ReThink - Stops Cyberbullying

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  • Last update: 5 years ago
  • Version: 1.10-all
  • Compatibility: 2.1 and up
  • Author: Trisha Prabhu
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ReThink - Stops Cyberbullying Review

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ReThink - Stops Cyberbullying Review

ReThink is a 15 year old girl’s journey to stop cyberbullying before it starts. ReThink before the damage is done!.ReThink is a non-intrusive, innovative and award-winning solution to stop cyberbullying before it happens, especially in young adolescents and teenagers. Use ReThink Keyboard to give your child a second chance to pause, review and ReThink their messages on every app they use.My name is Trisha Prabhu, I am 15 years old and I am the creator of ReThink. Spurred into action by the anger, sadness and frustration of the death of an 11-year old girl that committed suicide because she was repeatedly cyberbullied, I took on the cause to find a solution to stop cyberbullying. The result was my product, ReThink. I have had the honor of presenting ReThink at various national and international events, seminars, forums, schools and universities. Together, we can stop this silent pandemic and promote internet positivity and responsible digital citizenship in young kids. Please visit to learn more. ReThink’s Game-Changing Solution:
• Choose ReThink Keyboard from device settings to give your child a second chance to pause, review and ReThink their message before sending it.
• ReThink Keyboard works with all apps (text messages, social media, email etc.).
• ReThink is a proactive solution that counters conventional solutions today, such as “block the bully” mechanism OR “report to an adult” mechanism, by taking the burden off of the victim to report harassment and instead tackle the issue at the source, by modifying bully’s behavior.
• ReThink fosters important decision making skills in kids, pre-teens and teens, on and off of social media
• ReThink helps kids, pre-teens and teens to become responsible digital citizens.
• ReThink stops online negativity and hate by reinforcing positive behavior in adolescents
• Parents have the peace of mind as they can empower their kids to make better decisions.Why ReThink?
The adolescent brain is likened to a car with no brakes. It is well known that adolescents can be impulsive and make rash decisions. The part of the brain that controls decision making (pre-fontal cortex) does not fully develop until age 25. Offensive and hurtful language sent in impulse, are found in everyday online interactions causing immense mental and potentially physical harm to the recipients. Kids and teens do not realize that once an offensive message is sent out, the damage is done – and the Internet is forever - they really can’t ever “delete” it. My rigorous scientific research has shown that when given a chance to pause and reconsider before posting a hurtful message, adolescents such as myself change their minds 93% of the time and do the right thing. The overall willingness to post an offensive message drops from about 71% to about 4%. ReThink detects any hurtful messages that an adolescent may type on their devices– text messages, emails, social media and any apps that use a keyboard. Upon detection that a hurtful message has been typed, ReThink alerts adolescents, giving them a chance to pause, review and ReThink their message before sending it.How can I help this cause?
• Please raise awareness about this issue so children across the nation and around the globe can take advantage of this effective tool.
• If you ever experience a crash or any bugs associated with the ReThink app, please send an email to [email protected] instead of posting a negative review – we can help fix the issue much more quickly if you contact ReThink Support.
• Please request your child’s teacher or principal to nominate two students from their schools to become ReThink Ambassadors at and clicking on “Ambassador” link. This will help spread ReThink message to children at their school.By downloading this app, you are accepting its User Agreement:


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