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Today’s mobile phones have made us closer to the Internet with all its possibilities, that’s right. But there are many things we used to do before the Web and we’ll still do in the next tech era whatever it may be. We’ll buy things, go training, earn and spend money, search for love and relationships and do what our human nature requires.

In this review we found 10 most prominent apps to make your routine easier from wherever you may appear. We intendedly excluded Internet-based apps that are made solely for Internet purposes (like messengers, SNS and web browsers). All the apps listed below are developed to ease our offline life or view it from a new point.

What should a good app bring” first of all it should make sense in your life, save your time, money, and efforts. Its design should be clear and intuitive enough not to make you spend even more time mastering it instead. Some of the apps, yes, are connected with web services, but first their purpose still lays offline.

Although we review primarily iPhone apps, Android users also can find official versions or at least analogs on the Play Market. It was easier to base on iOS apps list as they are better unified and systemized. All the apps below are free though some of them offer paid premium accounts or extra features.



If you care about your physical shape and practice conscious approach, you might think of using your phone with all its sensors even before it went mainstream. MapMyRun is one of the most versatile and multifunctional tools for keeping up your share. It supports hundreds of fitness trackers, both amateur and professional models, and smartwatches - the Apple Watch goes first but not alone.

Based on the sensors info the app provides you with control over your physical activity. Steps made, calories burnt, distance covered and other activities are stored in the app’s memory and in your personal cloud. The app identifies different sorts of activities (running, cycling, yoga, other exercises).

When you get connected to your friends and fellows via social part of the app it can motivate you to improve your activity.
The app is also available for Android.


Zomato (aka Urbanspoon)

Though the app is still available worldwide it seems that the old Urbanspoon is gone. Turn on your nostalgic tunes and remember how wonderful it was to see that your phone knows where you are and tells you a goos place to have dinner when you shake it like a pair of dice. It was one of the first apps to take full advantage of all iPhone modules: GPS, Internet, gyroscope, and so on. Now it’s no surprise as all Android phones are equipped the same way.

Now it’s not #1 in its own category (unless you live in India). Zomato is slowly expanding to other countries, namely Canada, Chile, Sri Lanka, UAE, New Zealand, UK, and some European countries. If you’re not lucky enough to dwell somewhere listed above, you may not remember what it was at early years and why it stands here instead of Foursquare, for example.

Venmo AppVenmo app


The idea of transferring funds online was one of the first cases to use the Internet and mobile devices. Venmo came after grands like PayPal or Google Wallet, but it brought up an excellent idea to make money sending more social. The app easily integrated with the phone book and made your transactions transparent. Due to additional info, the recipient easily knew who this transfer comes from and what’s the purpose. Another important social thing was emoji integration. This easiness, versatility and vividness were the reasons why the service became a minor cult.

Unfortunately the app didn’t make it and conquer the market due to insufficient security, so it was only good for small payments. And (alas for Android users) it’s only available for Apple devices.

Today’s Venmo users may know that Venmo is a part of PayPal. Though it still exists and gets support with the latest update rolled out on December 15, 2015), its ambitions to conquer the market have been wing-cut. But its share is still significant.

Easily keep track of your spendingSee your complete financial picture


Controlling your life means controlling your money. All your incomes and expenses are a chore thing to record but it’s much easier with an eye-candy like Mint. It looks like an economy game where you have to manage your bank accounts, record your expenses and add your incomes, distribute your budget between different accounts and sections. But it’s all real.

So this routine thing becomes easier to control, and responsibility gets not that hard as it seemed. The Mint experience became what similar app developers tried to recreate with different rates of success. This app is still an iPhone prerogative (though many Android developers tried to mimick it).

RedLaser appRedLaser app


Even when you have already got up and arrived at the department store, you don’t have to put away your shopping apps. RedLaser is what you see when a manager is scanning the barcode with his handheld device you can use your phone camera instead.

Just scan the barcode and get the complete info on the item you’re about to buy. It’s especially useful to look at the prices the app displays. Maybe you can buy the same thing much cheaper? That sounds tempting enough to master such an easy app.

