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  • Last update: 3 years ago
  • Version: 2106.8.17
  • Size: 50.0 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Lift Worldwide
  • Content rating: Rated 4+
  • Languages: English
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Start with our world-class goal and habit tracking. Our free tracking tools will change your life. If you get stuck in your goals, get motivated by our community or hire one of our world-class coaches.

Every aspect of our app and community is focused on helping you achieve mastery. From day one, we show you your progress, celebrate your milestones, and answer your questions. Honestly, we should be charging you $500 just to be a member, but 90% of our tools are completely free to you.

Every aspect of our experience has been designed based on the latest research on psychology and behavior design. We are huge fans of Carol Dweck, Daniel Kahneman and BJ Fogg. If you join our community you will develop a growth mindset, learn the power of positive reinforcement, experience the motivational force of external accountability, and harness your improvement efforts in an efficient way according to the tenants of deliberate practice.

Here are a handful of success stories from our community:

“Wish I would have met my coach Will years ago! I am literally 3 times more effective and productive than I used to be.” ~ Dan

“Before my coach Josh, the idea of bounding out of bed early in the morning was a dream and something I had tried and failed at for years. Josh broke it down into very simple steps. I am now sleeping better, getting up early consistently and the biggest breakthrough is getting up is now easy.” ~Jess

“Without being able to press that 'Send Message' button to my coach every day, I am certain I would not have come as far with my writing. With that momentum I managed to write 500 words nearly every day, started a blog, and am still going. It's been only 3 months, and I feel like a new person.” ~ Alina

“I got a promotion literally two weeks after hiring my business coach. Now I have a much bigger say over product and strategy. I feel like a leader and people treat me accordingly!” ~ Graham

“Dorothy has been so inspirational to me and gives me the reasoning and a solution to any problem I have had on the diet. With her coaching I lost 20 pounds and now have the habits in place to lose the next 20 on my own. I might keep her around however, just for the support and occasional kick in the butt.” ~ Estela

“I get more done before my family wakes up than I used to in an entire day. After countless attempts to do this on my own, hiring George as a coach was the lever I needed to shift my productivity fast forward. I've been successful because George helped me create a morning routine that works specifically for me.” ~ Jim


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  • a
    iTunes is one of the few apps that has lived on my phone for 2+ years, with daily use. For me, it fills the need to stay mindful about what I'm trying to work on, and gives me a boost when I need it (through "props" and Q&A.) These features are surprisingly powerful. It's also a place to experiment with new areas of improvement, see which stick, and track progress. It's kind of nice to be able to browse the list of goals that others are working on, though that feature hasn't seen much change in the pass year or so. The coaching aspect has never really made sense to me, largely because I don't feel like trying to explain myself to someone else. In the one coaching experience I did have, the coach was projecting their thoughts about what I should be aiming for onto me, and I felt myself being demotivated by it. Granted that was a single experience with a single coach. I'm sure it works for others, and when it does I suspect it's a powerful experience for them. If i could only have 1 page of apps installed, this would surely be one of them. That's about as strong of a recommendation as I can make :)
  • D
    I've been using for just over three years -- it's provided crucial support in establishing habits I'd struggled to get into, and that's led to some profoundly meaningful accomplishments. For me, the biggest things has been that it's been a tremendous support in becoming a fiction writer. Three years ago, I started a daily, tracked habit in (then Lift), of doing a small bit of writing, every day. I've kept that streak going, now over 1000 days -- and that visible streak provides a great deal of motivation to keep going (my wife is also a user, so I know if I ever miss a day, she'll see immediately). In those three years I've written and revised a full-length novel, and now written half of another. That's far more work than I got done in the ten years previously. And I've managed to find that time while working full-time and raising three kids -- for me. hit at just the right time. I really deeply wanted to find the time to write, and it provided just the right extra bit of accountability. The simplicity has been just right, for me.
  • Y
    Hold your finger on an item (hesitate or half swipe) as if you’re not 100% sure you’ve done it for the day and the app will crash. Almost consistently. 2nd point of frustration: I’ve lost LONG streaks because the app unchecks things that I’ve done! But there is only a 7 day (or maybe 10) window to go back and correct the apps mistakes. So if you don’t notice an error in time, say goodbye to a 365 day streak! I’ve watched the app UNCHECK something that I’ve just barely CHECKED with my own eyes. Super frustrating since the whole idea is to build habits, but when the app arbitrarily unchecks things it gets really annoying. I have to double check all of my items every day. I need to make a task to double check everything, but even if I checked it off, I couldn’t be so sure that I did it since I can’t rely on the app! I’d pay for a premium version of this if it would help you guys with your update/bug squashing cycle.

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