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  • Last update: 5 years ago
  • Version: 4.3.0
  • Size: 708 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: IK Multimedia
  • Content rating: Rated 4+
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
  • In-App Purchases:
  • Recorder + Master FX $14.99
  • Metal amp $4.99
  • Overdrive $2.99
  • Chorus $2.99
  • Bass amp $4.99
  • Complete Fender Bundle $9.99
  • Clean amp $4.99
  • Wah $2.99
  • Metal Distortion $2.99
  • Compressor $2.99
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AmpliTube FREE Review

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AmpliTube FREE Review



Want to turn your iPhone or iPod touch into the ultimate mobile guitar and bass tone studio? AmpliTube puts the power in your hands with a massive collection of virtual gear that you can use to practice, play and record with world-class tone anytime and everywhere.

Build your own guitar or bass rig with up to 6 stompbox FX, an amplifier and speaker cabinet w/Mic — you can even drag and drop your stomps to sit before or after your amplifier (4 slots pre and 2 slots post).

Just plug your instrument into your iPhone or iPod touch with one of IK's instrument interfaces (like iRig 2 or iRig HD), and get ready to be blown away.

You'll be absolutely floored by the sound quality. AmpliTube now uses the same tone technology as the acclaimed AmpliTube 3 Custom Shop for OS X and PC. You'll hear the difference and understand why AmpliTube is an essential for so many professional musicians and recording studios.

AmpliTube FREE gives you 3 stompbox effects, 1 amazing amp, 1 speaker cabinet and 2 mics, 1 Loop Drummer groove from the Rock pack and 1 active track in the recorder section. And you can expand this selection via a massive library of over 100 pieces of expansion gear that includes amps and stompboxes from the world’s best brands like Fender™, Soldano®, Ampeg®, ENGL®, Orange®, T-Rex® and more.

And you'll actually feel like you're in your own professional recording studio thanks to its "Cab Room." Now mic your cabinets in 3D - from dust cap to speaker edge and by varying distances from the speaker - with up to 2 mics in a beautifully rendered virtual studio environment. There are also 16 new highly sought after studio mic models available via in-app purchase adding even more sonic richness.

Like to loop? Now you can get creative with loops in AmpliTube via its new Super Looper, which is available through in-app purchase. It makes it easy to record, play back, adjust levels and play along with up to 4 loops. Looper is controllable via MIDI or iRig BlueBoard.

Need a drummer? Use the built-in Loop Drummer system to jam to killer drum tracks. Make your own rhythmic patterns or let it create some inspiring drums for you. Get more loops via in-app Style Packs.

Use AmpliTube’s streamlined built-in 8-track recorder and DAW-style studio (available via in-app purchase) sections to record, edit and tweak and share your compositions via SoundCloud, file sharing or email.

AmpliTube features:

• Lets you intuitively create guitar & bass rigs with up to 6 stomps, 1 amp and 1 cab with 2 mics
• Expandable - Over 100 gear models available
• Includes 3 stomps, 1 amp, 1 cabinet and 2 mics
• “Cab Room" allows 3D placement and miking of cabinets with 2 mics (available via in-app purchase)
• Add more gear via in-app purchase from Fender™, Soldano®, Ampeg®, ENGL®, Orange®, Jimi Hendrix™ collection, T-Rex® and more
• 16 new mics available for purchase
• Included single-track recorder (in-app purchase unlocks up to 8-tracks)
• Studio mode for intuitive DAW-style editing (unlocked via in-app purchase)
• Loop drummer module that plays in sync with the recorder
• Includes speed trainer, metronome and tuner
• Inter-App Audio and AudioBus support (available on iOS 7 and above)
• Project sharing between versions and devices
• Import and play songs as backing tracks from your Music Library or computer
• Export audio via E-mail, SoundCloud or File Sharing
• MIDI controllable
• Low-latency for real-time playing

More info:

Accessory info:

