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  • Last update: 4 years ago
  • Version: 3.4.02-19
  • Size: 21.57M
  • Compatibility: 4.0 and up
  • Author: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
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Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Review

All the authors that work on this project are required to follow our guidelines. To make the most out of the app testing process, our authors launch it on various smartphones and tablets with not only the latest OS', but also the previous ones.

They report Samsung is the only vendor still making a profit out of its Android phones. It’s been a long way to that top, and Samsung devices are really popular. While the Korean company has no straight rival to iPhone (even the famous Galaxy S series follows far behind in popularity), the total of Samsung devices sold is still impressive.

Well, some in, some out. It’s still arguable whether Samsung’s edge screens are better than LG’s up above second display, whether we need a hardware DAC for good sound or Full HD screen good enough for a flagship phone. But it’s up to any vendor to attract users already using some other phone. Samsung has done its best to attract the users from rival camps, and now they have a good migration tool.

Functionality 9/10
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Thanks to the unification's great effect, no more does it take weeks to get used to your new device. It only takes Google cloud syncing to get your contact book, bookmarks, routes and calendar on your new Android or iPhone. But Samsung has made out how to offer more of the same thing better made.

OK, cloud data is little data. What about your videos, your photos, your music collection? With old technologies, you would have to switch an SD card (if you have one), or copy your folders manually and rescan them in your new device. Samsung allows you to copy all your data, both private info, and multimedia, and have it prepared at once.

Sounds a bit tempting: if you decide on a new Samsung smartphone, it won’t take long to make it truly yours. Just install the app on both of your devices and get all you have collected on your brand new Galaxy or Note.

It’s especially useful if your private data is too confidential to trust clouds with it. You can switch off all your cloud sync features and still have the full copy of your data on your new device via direct connection. You can also recover your data from a backup copy you have created earlier.

The app suggests you a good selection of wired or wireless connection. Wired connection still looks a bit exotic; it means that you have the two devices connected via OTG with a cable or an adapter. Wireless commutation looks much more familiar and takes nothing but Wi-Fi. Of course, for OTG commutation the source smartphone should support this feature.

Yet, there are some more limitations. When it comes to copying music, the app only does its job with DRM-free files. Thus, it’s no help for fetching your music library from iTunes. But relax, you still can copy these files manually if you have them on your computer.
Samsung developers also decided to do all the work locally, with no cloud technologies involved. They have some reason — those willing to use cloud sync would rather use native cloud apps for backup/restore purposes.

Design 8/10

There’s no designer work at the first sight, the app is strictly functional. It’s the one you mostly use once, as you get your data on the Samsung device. So it’s no eye candy, but that’s OK. It’s enough for us that it doesn’t break Samsung’s guidelines and looks like a regular app by Korean developers.

Usability 7/10

The app has a built-in instruction and description, and it’s hard to imagine it wouldn't. It’s localized into most languages (in fact, in all the languages Samsung devices support), so users can switch to Samsung globally.

By the way, the app looks (and works) different on Samsung devices and other vendors’. On any other device, its mission is only to connect to Samsung’s recipient and send your data to it. On Samsung devices, it looks much more complicated. When you download Samsung Smart Switch Mobile, our catalog selects the right version for you. And the latest Note and Galaxy devices already have it preinstalled. So if you need to install this app manually, you’d better do it here.

After you have used this app, it may be still useful for you as a general backup tool. But aren’t there already backup tools in Android? So if you don’t plan to use it after your initial switching, you may delete it if you dare.

Cross-platform use 8/10

Of course, new Samsung devices are all Android-based. But you can use this app to migrate to Samsung from Android devices as well as from iPhone/iPad.

You don’t even have to have your old device nearby. If you have a PC or Mac with your copy of iTunes at your disposal, you may connect it to your new phone and use your credentials to access the data to be transferred. An extremely good feature if your previous device was lost.

What for Samsung recipients, their list is enormous. Even an ancient Galaxy S2 is supported, though with some limitations.

The compatibility is not absolute, and some combinations cause unexpected issues. But Samsung support is constantly monitoring reviews and answers most of them.

In-app purchases

The app supposes you have already bought a new Samsung device, or you are about to purchase it. That’s what the company wants from you, so the app is just a bonus. Yes, anyone can download free Samsung Smart Switch Mobile, but only actual or potential Samsung owners can make use of it.


The idea of attracting users by making the transfer easier is all around. In fact, due to the clouds, it doesn’t take a special tool to save all the critical private data. But Samsung has made the switching process a bit of celebration.



It's a great tool for switching to Samsung devices from whatever you have used before, but some work still remains manual.

Pros : Easy to use;
Works with virtually all other platforms and Android versions;
Translated into most languages.

Cons : May appear useless once you have already used it for transferring;
Doesn’t back up DRMprotected music;
No cloud support.

Functionality 4.5

Design 4

Usability 3.5

Cross-platform use 4

Average : 4.0


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  • Is the Smart Switch Mobile app available outside of the US?

    No, it is currently available in the United States only.

  • Does the Smart Switch Mobile app need to be installed on both devices?

    If you're an Android user, you should install it on both receiving and transferring devices. In case you use iOS, you need to install it on the new device only.

  • Does my old content get overwritten by the Smart Switch Mobile app?

    No, it is not overwritten. Existing content stays the same when it is added to the new Galaxy device.


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    Well, there's no way in hell I would give this app a good review considering the fact that I never even opened it to use it and it was constantly running in the background doing god-knows-what until I uninstalled it and finally got my battery back to normal
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    fvkhl[ [ldg

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