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  • Last update: 4 years ago
  • Version: 1.9.52
  • Size: 3.32M
  • Compatibility: 4.1 and up
  • Author: Link Bubble
  • Content rating: Everyone
  • Package name: com.linkbubble.playstore
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Brave Browser vs. Evil Ads Review

All the authors that work on this project are required to follow our guidelines. To make the most out of the app testing process, our authors launch it on various smartphones and tablets with not only the latest OS', but also the previous ones.

Link Bubble used to be best known for its integration with other apps and opening links within them. Now it’s rebranded into Brave Browser, though the old name is still in its headlines. The new features are mostly about security.

It’s finally here. It was announced in January 2016 that a new browser with a built-in ad cutter is about to come. The reality turned out a bit unexpected. The lucky one who has subscribed to announcements must already have the long-awaited invitation in their inboxes.

What we see under this brave new name is what used to be Link Bubble, a lightweight Android browser we have mentioned sometimes, first of all for its ability to work within other apps and load pages in the background until they’re completely downloaded and rendered. What new does it bring along with a new name?

Functionality 8/10
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Being a kin to Link Bubble, the browser has inherited some of its habits. It loads links in bubbles that will look similar to you is you have ever used Facebook’s Messenger. Open pages are floating above all your windows in a small round bubble. Tap it to open pages if they have completed loading or drag the bubble onto the X button below to close it, just like you do with Messenger floating chats. The greatest of announced innovating features was browser’s own ad-blocking system that promised to speed up loading pages up to 60% compared to regular loading with ads. You have probably experienced that in that old Opera Mini time, but it compressed pages so heavily that many of them only had text content left. All the followers tried to solve the problem of preserving all useful content. And it seems that Brave Browser developers have succeeded. Each time you load a page browser tells you the approximate time you have saved by turning ads off. It’s really noticeable though you hardly will attempt to check the acceleration by loading the same pages with an ad blocker on and then off. Another security feature is tracking trackers on pages you visit. If you want to be in control of the data you share you should be aware of all trackers you can run into. Brave Browser has this feature included. There is also an interesting option of forced HTTPS mode for all sites you visit. Yes, some sites don’t support HTTPS at all, so they won’t be available in this mode. But you can be sure about secure connection when you visit all the other sites. The developers applied a solution for most problems with insufficient functionality. There is always an option of opening current page in another browser (like Chrome). Of course, you will lose that swiftness and a bit of security, but you gain in other options. Well, we have five platforms for Brave Browser, and if you decide to use it on your PC, phone and tablet, you’d probably like to have your data synced like in most mainstream browsers. At least you could have synced your bookmarks, passwords, history. But this option is absent in Brave. But are we totally free from trackers and ads? Brave no! The developers led by Brendan Eich, the former CEO and co-founder of Mozilla, will put their own trackers and ads instead. So they will track what you’re into and select the most relevant ads for you.

Design 6/10

It’s a good and logical idea to display pages as floating bubbles. As you open the browser you may think it has no design at all. But then you open a page, then another one, and you see that the browser displays them well. And that’s what we require, right? What we see in tools panel is site name, a hiding button that collapses the window into the bubble, a Share button, and a three-dot settings icon, and that’s all. That Spartan design may seem dull, but the less space is taken by menus, the more of it the page has. The only controversy is brought by bubbles that are hard to hide away from the top of your screen even when the browser is opened.

Stability 10/10

We have tried this browser with fast Wi-Fi connection, LTE and forced a 2G connection (though physically, the 3G network was available, its usage was restricted). In all situations, the browser worked really fast. The performance should be equally good on today’s flagship phones and on old low-budget models. The latter will show even more difference between Brave Browser and modern hungry giants like Chrome.

Availability 8/10

Since February 24th Brave Browser is available for iOS, Android, and for most popular desktop platforms (Windows, Linux and OS X). Windows Phone users may have no hope to have this browser at all as WP browsers are restricted by Microsoft’s engine. But, as we have already stated, the browser lacks cloud syncing, so it can’t be called true cross-platform yet.    

In-app purchases


The Bottom Line

So as we have already mentioned, it’s a perfect web browser for you if security is above all for you and you have your reasons to trust Eich’s projects. Lightweight, fast, secure, data-saving browser is good for those sensitive to data plans maxing. Or, on the contrary, you don’t need the whole power of Chrome, Safari,or Opera. It’s completely free for users so it doesn’t even warn you about paid extras. You won’t find those extras at all here. Is there a reason not to install Brave? First: you’re so concerned about Brendan Eich’s views on gay marriage that you don’t want him mentioned on your devices; but eh, stop, there’s always JavaScript, so you’re already in. Second: you just don’t need a good free internal browser for your apps, maybe, because your device has enough power to handle Chrome or Safari.



If you’re a web ninja that has to move safely and leave no trace, this browser is your Glock, katana and shuriken. It also replaces your browser within other apps perfectly.

Pros : Hugh security level;
High loading speed;
Tiny size;
Availability on most popular platforms (except for Windows Phone).

Cons : Low functionality;
No cloud syncing between different devices;
A doubtable necessity to trust the developers with their own ads and trackers.

Functionality 4

Design 3


Cross-platform use

Average : 1.8


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