Requires iPhone 4, iPod touch (5th generation) or later with iOS 7.1 or later


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  • DL
    Dick Lesh
    For Christmas, my kids bought me this company’s iRig BlueBoard (foot pedal), iRig Midi Interface and iRig Microphone together with a suite of relevant software (AmpliTube, etc.) Nothing worked. And, perhaps I should explain that for 40 years I was a professor of mathematics and cognitive science at Northwestern, UMass, Purdue, and Indiana Universities - as well as being a software developer and experienced user of computer-based technologies. I’ve now retired and play a harmonica in several local bands (blues, country, rock, bluegrass). I mention this only to make it clear that I’m not an inexperienced user of these kinds of technologies. When I first experienced problems with IK Multimedia’s gadgets and software, I contacted their tech support people, and all they did was to tell me to read their manuals. I did this. And, to prove that I read the manuals thoroughly, I went though one of the manuals and make line-by-line editorial comments pointing out how nearly every sentence was either: (1) unhelpful, (2) completely unclear, (3) incomplete, or (4) completely wrong (in the sense that what was said simply wasn’t accurate). Then, I once again simplified my questions and contacted IK’s tech support people. This time, I did get a few suggestions about possible solutions to my problems. But, once again, virtually every sentence in this message was either: (1) completely unclear, (2) incomplete, or (3) completely wrong (in the sense that what was said simply wasn’t accurate). Also, the tech support person stated that some of the problems that I confronted could only be solved by purchasing more equipment that performed functions that IK Multimedia’s web site claims that their products are intended to do. Next, I tried going to IK Multimedia’s web site to see if there were other ways to get technical support. The contact numbers that were given reported that “the tech support lines were down.” And now, three days later, “the lines are still down." I’ve now seem to have no options except to ask for my money back on these purchases. … If you want to get a quick verification of what I’ve said, try downloading the things that are called “users manuals” for IK Multimedia’s products. The shortcomings will be obvious. These “users manuals” are not really users manuals at all. The simply describe what the products claim to do, but they give almost no information about how you (the user) could actually do any of these things. Also, these “users guides” contain a bunch of nearly identical photographs which contribute almost nothing to the meaningfulness of the text. … In more than 40 years of using a lot of computer-based tools, I’ve never encountered anything this bad in terms of overstated claims, completely useless “users guides”, and dismal tech support.
  • C
    A lot of the complaints about this app relate to the nickel and diming aspect of what they do. But let's face it, they're smart and know that guitarists like to tinker with sound and use their intuitive sound sorcery to create the most unique sound for their electric guitar imaginable. And let's face it, for the $99 and the all-in feature they offer which comes with a ton of amp and effects pedals choices, as a guitarist, you'll have enough effects and amp combinations to be busy making new guitar sounds for the rest of your natural born life!!! Given the other option of purchasing effects pedals which could easily cost up to $1000 and space in your apartment u don't have, suddenly, the investment to pay a few dollars for having it all stored on your iPhone doesn't seem that bad. Given I have an acoustic electric, I was stunned at how thrashy I could make my guitar sound. I also noted the clarity of all six strings while concocting a very psychedelic setting (think like Big Star, 1975 psychedelic). The best feature of amplitube is its interface with garageband. It's highly intuitive and gives me a solution to the horrid touch guitar instrument features in Garagband that are limiting. Given that you could add 4 more fx settings from G/B with the six you could use on amplitube, I must say that my desire to play and record has exponentially awaken. The 8 track feature is useless in this app as is the guitar tuner and play along drum patterns. Garageband's percussion instruments are way better. In general, amplitube's set up isn't very intuitive but if you play with it a lot, it can pay you dividends with stellar sounds. Final big plus is amplitubes ability to interface with amplifiers for live recordings. The save settings feature needs improvement in that it isn't user friendly enough. But again, over time, you'll get over those growing pains. Guitars pay the $119 for the app and all-in; it's worth it.
  • 1
    Major problems. I just wanted an app to practice clean guitar while hearing drums. Had to buy a style pack for drums ($4,) that didn't work initially. No response from tech support, no way to actually talk to a human being. I had to delete the app and re-download it. When I finally got it to work, I realized that it seems there is no way to adjust the BPM of (one of only the 7 or so) drumbeats without painstakingly dragging and dropping every one of their pre-programmed drum parts out of the screen, which takes a couple minutes every time I want to just play the guitar to a loop! All the while, I'm forced on the free version of the app to play through a processed reverb-nightmare of effects they call "almost clean." To just hear my own guitar without the silly effects, I have to buy an amp model?! This app and the cheap plastic toy that I paid $40 dollars for known as the iRiiiiiiiiiiiiig took up most of my day. I'm a pro musician, and have also been an audio engineer. I cannot believe the counterintuitive interface, the shameless, insipid prompts to purchase additional features while using the app, and on top of that, IT CRASHES often! I cannot believe how low the standard is here, with so much potential to be a great tool. How did this company let this stuff slide right through the initial prototypes?! The actual sounds of the drums are not bad, albeit when speed is changed, they took a big short-cut here, with painful results. I feel like I just paid $45 bucks for a Dollar-Store flashlight that wil not work. Sorry, I am ticked off.

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