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Runtastic Pedometer Step Count Description


Are you reaching your daily 10,000 steps per day by taking the opportunity to walk more? In the mood for a new step counter & walking app? Step to it and download the free Runtastic Pedometer & Step Counter app for Android now. Walking, step & calorie tracking with a pedometer app is the perfect starting point for a fitness beginner and a great addition to the training of the more advanced. You do the walking, we’ll keep count and be the best step counter & walking tracker app you’ve ever downloaded :)

PEDOMETER APP FEATURES & BENEFITS: (limited in free version)
* Automatic steps counter detection (no matter where your phone is stored – pockets, purse, arm, hand)
* Calculation of calories burned (c’mon put in that walking distance and burn those cals!)
* Steps counter app calculates speed & distance while you’re walking (the perfect mile or kilometer counter)
* Step frequency calculation (based on the steps and walking distance tracker)
* Training and activity log included in this steps tracker app -- including analysis
* Overall stats of all your activities
* Share your walking and other pedometer activities on Social Media like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and many more. Inspire your friends to go the distance!
* Pedometer app syncs with Manage all step tracker data online
* Users can save bodymetrics like weight and height for a more accurate calorie count
* Use the pedometer app in the background to conserve battery life. Usually a steps tracker will drain your battery...not here! This step tracker will be the counter of each mile, kilometer and step without leaving you phoneless -- we know, it’s terrifying!

The free Runtastic Pedometer and Step Counter app is the ideal tracker of your daily steps and movement. Let’s be honest, it’s the best step tracker app on the planet! This steps counter app also motivates you to walk more and collect more steps. Positive side effect: More steps and longer walking distance equals more calories burned, too! So, start increasing your walking distance and let this app track your steps and be the counter of each mile or kilometer you walk.

Our free Pedometer app is your perfect step tracker, helps you reach the recommended 10,000 steps per day and acts as your personal kilometer or mile counter. Take your first step today, download the free Pedometer & Step Counter app on your phone and push yourself to a fitter, healthier lifestyle with your personal pedometer, step counter and kilometer/mile counter in your pocket! And, don’t forget to tell you friends about this steps counter app, too.

Runtastic is all about health & fitness apps! Check out more of our apps (in additon to our free Pedometer step tracker app) to help you reach your fitness goals at

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Runtastic Pedometer Step Count Version History

  • Runtastic Pedometer Step Count v.1.6.2 for Android 4.1+ May. 10, 2015
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  • WX
    W X
    1 year ago
    Question: Can the Runtastic Pedometer sense if you walk over rough uneven terrain as compared to a level and even terrain and then adjust the stored step length accordingly for use to calculate the distance traveled using the recorded number of steps? The reason that I ask is because I observed an apparent anomaly on a recent walk. I earlier calibrated my step length over a ~10 km distance and replicated that measurement 3 times using a GPS for the true distance. It came to 0.82m/step over a total distance of 3x10 = 30km. I then subsequently walked that same route 12 times over some weeks. It is a level flat even route. If I then calculated back from the derived displayed distances on the Runtastic pedometer to see what step length had been used during the 12 times, it comes - as expected - to 0.82 m/ step each time. Since I repeated the walk over the exact route many times I calculated the standard deviation of the displayed set of steps counted for that route. It came to 2.1% of the mean distance, which is about on average of 260 steps over 12564 steps. This a very reproducible measurement with good precision. Yesterday though I walked a different difficult rough rocky route with sometimes steep up and down on a mountain side for ~8km. When I calculated back from the Runtastic displayed distance and the counted number of steps the step length for that walk it came out lower at 0.71m/step rather than the expected stored 0.82m/step. When I immediately thereafter checked my settings on the pedometer the set step length on the pedometer was still unchanged at 0.82m. When I then on the next day repeated the original route, on which I had calibrated my step length, the calculated step length again showed 0.82m/step as before for that route. Therefore the only perceived difference between the two routes is that the one route is flat and even (0.82m/step) and the other one rough, uneven ups and downs (0.71m/step). Could the 3D accelerometers somehow have sensed that my true step length on that rough terrain was actually shorter than my previously very reproducible value (0.72 vs 0.82)? If so, what is the algorithm to derive a step length different from the stored one? Below I copy in my Runtastic data as it was actually accumulated over 13 sessions over a number of weeks for the exact same even and level route of ~10km so that you can judge the reproducibilty of the recorded readings. As you can see the effective step length for these 13 sessions are very reproducibly midway between 0.82 and 0.83 m/step. The standard deviation of the number of steps of the various sessions displayed and the mean distance of 12,564 steps is 260 steps, which is quite reproducible being ~2%. The pedometer therefore seems to be operating very reliably over the fixed distance. However, the most recent session (indicated by 0 in the list) being over a rough and uneven terrain, calculates back to a step length of 0.71 m/step using the Runtastic displayed distance of 8.85km and 12,404 counted steps for that session rather than the expected 0.82 m/step. When I checked the stored step length it was still the same as before, i.e. 0.82m/step. This was confirmed when I subsequently walked the usual earlier ~12.5 level and even km route again. The above leads me to think that somehow the pedometer used an adjusted shorter step length for session 0 (rough route). It would be correct that my step length was somewhat shorter than before, but my big question is how did the pedometer come to use such a lower value and how does it derive that specific value of 0.71? An approximate measurement on Google Earth shows that the true distance on the rough terrain is actually even lower than the derived Runtastic value of 8.85km and that, if the counted number of steps of 12,404 are correct, that the effective step length actually should have been even lower than 0.71 m/step. This all for me boils down to how much faith can one put into the Runtastic derived distance? Below are the recorded data showing the displayed distance for each session, the recorded number of steps for that session and then my calculated step length for each session. Session 0 is the anomalous one that raises my question. 0 8.85 12,404 1 10.04 12,182 0.824 2 10.36 12,575 0.824 3 10.50 12,725 0.825 4 10.40 12,608 0.825 5 10.46 12,675 0.825 6 10.57 12,819 0.825 7 10.11 12,262 0.824 8 10.20 12,362 0.825 9 10.19 12,358 0.825 10 10.63 12,890 0.825 11 10.20 12,366 0.825 12 10.28 12,466 0.825 13 10.74 13,046 0.823 Mean distance: 10.36 Mean number of steps: 12,564.2 Mean step length: 0.825 m/step Respective standard deviations: s 0.213 260.30 0.001 % 2.1% 2.1% 0.067% Thank you.

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