Now these features are no miracle, but in 2010, it was an unexpected usage of the phone, especially for those far from the Internet at all. So RedLaser has got its place in the mobile Hall of Fame. It’s still available both for iPhone and Android devices and is owned and developed by eBay.

Get fitCollect supplies as you move

Zombies, Run

Did you ever think about yourself in the world of The Walking Dead or World War Z? It’s easy to experience with the app named Zombies, Run! The app combines activity tracker features with stories about the world taken over by zombies you have to flee from, right now! You need to collect supplies on your way to support other humans. The app suggests you more stories (up to 200) with paid membership. But you can test it for free and feel like you’re the last human hero.

So if you think that running yourself is more fun that controlling a virtual character this app is for you. It takes the best of both worlds. Of both worlds, Carl! Maybe it’s not the best you can get with this app. The next step may be Augmented Reality integration.

OpenTable appSkip the check


What’s OpenTable? OK, imagine you’re at the dinner table at the restaurant and you’re making your order. But you don’t have to look what dishes are made of and what they look like, you don’t need to query prices, it takes no talking at all! You can reserve your table and the positions from the menu according to descriptions and tasty pictures.

The app’s catalog lets you select the time, working hours of the restaurant, cuisine type, or neighborhood. Not that it was something new: the service had been available via web page before the app was ready. But it’s the app that made the service attracting for travelers, business people, just city dwellers in other hoods. The app can navigate you to the restaurant you have selected, record your appointed time to your system calendar, and even let you use your bank account to pay for your order!

Ebay app - you should know it wellActivity


Now eBay is just a service we all got used to, but back in 2008 eBay’s mobile app was a real revolution. You could hardly imagine that your phone has all it takes to select your goods, read and see all about them, order delivery and even make payments! And it only takes a single app to do it all!

Then here came Google Wallet, Apple Pay and other mobile payment systems, but eBay was the pioneer. That’s how e-commerce started. The developers still keep their innovation spirit and react to stay alert for any chance to innovate. For example, the eBay app was among the first to become the companion app for Apple Watch.
And yes, it’s available on other platforms, though it was iPhone that helped it start as it is.

MyFitnessPalBecome fit with fun and ease


Another thing that flashed into the market before it went mainstream. No one was talking about fitness trackers, and the smartwatch was just a phone form factor popular mostly in China. But MyFitnessPal was already here. It made its accent on two things. First: you need to track your nutrition and physical activity to get in shape. Second: your phone is always with you. So the developers made it as easy as it goes for you to record what you consume and what exercises you do.

In 2009 when the app made its start it has no competition to face. Social features made its contribution into encouraging users to show more success. Millions of users have done a giant job of creating an enormous database of food. Now you only have to enter the name and the quantity of what you eat, and with 99% probability, it will be found in the base. And if you have to enter anything manually, you will feel you contribute into one of the greatest projects of today.

Now MyFitnessPal remains up-to-date. It’s integrated with wearable devices and web services. 110+ million users find no replacement to this app (though the competition is tough). And we should add Android and Windows Phone users to get the full number.

Tinder appIt's a match!


Dating services were among the first to appear when Internet became public. But Tinder has something fresh to make a new concept. And first of all it revamped the concept of Internet dating. And it’s all about the app’s interface.
You wouldn’t have to investigate the way it worked; the principles of Tinder are easy to understand. Gesture-based controls were exceptionally great for mobile usage, and you didn’t even have to use both hands to navigate and make your choice. Location-based search was another coin into Tinder’s bank.

Tinder has made a revolution on dating apps market. Other dating services just tried to recreate the web experience. Tinder was mobile right from the start. And it wasn’t about virtual relationship. Tinder’s locating encourages its members to get real as soon as possible. Of course this ease has its dark sides. But who will blame emotional inflation on Tinder only? So, anyway, Tinder made our online dating much more mobile and much less online. And thanks for that.

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