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  • Last update: 8 years ago
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 4.0 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Blue Sodium Corp
  • Content rating: Rated 4+
  • Languages: English
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Calculate Discount & Sales Tax FREE Review

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Calculate Discount & Sales Tax FREE Review

This is the Lite Version of the Calculate Discount & Sales Tax App.

This app does everything the full version does except, you cannot change the background color of the app, and you get to see a few ads and popups.

You can either pay for separate apps to calculate sales taxes and discounts or FOR A LIMITED TIME, you can get one simple app that does both for FREE!!.

*ONLY app on app store that lets you specify discounts in dollar values or percentage

*No separate settings screen, everything is on one screen

* Easily reset values by shaking your device

* Easy to whip out and quickly calculate how much you have to pay

* No one wants to muck around with multiple screens when they are out shopping

* This is not one of those apps you need a phd to figure and become an expert in less than a minute.

What are you waiting for? download this app while it is still free!!


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  • A
    Now it does not work at all. Ever since I got a new iPhone and downloaded this app onto it, I hand not been able to use it a single time. Not. One. Single. Time. It opens up and a full screen pop up immediately appears asking me to "consider buying some of our other great apps" and shows a list of like 6 apps by the same company that makes this one. It will not go away no matter how many times I press "CLOSE" located at the top of the screen. It won't even do anything when I click on one of the listed apps its advertising for me to click and download. It just sits there, not doing anything at all, rendering it useless. Just a disappointing frozen app, that was once the apple of my savvy shopper eye. I did what I had to do finally and downloaded one that actually works which I am glad about because I like the new one a lot better now. I would have stayed, as this was my first love and am not the type to look elsewhere for something I already have but it was no longer able to fulfill my needs and refused to try to change or even try to communicate with me when I would inquire about it in the hopes that this was just a phase. Sadly, it wasn't. So sadly I am in the arms of another who has been happily by my side and ready to go whenever. That one being "DISCOUNT CALCULATOR" by CHUCHUTRAIN APPS.
  • RM
    Raquel Mangiacavallo
    It just doesn't work at all anymore. You see what they are doing. They are trying to get everyone to buy the app because that will be the only way they could use it. The pop up comes on as soon as you open the free app and you can never get to the close button. I wish I could just download another free app but all the others don't do the two discounts. I see what they are doing, it's sucky but a clever business move I guess.
  • O
    I used to love this app until it became unusable. First it wouldn't allow me to close out of the recommended apps because the button was frozen, and now I can't close out of the recommended apps because the recommended apps are covering the close button and I can't get them out of the way long enough to click the button, if it even works. If this gets fixed I'll happily start using it again but right now I literally can't.

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