Concepts: Sketch, Design, Illustrate & Architect

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  • Last update: 4 years ago
  • Version: 4.4.1
  • Size: 102 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: TopHatch, Inc.
  • Content rating: Rated 4+
  • Languages: English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
  • In-App Purchases:
  • Pro Pack (All Devices) $7.99
  • Pro Pack (iPhone Only) $3.99
  • Pro Pack [Legacy] $7.99
  • PDF $4.99
  • Make Your Own Objects $3.99
  • Shape Library $1.99
  • 10 Object Pack Credits $14.99
  • 3 Object Pack Credits $4.99
  • 5 Object Pack Credits $7.99
  • Upgrade to Pro Pack $5.99
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Concepts: Sketch, Design, Illustrate & Architect Review

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Concepts: Sketch, Design, Illustrate & Architect Description

If you have a concept in your mind, there is the Concepts app for visualizing your idea in the best possible way. Concepts is a designing app for iOS devices which helps you create your own art based on your innovation and designing capabilities.


  • Sketch your design precisely with the outstanding Concepts app features;
  • There is instruction guide for learning various tools and features;
  • Export your designs in high-quality formats such as PDF, CAD, PSD, and so on;
  • Elegant and clean interface for distraction free environment;
  • Amazing editing tools, rich colors, different view modes such as portrait and landscape, and many other features;

Download Concepts app for Apple devices and join the league of esteemed designers using this app for their creations.


Various useful tools and features for creating professional art; Responsive design for different devices.


Difficult for novice designers; Most important are available at a premium price.


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  • BV
    Big Voice
    This app is fantastic. I must compliment the developer on creating a truly “pro” application. To my friends who dislike IAPs in an application like this, I sympathize as I used to feel that way too, but my understanding has changed along with the software business model. In order for an application to continue to exist on the AppStore, it has to continue to bring in dollars for the developer. Otherwise they cannot keep it alive. There are a few ways that a developer can do this: 1. Issue new versions of an app making you “start from scratch” and buy the new version every year or so. (This was the model for many years - before the Internet - and even until recently.) Software was more expensive and it was always frustrating to shell out a lot of cash with each update in order to get the new features. ($50 - $150 for an application of this caliber.) 2. Continually try to sell the same version of the software to more and more people. This is a tough business model in the AppStore which is literally over saturated with apps of all kinds. There reaches a point where it is harder and harder to sell to new users or target new audiences. 3. Suddenly add ads to software you paid for. This is absolutely the worst! It has happened on rare occasions and I truly hate it. 4. The new model - produce professional level software and continually develop it, selling the new features as IAP. The advantage to the consumer is that you never have to start from scratch and buy the whole thing over again. You keep everything you have paid for and new inexpensive features become available all the time. Honestly, I have determined that this is the best model for both the developer and the consumer. And the best part is that the developer remains viable and does not have to shutter the doors so that we, the consumer, lose the software all together when Apple upgrades iOS.
  • c
    I don’t even use it that often since most of my work is done in 3D on a desktop computer. But every time I’ve called upon Concepts to help realize an idea, it’s worked out better than expected. These developers clearly show passion for their work. The product has evolved from a good first stab at a unique solution to a full-blown application (worthy of a desktop version, by the way) that can become a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled artist. The workflow definitely has a steeper learning curve than some other tools— but this is not due to poor design. It’s because it works pretty differently from a lot of familiar apps. But don’t let this deter you from sticking with it. Once you become more comfortable with Concepts’s unique yet intuitive workflow, you’ll quickly understand why it’s designed the way it is. The user experience prioritizes rapid iteration, which any designer understands as being one of the most important aspects to arriving at a design solution. By giving you the ability to change any and all of your drawing strokes into any other kind of medium, including eraser, Concepts gives you the freedom to sketch without a feeling of commitment on every operation. Being able to move, rotate, and scale any line you’ve drawn allows you compose a drawing rather than having to have the best dexterity with a tablet. If those initial drawing strokes are slightly off, just put them where they belong after you’ve drawn them. There are way too many more features to name in a review but watching videos of the features is worth doing. Any complaints I have had about the interface have been fixed in more recent versions. This is a true testament to the commitment the developers and designers have to making Concepts a great application.
  • SE
    Spencer E Holtaway
    This app is like "sketching plus". Having the freedom to easily and cleanly erase, move and resize realistic feeling strokes (especially with Apple Pencil) is invaluable. I can work so quickly in concepts without having to start again due to easy mistakes. I'm a digital product designer btw (UX/UI). The one feature I would love is for concepts to honor the true tone display. At night I notice the screen gets a little cooler when I switch to concepts and a little warmer when I switch to something like safari. Update: thank you for your response regarding true tone. Apple provides the option to turn true tone on and off at a system level. Personally I'd prefer the option at a system level than have the developer choose I can't have it at all. It's a strange experience having my screen change color temperature as I switch apps to reference things in safari. If color accuracy was a concern I'd turn true tone off at the system level. I hope you'll consider honoring the system level setting. Thanks! Update 2: sorry to be “that reviewer” but I do most of my (black and white) concept work in this app in the evening under incandescent light so knowing you’re limiting my ability to use more natural light for my surroundings is still frustrating. Please consider defaulting to system settings. Power users who rely on color accuracy will know how to turn off truetone at the system level if they need it. It’s in control center now too! Update 3: via twitter you mentioned you’ll be making true time available to users in the next update. Thank you!

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