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  • Last update: 2 years ago
  • Version: 0.6.4-release
  • Compatibility: 4.4 and up
  • Author: Istation
  • Content rating: Everyone
  • Package name: com.istation.runtime
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Istation – Access Educational Materials on Various Subjects Review

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Istation is an educational app that offers registered students and educators access to various educational materials on different subjects. The app acts as a supplemental curriculum and covers a lot of topics. Downloading Istation will be useful in your studies. It is a great aide for review or homework.

Functionality 4/5
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Istation is a supplemental learning system that individualizes and adapts learning content for every student. In the program, you can find various writing and reading topics that cover a lot of subjects. The app has an engaging curriculum, accurate assessments, and trusted tools that help students grow in academic disciplines.

Thanks to computer-adaptive assessments, the app creates individualized curriculums for every student adapting to their needs. Administrators, educators, and parents can access comprehensive reports and provide feedback to students on their progress.

Design 5/5

The app has a nice design that is up-to-date with modern requirements. It is an engaging and fun way to learn new things and expand your knowledge. The app has an animated interface that looks like a game. It engages students in various tasks making them not realize that they’re taking a test or performing some other difficult assignment.

Usability 4/5

Istation is very easy to use. Teachers give students login cards that allow them to log in and choose their activity form. The assessment is accompanied by audio and visual prompts, there are instructions on how to complete tasks and ask for help when needed.

The tool can determine if the student is ready to progress, need a reteach lesson or individual instruction. If you have not mastered a certain skill, you will be presented with a reteach lesson. Once your scores show that you have the skills you need, you will be allowed to move on.

Cross-Platform Use 5/5

The app can be downloaded on your Android or iOS device. You can also use it through the Google Chrome browser or on your Windows or Mac computer. According to Istation review, you can easily access the program on different devices at any time.

In-App Purchases

If you’re an existing Istation subscriber, the app can be downloaded for free. There are no other additional costs. You can easily get the app from the App Store or Google Play like you install all other apps on your device.

The Bottom Line

The teaching method offered by Istation is based on verbal explanations. It is explicit and slow. It is an ideal tool for those who like to study at their own pace. Downloading Istation will help you improve your academic level skills.



This is a great app for students who want to practice various subjects individually. The app is a fun and exciting way to learn new things.

Pros : The app spans both on- and offscreen learning;
It is easy to understand and navigate;
The app can read aloud, which helps those in need of phonics instructions.

Cons : It can be difficult to make sense of all the various resources and materials;
The interface needs to be updated.

Functionality 4.0

Design 5.0

Usability 4.0

Cross-platform use 5.0

Average : 4.5

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  • Where can I get Istation app for my mobile from?

    You can get Istation app for your mobile from official app stores. They are probably installed on your mobile device already. Go to iTunes app store to download the app for your iPhone and to Google Play store for Android platform.

  • Where can I find Istation Windows app for PC?

    Istation app is available not only for mobile platforms but also for Windows, Chrome devices and Mac OS. All three of these versions of the app can be download directly from the official website of Istation app. There is also information on the requirements of the app you need to meet on your device. Click on the Get App button on this page and you will be transferred to the official website of Istation.

  • What are the requirements of Istation iOS app?

    Istation iOS is a free app with minimal requirements. You can download it from the iTunes app store. It requires 7.0 iOS system or later and it is compatible with iPad but not iPod touch. It takes 19.6 MB of free space to start the downloading process.

  • How to get Istation apk for Android?

    You can get Istation app for Android via the Get App button on this page, which will transfer you directly to Istation on Google Play store. The app is free, but you still need to have 4.4 Android system or later to make it work. The size of the app is 22 M.

  • How do I start the Istation install process?

    It is easy. You open the app store on your mobile device. Search for the Istation page there. Press Download and wait till the process will be over. After that, you will be asked for access to your audio and camera, some of your personal data like email and so on. Give it and start working with the app.

  • What sources can I use for Istation free download?

    You can use as many sources as you like. There are plenty of websites that offer you Istation for free. However, we recommend you to use only official app stores or original website of Istation. Only these sources can guarantee the security and protection to your device. The app is free so why risk everything?

  • Is Istation free?

    Yes, this app is free. Unlike many other free apps, it does not contain ads. Istation does not offer any in-app purchases.

  • Can I get Istation download here?

    No, you can’t download Istation app from this website. However, we can give you a link on the direct page of the app on the app store or official website of Istation. To receive it just press the Get App button on this page above.

  • What if Istation is not working?

    It means that you need to restart your device or the app. Close it and open again. There can be minor bugs in the app, however, developers promise to remove them with the new update. Check your Wi-Fi connection. If nothing works contact Istation support.

  • Where can I download Istation latest version?

    You can download the latest version of Istation app from the same page you have already used to download the previous one. Go to the same store and open the page. Once the new version is there, you may see the Update button. Tap it.


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    Can Istation be down loaded to a iPhone?
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    Thank you for this website
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    I would like it to be a three step thing like this 1 enter email, 2 login, and 3 learn
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