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GO Map for Pokemon Go: GO GO GO! Review

All the authors that work on this project are required to follow our guidelines. To make the most out of the app testing process, our authors launch it on various smartphones and tablets with not only the latest OS', but also the previous ones.

Though pokémania seems to have decreased after the initial Pokémon GO triumphant launch, we’re still chasing those pocket monsters. The developers have already run into numerous attempts to hack the system to know where to find the Pokémon, so they have made any cheating illegal. The only way to make your Pokémon hunting easier is based on services in no way connected with the original Pokémon GO.

GO Map is all about that. It’s an auxiliary service helping you to find Pokémon in your city. This Pokémon map app will serve you good if you’re still chasing these virtual creatures after the summer is gone. For now, the app has about 5-10 million users, and that’s the official number only.

Functionality 6/10
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We still can’t help comparing GO Map with the early cheating tools fetching data from the original code. There have been apps displaying all the Pokémon around you with no efforts needed; you just had to run the app and see the Pokémon exact locations. It helped you in filling your Pokédex as quickly as can be, but it killed all the sudden joy of finding an unknown Pokémon somewhere near.

GO Map doesn’t use the original Pokémon GO source. Instead, it works like a social project. When you see some Pokémon, you can report its location via the app. Other Pokémon hunters can see your reports in real time.

Just as well you can see what other chasers have seen. Well, and if you are looking for some exact type of Pokémon, you can select which Pokémon to display on the map.

For example, you want to have Pikachu in your Pokédex finally, or you need more Gastly candies to evolve your Haunter.

There is also a tool for evaluating your Pokémon. Select the name from the list and enter your Pokémon’s Combat Power and Hit Points. Then the app will apply its algorithms to evaluate this Pokémon’s chances in a fight.

Thus, you can make your mind whether to leave this Pokémon on your list or to transfer it, having more free space for more powerful ones.
The reliability rate shows how trusted this report can be and whether it’s worth to get up and follow the reported Pokémon.

Last but not least; as the app doesn’t interfere with Pokémon GO servers, it can’t be detected by the game as a cheating method, so you won’t be banned for using GO Map. It’s not parsing any data provided by Niantic or Nintendo; all the info is shared voluntarily by GO Map users.

Design 5/10

There’s almost no design at all, and the app looks like a Google Maps fragment with a frame with two menu sections. You can search for Pokémon around you or report detected Pokémon, with a list of names to select from.

In fact, it’s not that bad. The app doesn’t pretend to be the part of the original Nintendo world, it’s an easy auxiliary part of that big Pokémon fun. It’s easy to see the reported Pokémon on the map with a bit of data displayed after you tap on them.

The only language of this app is English, though if you’re already on Pokémon GO, that shouldn’t confuse you.

Usability 7/10

It strongly depends on where you are. The more popular Pokémon GO is in your country, the more use you can have out of GO Map. And if the game is not played widely by your people, there won’t be many reports.

You may try to fix the situation by actively participating, but will your lonely efforts do the work? On the other hand, someone has to start.
The situation is totally different in large European or American cities where Pokémon GO is played widely. The reported Pokémon are numerous, so you only have to track and follow them before they disappear.

The social component of the app could have been made more powerful. If the developers have based their service on Google Maps API, why couldn’t they have used Google messaging system for communication between Android users? Anyway, the app is only available for Android, so most of its users probably have Hangouts installed, and many of them even use Google account instead of Pokémon Trainer Club.

Messaging between users could have made the app more social and thus more useful. And the more fun this app would bring, the more useful it would be for each user. Anyway, the only way to communicate via GO Map is reporting Pokémon on the map.

And of course, the app requires a strong and stable connection. Though Google lets you download the map, Pokémon won’t be displayed if you’re not connected firmly.

Cross-platform use 4/10

GO Map is only available for Android devices on Google Play. Consider also the limitations set by the original Pokémon GO. But, in fact, there are similar services for iOS (like Go Radar), though made by other developers.

It’s funny that GO Map app is available for downloading even in the countries where the original Pokémon GO hasn’t been launched yet. This causes tons of misunderstanding that's evident in the comments on the app’s page.

In-app purchases

None at all. The app is not commercial, it’s made by fans for fans and for fun. But still, GO Map doesn’t offer paid Pokémon GO options for free. This map is rather a social addition to the original game.

The Bottom Line

The app is a real gift for Pokémon hunters lucky enough to be surrounded by colleagues. If you’re social enough to take a moment to report the Pokémon you see, you’ll be rewarded by wider usage of the app.






So if you’re all about chasing Pokémon and happy enough to live in a place with many other fans around, this app will make your life easier, though you won’t save your steps on it.

Pros : The map!;
The Pokémon!;
Evaluation tool;
Absolutely legal;
Doesn’t cause ban in Pokémon GO.

Cons : In English only;
Social elements are not as advanced as could be;
The app’s worldwide availability is confusing many users;
Some learning curve.

Functionality 3

Design 2.5

Usability 3.5

Cross-platform use 2

Average : 2.8


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  • What is the GO Map app for?

    The app makes Pokémon hunting much easier. It will help you to find nearby Pokémon.

  • Will the GO Map app help to find the exact type of Pokémon?

    Yes, you just have to choose which Pokémon to display on the map.

  • Can I download the GO Map app on my iOS device?

    No, it is only available for Android smartphones and tablets.


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