuit). They asked for a specific list of documents and information such as my customer's names, billing addresses, phone numbers, detailed list of items purchased from me, if they've ever purchased from me, invoices and mailing receipts. It was a little suspicious to me considering that their GoPayment app generates invoices but yet they claim they didn't have access to it. Regardless, I provided them with everything they asked for that same day and received an email stating that the investigation will take 2 days and if any additional information is needed that they will contact me. I call them 2 days later to follow-up and they tell me everything looks fine and that they didn't need anything from me. Approximately 3 hours later, I get a call from them saying that they needed more information and wanted to know how I advertised my products. I told them by word of mouth, Facebook and Instagram and that almost all my customers I know personally as I'm just starting this business. They wanted to know my page names (which I had no problem providing because they were public). Then the woman informed me that they didn't need any additional information (which was the same thing they said a day ago) and that she was going to prepare for a release of my funds that would take about 24-48 hours. AND now, four days later, my funds are still withheld and I'm dreading that call stating they need more information so that they can continue to hold those funds for another 48 hours. First of all, the transactions I processed totaled a small amount of approximately $384. Second, they stated that my account raised a red flag because I changed my banking account information (which was a true statement because I opened a business account to separate it from my personal account), third, the money I make from this small business is what I use to purchase inventory and now I can't do so because my funds are withheld. I am a supporter in protecting my customers but Intuit GoPayment seems to have forgotten that I AM THEIR CUSTOMER. I pay a fee to process my transactions and now I feel like they aren't protecting me at all by withholding my money. I've lost customers in this short amount of time because I wasn't able to order what they wanted due to my money being withheld. Luckily I have a primary career but if this were to happen to someone who relies on their earnings as a distributor to pay bills, they would be in a bind. Once I do have those funds released, I will be looking for a new way to process payments.
  • J
    Scan card? Yeah right. All you get is an authentication error over and over again forcing you to manually key in the card info. I’ve kept the app up to date and still doesn’t work with iPhone 7 plus. Customer support is an option if your willing to sit on hold for at least an hour. Don’t get your hopes up though, as Inuit experts are like Apple experts. No matter what you say they fall back to reset, reset, reset. If the men and women answering the phones are experts, my weiner dog is Einstein. And by chance the scan works the next problem begins. Cannot create customer, if the problem persists more than 24 hours contact customer support. Well every 3rd or 4th transaction pops that message up. Weird thing is that they are already customers. In closing, you get what you pay for. And end up paying more because your the only person on the planet having the before mentioned issues. If you want to be talked to in a condescending way heavily accented Indian man named Johnny sign up.
  • AK
    AJ Katinsky
    This app is great. And I'd usually give it 5 start BUT their customer service is completely horrid. Dismal. I can only relay my own personal experience. I had a customer initiate a charge back because of a misunderstanding. I addressed the issue quickly and resolve to the pleasure of the customer. The customer contacted his credit card company to reverse the charge back. I got a letter from the customer and from his credit card company both stating that the chargeback was canceled. I contacted into it. Sent them everything they want it. They still refuse to place the money back in my checking account. They stated that they have to use this for 90 days to investigate, regardless of what all party say. There is no way to contact them except through email. And they never answer their email. There are no phone numbers or any other points of contact. You have to wait for them. You are at their mercy with no avenue of recourse. Use your own best judgment, but these are my experiences.

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