Hokusai Audio Editor

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  • Last update: 4 years ago
  • Version: 2.0.10
  • Size: 29.6 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Wooji Juice Ltd
  • Content rating: Rated 4+
  • Languages: English
  • In-App Purchases:
  • Hokusai 1 Pro Pack $9.99
  • Hokusai 2 Pro Pack $9.99
  • Hokusai 2 Pro Pack (Upgrade) $4.99
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Hokusai Audio Editor Review

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Hokusai Audio Editor Description

Hokusai Audio Editor is an innovative app for music lovers who want to record, import and edit their own music with personalized effects.

It provides the user with a clean and clear view of the tracks and allows to incorporate exciting edits in the existing music tracks such as fade in/ fade out, reverse time and basic synthesis. 

Hokusai Audio Editor also provides the function of full undo and redo support that can have you retrieve the closed files.


Hokusai Audio Editor allows the user to edit multiple tracks side by side; the edited tracks can be transferred to the computer or uploaded to the cloud; the user interface is uncluttered and easy to use.


Some users report that the recent updates have removed the ability to upload multiple recordings, and that is a step backward in usability; the first track does not play alongside the second while editing.


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  • PH
    Pruitt Hall
    I have been using the sister program to Hokusai 2, Ferrite, for a few days, having the need finally to edit some WAV and MP3 files on my iPad Pro. Ferrite is a gem of a program and I reviewed it, giving it four stars, withholding only one star because I wanted to come back later, in a year or so and see how much it 'could' improve. Understanding the differences between a 'destructive' audio editor and a 'non-destructive' audio editor is a key element in deciding which type of program will help you the most in your audio editing needs. The author of the software has an excellent white paper on that very subject on his web site. I came from a Sound Forge background, having used that program for years. BUT, in all the years of using gates, gains, compressors, etc. I never actually considered Sound Forge a 'destructive' editor. I merely used it, it worked wonders for me and that was that. After using Ferrite for a while, the developer and I had exchanged a few emails and in the last one, he mentioned the differences and sent me the link to his review of the two 'types' of audio editors. It was a nirvana moment for me....I downloaded Hokusai and haven't looked back since. A 100% perfect iPad Pro similar-to-Sound Forge application and one that I thoroughly enjoy using. That's why the five (5) stars....a developer took time out of their day and in using email alone, gleaned the knowledge that I wasn't using the best product for my needs and steered me to an alternative. Granted, the alternative was 'their' program but it 100% and completely did / does what I need. Literally, this review is probably more about true client sat that in is about the application.....long time Apple product user, Apple Developer myself and a huge believe in the ecosystem. And never, not once, have I received this type of service from an application developer. I cannot recommend this company enough and if you're looking for audio editing (destructive or non-destructive) look no further than this company's offerings. 10 stars if available!
  • PM
    Paul Meranda
    2016.11.15 - dang.. i REALLY wanted to like this app and to have reasons to use it. [...] unfortunately, the 'paste' function seems to be incredibly confusing, and i can't move a section of waveform from one place to another- i can only dump the segment onto another track, in order to be mixed down with the rest of your audio file. secondly, the waveform view glitches out a LOT, completely disappearing when i zoom after a few minutes of 'editing,' and i have to restart the app [...] the other features i bothered to check seemed to pretty much be in order (library sharing, exporting audio, etc.) [... it] really isn't easy finding decent free audio editing apps for iOS, and this one seemed like a winner at first glance.. i suppose maybe i saved some other users time, at least. life is hard enough, man.. [EDIT 2016.12.01 - upon further use, ive seen a significant drop in how often the wave preview glitches out. more precise and complicated edit options and effects are limited in the free version but the available to me to use have proven very useful, and the import/export functionalities are super convenient. i decided i needed to come give this app more of a fair review after getting to know the program, and with newly clear head and conscience, will definitely recommend this app if/when the situation arises.]
  • iTunes
    After finishing a project and once you export and hear your song, the audio plays except the sound is half as lower than before from editing in the app. I tried switching the Sharing Formats in one of my project's settings and compared a Compressed .M4A File to an Uncompressed .WAV, and how High or Low the sounds were, and all of them were played with the same low volume. I had even added more Gain to them, it had sounded much louder while editing than when I listened back to both the .M4A and the .WAV . This makes listeners have to turn their volume almost all the way up in order to hear a project comfortably. In other words, the rest of this app doesn't have any other issues as I have seen. All effects and features works perfectly. This is the only thing I would like to have improved.
  • e
    1 year ago

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