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  • Last update: 2 years ago
  • Version: 4.1.1
  • Size: 53.9 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Dow Jones & Company, Inc., publisher of The Wall Street Journal.
  • Content rating: Rated 4+
  • Languages: English
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MarketWatch - Real-time business and financial news, stock market data, investing analysis Review

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MarketWatch - Real-time business and financial news, stock market data, investing analysis Review


The MarketWatch app for iPhone and iPad delivers the latest business news, financial information and market data to your fingertips.

Download the MarketWatch app for:
- Breaking news stories, videos, and in-depth analysis
- Latest market data, including: index movements, stock prices, and other key securities information
- Receive market-moving alerts on your mobile device

MarketWatch features include:

- Business News & Analysis
* Latest stock market, finance, business and investing news from MarketWatch
* Article headlines and images are featured along with real-time market data for each relevant ticker
* Personal finance, investing, technology, politics, energy, retail and retirement planning news and insights.
* Top Stories bar is interactive and gives access to a fully customizable drop-down menu featuring other news channels (e.g. U.S. Markets, Investing, Personal Finance)

- Market Data
* Market data center with access to stocks, commodities, rates, currencies — all updated in real time
* Detailed stock quote pages with key trading information and interactive charts from across major global markets
* Track stock market data over a variety of date ranges and regions (U.S., Europe, Asia) for a more comprehensive understanding of the markets

- Watchlist
* Track your stock picks and see related MarketWatch stories to stay up-to-date on your investments
* Sync your Watchlist. The MarketWatch app syncs with, allowing registered MarketWatch users to track stocks on the go. You can add multiple personalized watchlists, which can be viewed at any time across devices and platforms

- Article Sharing and Saving Capabilities
* Save stories to read them at a time that is more convenient for you
* Instantly share stories via social media, text message and email or save them for later viewing

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  • L
    I like where the current app stands as far as monitoring markets, stories, and ongoing events, as well as sending alerts with significant market changes. This makes the app a fantastic monitoring system. However, I have a few ideas that I think should be taken into consideration for the app that would bring MarketWatch completely under the control of your smartphone. I feel that the MarketWatch app is lacking a serious component that I’d like to see made available - access to your VSE (Virtual Stock Exchange) games in the app. I don’t like how I have to switch to Safari (or other internet browser) to make changes to my VSE game portfolios or get on my laptop to make such changes. Since the app already uses internet connections to get stories, why can’t it do the same for my VSE games and make me able to make changes to my virtual portfolios on my smartphone app? Plus, the sliders, buttons, and menus already make the experience mostly smartphone-friendly in my perspective. Also, I’d like to see that searching for certain stocks would be made a little more “user-friendly” where I could search for a specific name-brand product that I know a company sells, but not knowing what the company’s name or stock abbreviation is, and be able to see that the app knows what I’m trying to find. For example, I want to be able to search “Xbox” and have Microsoft (MSFT) come up or search “IPhone” and have Apple (APPL) come up, along with significantly related companies, like partners/competitors (ex. EA for “Xbox” or IBM for “Apple”) with all of their market data. Similarly, sometimes I’m looking for a company that isn’t publicly traded. Instead of showing a blank bar that says “no results” I want the bar to say something that makes me feel like it understands what I want to find but tell me it doesn’t exist on the open market, kind of like Netflix’s “search titles related to...” in their search box when you try to find a movie/show that isn’t in their database. This means that it isn’t just telling me it can’t find what’s in the search box, but it’s able to understand what I haven’t typed in completely and show that it doesn’t have results for what I’m trying to find. This feature is already part-way there where I can type in an existing company and it’s market info comes up, along with closely-titled stocks, but I’m looking for more flexibility and understanding in the search features. I would also appreciate it if MarketWatch offered tips and tutorials on how to utilize the information that the stock market gives. I understand the basic stuff - stock price, buying/selling, time charts, etc. but I’m struggling to understand the more complex information and charts. A quick overview/tutorial would be much appreciated, especially on what the charts for individual stocks and their components mean to me as a potential/invested virtual stockholder.
  • R
    The last 6 years, if you did the opposite of what Market Watch advised you to do, you would've increased your investment by almost 50 times! So yes! I recommend this app. I also recommend you do the exact opposite of what it advises you to do! They have been begging people to get out of the stock market while it has set all time record highs! Now of course eventually the market will naturally come down, and MW will Brag that they told you so. Of course they won't mention the millions you could've made as new record highs were set. When the market is going down, it's easy to predict it will eventually go up and Vice versa. What's impressive, is when the market is setting new records and I tell people that it's not finished climbing yet, which is what I'm tell you now! Biotech is the new .com's and they are going to push the market even higher.
  • N
    I try to read the articles and all I ever get is either a blank screen when I open them or a red pop up saying that it can't connect. Which is weird because I have full signal and it even happens at home when I'm on Wi-Fi. I don't use a VPN or anything like that either. Finally just gave up and deleted the app. It just wasn't worth it since I wound up needing to go to the website to actually read the articles.

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