Speedometer - Free - Speed Limit Alert with Map, HUD and GPS Black Box Recorder

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  • Last update: 1 year ago
  • Version: 1.7
  • Size: 36.4 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Stanislav Dvoychenko
  • Content rating: Rated 4+
  • Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
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Speedometer - Free - Speed Limit Alert with Map, HUD and GPS Black Box Recorder Description


A high quality Speedometer app with the same sophisticated brain inside as our paid version. When you go over a preset speed limit, the large digits change colour from green to red and the device emits a loud sound to alert you! Great for avoiding speeding tickets!

‣ Easy to set and configurable speed limits
Set speed limits with 4 fast and configurable presets. Presets only need a single tap and are the safest way to set the limits!

‣ S.O.S. Flat tyre or worse?
Our speedometer shows your current location and you can share it easily (sms/text, email) with car assistance services, ambulance or friends.

‣ Know your car's limits !
Does your car become sluggish on those steep climbs? Is it possible you got too high in mountains ? Our built-in altimeter will provide you with accurate readings that indicate your height over sea-level.

‣ In a dispute for speeding?
GPS Black box gives you point by point time, speed, location and altitude data for the last 20 minutes of your travel. You can email its data as an excel or csv file. Or you can surely switch it off or reset at any moment.

‣ Need to know where you are?
Integrated map shows your location and a tracking "tail" behind you.

∙∙ UNIVERSAL APP. Speedometer for iPhone and 3G-iPads. Retina graphics included.

∙∙ 000-999 SPEED AND LIMIT RANGE. MPH, KMH AND KNOTS. Maximum, average speed, distance traveled.

! You can use this app on your iPhone 3GS, 4, or 4S as well as on any iPad with 3G. **App will not work properly on iPods and wifi only iPads as they don't have GPS chip (External GPS module is required).
! Please note that as with all GPS apps, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Drive safely and avoid paying those speeding fines! Our speedometer is the ideal watchdog companion no matter what journey you are going on!

Full version of the speedometer gives you ability to work in background, GPS tracking, waypoints, trip cost computer, professional taximeter, 30+ customization options and more. Be sure to check it out in the AppStore!

* A bit of instructions: If speedometer doesn't show you the speed, just be sure to be under the open sky to have GPS signal. Under the open sky, within 5-10 seconds GPS indicator will become green and speedometer will start showing the speed.
** If you wonder why gps speedometer may show 3-5 mph (3-8 kmh) less than a car's speedometer, you can take a look here: http://goo.gl/wtLvT (tomtom's discussion thread).
*** And here is an amazing article http://goo.gl/p5zfMi explaining why GPS might show you 80ft (or -80!) altitude when you are laying on the beach. Don't throw the app or iPhone away just because of that! :) Let us use the article's last sentence here: "Those who use GPS altitude to aid in landing their small plane should have their insurance policies paid up at all times".

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  • DN
    This by far the easiest, sleekest, fun & safe, an "app for the future" Navigation & Speedometer style app I have ever used. oh yeah did I mention built in iPod with sleek easy audio interface player. For techy whom critiques & reviews apps for its developmental, design, & all-around functionality, I usually NEVER write more than 10-15 words, however because this application has saved me from absolutely saved me from 2 speeding tickets I feel it's ok only fair for "thank you" back to the team of developers whom created such a uniquely idealistically extremely functional, & well easy to use I feel I must give a user's FULL review as every element this specific application has packed into it & why I you must download it and try THE FUTURE and all your friends because they'll be so jealous until you tell u tell them it's free so grab a bowl of popcorn N soda and please read why I chose to give "Speedometer 55 GPS" a 5/5 (if I could a 6/5 Stars would be more suitable & substantial. Got your reading glasses & snacks? Here we go as I highlight just some of the possibilities this application can do: iPod/ Music Library- Fully very user friendly audio interface to play your music while heading to destination. Remarkable! HUD (Heads Up Display)- at night time is so much fun & easy to utilize Speed Limit Alerts- 4 sets of whatever interval you set as your "I should probably slow down speed" not only alerts you with a huge choice of alerts, but the bright lime-green color changes to Red when exceeding your set speed(s) Navigation- not to get into extremes even the trial version comes with 3 different choices of Map engines to access including adding whatever you like. Lastly, I'd like to professionally & personally thank you for this INCREDIBLY well thought out & more importantly well executed this app is. I'm a very VERY cellular status developer but a professional application critiquer & reviewer and when I was came across this app by accident but what drew me to check it out was the genius design of just the application thumbnail that highlighter-green 55 (great job designers all the way. I am atm currently utilizing an iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB. When I first received my 6 Plus in Jan 2015 (I think) is how long I've using your masterpiece. Anyways would love too know if your team is looking to put more apps out or that may be in development. And I mentioned earlier your app LITERALLY got me outta 2 speeding tickets because in my car at night the Police Officers on 2 completely separate occasions were so intrigued what the app does and how the alarm engages, color goes to red, etc. I had just said 2 words App Store so guys? Thank You!!!
  • S
    I really like the app. Simple to use. Gives you a good check where to set cruise control when on the Interstate. Lot of easy to use features. This is an edited review: Originally rated a 3 star. Had an issue on a trip that the speed indication reads exactly 1/2 of the actual speed. ie going 70, it reads 35 MPH. Deleted App, reloaded to most current version. Tried several different settings on iPhone etc. still acted the same. Wrote a review and within 15 minutes received a reply from Stan and we began some troubleshooting procedures. Short version is that the iPhone was connected to the Cadillac XTS USB port in the console compartment. When I disconnected the cable and ran the application it worked flawlessly. As soon as I plug the cable back in, the display showed 1/2 of actual speed. iPhone 7 iOS version 11.3 Tried wife’s iPhone 5 with IOS 10.x Same result. Plug my phone into a cigarette to USB adapter in the application work fine. Bottom line is that the car’s computer system was giving erroneous input to the phone and application. This App is awesome. Just beware of any time you are using a navigation app and you seem to be getting erroneous responses, be sure that you were not connected to the car’s computer system. Two things: This App is ***** (5 star) And Stan ROCKS! !!
  • nq
    northern quad rider
    Absolutely, no question, the most useful and intelligent app I’ve ever downloaded. We do a lot of trail riding in northern Michigan in the national and state forests. Cell signal is very weak in these areas. This app never fails to operate and track us through our explorations. Easy to use and a must have for adventurers that love to travel off the beaten path. Excellent new updates that show tons of information on places you’ve been like speed, time, elevation and so on. Again, must have app!
  • K
    2 years ago
    I have quite enough functionality and also it works quite stable. I can recommend this app.I have quite enough functionality and also it works quite stable. I can recommend this app.works quite stableno

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