Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader

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  • Version: 9.1.2
  • Size: 30.2 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Bitolithic Pty Ltd
  • Content rating: Rated 4+
  • Languages: English
  • In-App Purchases:
  • Extra Themes $1.99
  • Unread Comic Finder $1.99
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Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader Review

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Comic Zeal Comic Book Reader Review

Do you want the most features? the best reading experience? Comic Zeal 9 has them both. It was the first comic reader in the App Store, it’s still the best.

• Organize your collection how YOU want. Put series inside series, use dividers to manage long lists.
• Automatically sorts comics into their series.
• Super fast reading view with two-page mode and assisted panning.
• Page position lock so you don’t see the same borders page after page.
• Does the right thing when you rotate your device, many comics have a mixture of portrait and landscape pages.
• Lightning fast search, by comic title and tags.
• Parental lock for individual series.


For a very reasonable price you can also unlock
• Comic Finders, create smart series that show you unread comics from all over your library.
• Seven new, gorgeous themes.


• WI-Fi using a web browser on a PC or Mac.
• Drop Box, iCloud Drive, etc using iOS document sharing.
• AirDrop from a Mac.
• iTunes via USB or Wi-FI


Comic Zeal features the innovative slider, it's a pointer, a container and a toolbox, all in one. You can push stuff into it, then go anywhere in your collection and drag it out. It's an incredibly fast way to organize your comics.

With the slider you can:

• Reorder comics, put them into the slider in the order you want them, then drag them out.
• Create reading lists (by making copies of comics that don't take up any space on your device)
• Create series and dividers right in the app. Dividers are lists that can hold comics, series and even other dividers.


• Tap the ‘i’ info icon for comics, series and dividers. You can rename entries, sort a series or mark items as read or unread.
• When zooming, hold the gesture for half a second. Comic Zeal will lock that zoom and position when you turn the page, it's a great way to hide borders.

Comics used in the screenshots:
'Escape from Planet Nowhere', © 2010 Otis Frampton,

Please note, there is a problem with Google Drive’s iOS extension that doesn’t allow you to open comic and other files that they consider to be ’non-standard’. You can read more about it here: and here . You can open Comics from the Google Drive app itself using the 'Open in ...' option, just not directly from Comic Zeal.


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  • GL
    Gary LaPointe
    Works great on the iPad PRO! It’s like reading full sized comics!!!! (Single pages ARE full really full size!) Looks like they've fixed the authentication issue (May 2016)!!! Great app for reading and sorting and storing digital comics. Reading is very easy and does a great job of page turning/flipping (you can make it so “flips” are instant (this is important for some comics). It’s very fast too. It handles rotation and zooming and scrolling very very well. It’s a great app and I love it, I gave it 5 stars. I’m pointing out some of the difficulties below, since it’s a $5 app I thought I’d get a little nitpicky before you buy it. The menu is a slightly different interface than many other iPad apps, but you’ll get used to it. Selecting and sorting is different in a way that KIND of makes sense, but the standard delete (swipe to left) isn’t supported. If you swipe wrong it actually tells you not to swipe that way instead of just doing the swipe which is kind of strange (it seems like they only support one kind of swipe so why they are particular, I’m not sure). You have to drag your comics over via iTunes. You can sort of get to your DropBox/Box files, but it’s inconvenient, from that app and download and select “open in…” but it’s awkward and slow, especially if you want to do more than one. While we did get an update in May of 2016, the author has been unresponsive in the forums for months (9/2015?) so not sure what is going on with future updates (no communication in the support pages for 5 months). Update: I went back to update the few conversations in the support forums (and to tell the people with the authentication problem to try the update) for Comic Zeal and it looks like they've pulled most of the discussions with people complaining about the lack of support. I'm happy they're back but I'm not happy about that! How about apolgizing instead of hiding...
  • YM
    Yahoo Monkey
    Update May 2016 - The latest updates have fixed almost all of the issues! Thank you! This app rightfully returns to the top of the comic reader pile. I'm a long standing and loyal supporter of this app. It's always been the best one out there. I'm also very appreciative and understanding of the one man dev team making such a (usually) great product. However, I've got to write this review to bring up some major problems. More major than anything I've encountered in years of using the app. For info I have an ipad air 1 running iOS 9. The biggest showstopping bug I'm having is all of the graphics/ images/ icons for my collection disappearing and taking minutes to return. This then also turns into the comics themselves disappearing. I have to close the app and re open to get the images back. I also get the new pages blurring issue mentioned elsewhere. Neither of these major issues have ever happened before. The issue seems to often be triggered by me reading large PDF format comics, but it can also happen at any point when looking through my standard CBRs. I don't have a large collection so I don't think its a caching issue or memory. Please fix these problems and I'll return the review to a 5 star! I would honestly rather the app not evolve so that these basics stay stable then risk instability through continued polishing. Thanks.
  • KR
    Kashyap Ramuhalli
    I have the iPhone version as well as this for both my devices. This is the best reader. I am owning it for over a year now and never felt like looking for another one in the apple store. It is just great as it is and completely satisfactory. Of course there are some features that could be really nice to be added to this app that enhances the organizing capability. Also the external windows application the comic zeal sync works great with this app!!! 5 stars without doubt!! Keep up the great job guys and keep adding more features to it!!! Update Apr 2017: the most recent improvements are great! I'm now able to import directly from a browser on my computer and works smoothly! No hassle of using express apps. Making it a background process makes life so easy. The lock to position is simply unique and love it!

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