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  • Last update: 4 years ago
  • Version: Varies with device
  • Size: 35.01M
  • Compatibility: Varies with device
  • Author: Google Inc.
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  • Last update: 4 years ago
  • Version: 1.2017.08204
  • Size: 194 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Google, Inc.
  • Content rating: Rated 4+
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Google Docs Review

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Google Docs mobile app is a standalone app for creating and editing documents which used to be a part of Google Drive services but now comes separately as well as Google Sheets and Google Slides. This app gives you an easy remote access to your documents and lets you make changes in them even without having an Internet connection. But it has way more interesting functions than just an offline editing.

Functionality 5/5
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Google Docs allows you to create and edit documents right in your phone and gives you a lot of useful features for a quick and convenient working process. When you’ve already created a word processing document, you can start editing it directly by changing format styles, fonts, inserting videos and images and share it with others for collaboration. All your documents are automatically saved to the Google Drive cloud which means you can access them instantly from any device whenever you need. You get 15GB of free storage space so you can upload as many files as you need. However, those 15GB are shared between all Google’s services including Gmail, Drive and other, but if you need more storage, you can purchase a paid account anytime.

As a regular version of Google Drive, the app gives you as well an option to share your documents with a particular person or a group of people. You can let them access the document and simply view it or make some editing. Don’t worry about supported formats because Google Docs works with seven different formats including Word and PDF files so that anybody can open up your docs.

Also, when somebody makes any edit in your document, you can see that person typing in real time and indicate him/her by a tag near the cursor that shows the name. However, you can’t make any of the suggested edits in your Android or iOS app’s because it’s simply not available in the mobile version of Google Docs. But you can at least review them and accept or reject.

The app has limited editing options but basic commands like find, replace, cut, copy, paste, undo and redo are present. Moreover, the app lets you do an Internet search right in your docs as well as browsing some images or videos and insert them without closing or switching any apps.

Design 4.5/5

Creating a Google Docs file on a small screen of your mobile phone might sound a bit strange to you, but in fact, it’s not that inconvenient. The Google Docs app has a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface that looks pretty nice, and if you spend some time on learning basic tricks for editing, then you won’t be confused with your on-screen keyboard and editing tools that are all located in the expected places.

To start working with Google Docs all you need is just to create a new document, tap a blue Edit button in the bottom corner, and you’ll see the app’s essentials right away: keypad, seven editing buttons like bold, italics, underline, a couple of justification settings and two buttons for lists. In case you want to change the formatting of an entire paragraph, or for example tweak the font size, tap the formatting key at the top right corner and change fonts and their sizes, text colors or backgrounds, apply text styles, indent paragraphs and edit line spacing.

You can also insert images and videos into your documents right in the app. There is a “plus” button by tapping on which you will be offered to select a picture from web. Some images will appear on the screen, and you need to pick the desired one and tap “Insert.” Right after that, the image will be automatically downloaded and pasted into your document, and you won’t even need to switch the apps.

Another Google Docs feature is Research, and it’s available to you via three-dot menu button in the top-right corner of the screen. Just tap on it and enter a term. Whenever you’re done, search results will appear in the bottom half of the screen, and your document will still be visible on the rest of the screen. You can also insert text, links or images directly into your word document the same way.

Usability 5/5

Google Docs app is incredibly simple to use. Its interface is straightforward and feels quite intuitive. To start using the app you just need to download it and sign in with your Google account while launching. Right after you'll see a brief tutorial and a list of documents that you might have in the Google Drive account. You don’t even need an Internet connection to work with Google Docs, just a Google ID that is free to set up by using your email address and creating a password.

Creating documents in Google Docs app is quick and easy to do because there is a feature of “gesture” typing available which means you can type with a swipe. So you don’t tap on each key with your finger. Instead, you just swipe the keypad with long gestures over the keys you want to type. You’ll need some practice at the beginning, of course. But when you get used to it, swiping will seem so easy and comfortable for you.

Google Docs app will also ask you about giving it permissions to your contacts and storage. Your contacts let the app make suggestions for you of people for adding and sharing files with and a storage access allows the app to save and open files from USB and SD.

