10 Best iPad Apps to Have Fun & Be Productive in 2019

10 Best iPad Apps to Have Fun & Be Productive in 2019 on Freepps Top Blog

Our app experts have boiled App Store down to the 10 best paid and free apps to provide you with top-quality entertainment, enhance your creativity, and boost your productive potential. By making the most of the top 10 iPad App list published below, you will transform that big, beautiful screen you’re holding into a useful instrument or a super fun toy.

Minecraft: a Truly Revolutionary Building Game for iPad


Created and released in 2009, Minecraft remains an immensely popular sandbox video game where you’re free to build whatever your heart desires in a never-ending 3D world of endless possibilities. With its unique graphics, straightforward mechanics, dynamic gameplay filled with impressive landscape-diversity and creativity-stimulating action, Minecraft is sure to suck you in and keep you coming back for more. For the price, the game is a must-have for your iPad.

Procreate: Excellent Digital Sketching & Painting App


Procreate is a powerful tool for professional digital artists designed expressly for the iPad. Procreate enthusiasts choose this app for its one-of-a-kind performance, sophisticated yet intuitive interface, awesome filters, a multitude of brushes, and tons of useful features. The application helps its users add that amazing vibe to their images and flaunt their talents to their friends by capturing their brilliant work in the form of time-lapse video files.

Notability for iOS: More Than Just a Note-Taking App

Notability for iOS

Notability is among the most popular, powerful-yet-simple, and incredibly versatile note-taking applications out there. It gives you the possibility to take notes on your iPad using the Apple Pencil. Notability boasts an elegant interface, built-in iCloud support, and a full-feature set. Use the app to handwrite, sketch, annotate PDFs, highlight, type, and even record audio. In other words, Notability is a fantastic, perfectly designed application if you’re on the hunt for a bit more than what just your default note-taking app provides.

Geometry Dash: Fun & Addictive Action Platform Game

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is an excellent rhythm-based 2D action platformer with amazing soundtrack and great atmosphere. It’s deceptively simple, unbelievably detailed, and really fast-paced. In the game, your ultimate goal is taking control of a small cube, as well as timing your jumps to stave off obstacles and make it to a higher level. From time to time, Geometry Dash will definitely put your patience to the test. However, once you get to grips with the Geometry Dash mechanics, you will master even its most challenging levels.

Good Notes 5: Transform Your iPad into Digital Paper

Good Notes 5

Taking into account a really huge number of note-taking applications for iPad on the scene, the best of them must flaunt some really special features to stand out. With regard to GoodNotes, these special features are about organization and search possibilities. By making the most of this app, you get to search through your notes and organize your activity to the best extent possible.

Amazing Frog?: GTA for Kids

Amazing Frog?

If you like games like Goat Simulator or alternative ragdoll titles, Amazing Frog is going to tickle your fancy as well. Highly recommended game if you love a good laugh and/or are into open-world video games where you are free to do whatever you want. As a matter of fact, Amazing Frog is like Grand Theft Auto for kids, so feel free to play it with your five or six-year-old pals.

My City: Pajama Party: Cute & Fun

My City: Pajama Party

The My City: Pajama Party game, designed by My Town Games LTD, gives you everything you need to enjoy hosting some super entertaining pajama parties with your friends. While playing, you and your friends/family will make the best out of 6 various locations. What’s more, you will be offered 20 characters to pick your today’s favorite from, as well as move between all My City titles. The game gives you the possibility to explore, customize, and have fun endlessly!

Plague Inc.: Infectious Experience with Refined Gameplay

Plague Inc.

Developed and published by Ndemic Creations, Plague Inc. is a casual strategy game where you create a pathogen aiming to infect everyone on earth with a lethal plague. This refreshingly difficult game is a smartly designed mix of strategy and bio-horror where you will enjoy… destroying civilization.

Terraria: Minecraft-Like 2D Sandbox Adventure Game


Terraria is a fascinating content-packed game that introduces you to an open world filled with adventure, building, boss fighting, and so much more. Extensive maps to explore, a multitude of bosses to battle, and a huge world of endless possibilities — that’s what you’ll access when you start playing Terraria. The visuals and the sounds of the Terraria game on iOS are just as good as they are on PC. So, if you loved Terraria on PC, you will definitely love it on iOS.

Bloons Tower Defense 6: True to the Core with Previous Installments

Bloons Tower Defense 6

Looking for pour hours of your free time into an exciting 3D tower defense game on your iPad? Bloons TD 6 is what you need! Visually beautiful, with smooth gameplay and intricate detailing, the game requires strategy and thinking. Overall, Bloons TD 6 is a fun tower defense game that brings back childhood memories and appeals to the fans greatly.

What about Your Must-Have iPad Apps in 2019?

The most popular app store in the world is filled with a myriad of apps of all sorts. The only downside of this immense diversity is that you don’t always get to find the most effective applications under your own steam. If you’ve just gotten your first tablet and looking to fill it with some top-notch apps, we’ve got you covered at Freepps.top. How do you like our expert-composed list of 10 best iPad apps in 2019? Perhaps, you have a few names to add to our selection? Comment below to fuel the discussion with like-minded app aficionados. Your thoughts are important.

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