Cross-platform use 4/5

Google Docs app is available to download for devices that run any of the Android versions or iOS.

In-app purchases

Google Docs mobile app is completely free and doesn’t have any in-app purchases so you can enjoy using it thoroughly right after downloading. Moreover, it doesn't have any ads that might distract you from work.


Google Docs mobile app gives you an ability to create and edit documents right in your phone and save them to the cloud so that you can access them anytime from any device. There is no big difference between a regular Google Docs version and the mobile app so that you can view and edit documents offline exactly the same way. The layout, buttons, and functionality in overall are almost identical to the original Google Docs.

So Google Docs app lets you easily create documents, edit them and collaborate with others in real-time from your Android device or iPhone.



Google Docs mobile app is fast, cross-platform, convenient to use and has a broad range of features for quick and simple document editing.

Pros : intuitive interface;
offline access from any device;
15GB of free storage;
easy to setup and navigate;
ability to collaborate with others in real-time;
saves everything to the cloud;

Cons : lack of templates;
shared storage with other Google services;

Functionality 5

Design 4.5

Usability 5

Cross-platform use 4

Average : 4.6


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  • Where can I download Google Docs app?

    Google Docs is available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. You may find Google Docs free download in the official app stores for your device. The app is free. Visit the iTunes app store to download Google Docs for iOS, and Google Play for Android.

  • Is there Google Docs Windows app?

    The app was made for mobile platforms only. However, you may find Google Docs available in your Google Chrome browser. You can use all the mobile features of the app and even more on your PC.

  • How can I download Google Docs iOS app?

    You don’t have to do anything extraordinary to download the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPhone touch. Google Docs app is completely free without any in-app purchases. It requires 11.0 iOS system or later and 176.3 MB of free space. That’s all.

  • Is Google Docs apk free on Google Play store?

    Yes, Google Docs apk is completely free and can be found on Google Play Store. Don’t trust websites that offer to sell you Google Docs.

  • What do I need for Google Docs install process on Android?

    You are able to download Google Docs for Android on Google Play. Press the Download button and the process will begin. The app is compatible with all Android versions. Make sure you have some empty space in your phone’s memory and you are connected to the Internet. That is all.

  • Can I pay for special services of Google Docs free app?

    No, you can’t pay for anything in the app. However, you can improve your Internet connection and make it reliable. You can also improve the life of your phone’s battery, as it will consume a lot of energy while the app is on.

  • Is it ok to try Google Docs download from torrents?

    No, while you definitely may find the app on torrents, we advise you not to do this. We recommend you to download it for free from official app stores. Some Smartphones and iPhones may already contain the app as native. But if you can’t find it, spend several minutes to follow the link from this page to the app store.

  • What to do if Google Docs not working?

    If the app does not work, you may try to fix the problem yourself by reloading the device, cleaning the cash, opening the app again. If nothing helps and you checked everything, including Internet connection, write to support team of Google Docs app.

  • Where can I find Google Docs latest version?

    If you need the latest version of Google Docs, you may go and check the same page where you have downloaded the previous version. If the new update is available, you will be able to tap the Update button.


  • C
    1 year ago
  • J
    2 years ago
    I was hacked and in getting my computer fixed I lost all my applications. I had Microsoft Word and now I don't. I need a free program to write letters and documents. Any suggestions . I do not have Windows 10 yet!
  • J
    2 years ago
    A good application which after upgrade has become even better and now it is no problem. I advise it to all my friends.A good application which after upgrade has become even better and now it is no problem. I advise it to all my friends.
  • M
    2 years ago
    A good program, it helps me a lot every day. Using it is very simple to edit documents without having access to internet.I the possibility to return the original version of the document - a very useful feature. I can say that the possibility of access to documents of the group allows you to quickly and efficiently view documents across the group, without exception.A good program, it helps me a lot every day. Using it is very simple to edit documents without having access to internet.I the possibility to return the original version of the document - a very useful feature. I can say that the possibility of access to documents of the group allows you to quickly and efficiently view documents across the group, without exception.simple, comfortable, edit Historynot detected

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