10 Must-Have Android Apps for Traveling

10 Must-Have Android Apps for Traveling on Freepps Top Blog

When we take the attitude to spending the holiday pastime as a criterion, all the people may be divided into two groups - those who prefer staying at home with friends or relatives in a peaceful atmosphere and those who would rather pack the most necessary stuff and go on a trip somewhere.  
If you can’t just sit still, you may spend these winter days, visiting new cities and discovering new places. Thanks to the technical progress, you can have a personal guide, which will always be with you and help in various situations. Our smartphones are rather “smart” to fulfill this task, with the relevant software, of course. So, feel free to get acquainted with the collection of the most useful applications for your little or long-term trips. All of them are freely accessible for Android devices.

TripIt App Screenshots


With TripIt, one will be able to have the access to all the traveling information, documents, and confirmations even on the go, using only a smartphone and the app installed. It can give you the advice or directions to a hotel/cafe you need. You will have an opportunity to synchronize your plans with Google Calendar, which is very handy. The Pro version for $49 a year offers more goodies, such as getting flight alerts in a real time mode, searching for the best flights and seats, removing ads, etc.

Use PackPoint not to Forget Anything


You may not worry about leaving something essential at home with PackPoint app, which generates a list of things for your future luggage. However, this is not where its functionality ends. PackPoint can also give you the advice on packing, taking into account your trip’s length, the location of your final destination, and the types of activities you’re going to have. What is more, there’s an opportunity to sync information with the TripIt application to get the best travel experience possible. You can share the list with other members of a planned trip, too.

WorldMate App Functionality


Here’s one more traveling organizer, which will provide you with the most significant trip info right on its home screen. WorldMate allows planning all the aspects of a future trip, to make the flight/hotel/car reservations, and to manage everything, using a smartphone only. You may get the directions, in case you would like to be guided to a hotel or any place of meeting. Moreover, your travel plans may be shared with friends or relatives if needed. The accurate local time, relevant currency converter, and 5-day weather forecasts are at your disposal, too.

Yelp Personal City Guide


Being in the center of an unknown city, you may ask the locals about places to visit, cafes to grab some food, services to repair your stuff, shops to buy some clothes, or cheap hotels for one night staying. Otherwise, you may install Yelp and get to know this by yourselves. The app shows hundreds of the nearby places, based on your current location. You'll be able to view the working hours, contacts, photos/videos, possible deals, and addresses on a map with detailed directions. With real users’ reviews and feedback, one will be able to choose the most relevant for him. And multiple filters allow narrowing the search.

Book Flights and Hotels via Skyscanner


The main idea of Skyscanner is a very interesting one as it aims to show you the best deals for flights without asking you about a desirable destination. In other words, the app offers you places for visiting, based on the flight deals available. This “Everywhere” feature is for the most adventurous of us while the others may search for something more definite, using various filters. Still, Skyscanner doesn’t take any additional fees and just sends you to an airline for booking the cheap flight of your choice.


Hipmunk offers services that are quite similar to what Skyscanner does - the ones that help you find the best deals on flights, hotels, and cars during your trips. And one can easily compare prices, duration, stops, and the total comfort of a flight. Besides, you’ll get an immediate notification if flights or hotels of your interest have lowered the prices. Trusted reviews will help choose a hotel for direct booking. The app’s developers assure us that their main goal is the least painless user experience of planning and booking. You are supposed to get only relevant results without any advertisements at all.

Make Your Info Contribution into GasBuddy App


Any traveler driving a car can’t but download this app due to its main function - reporting about the lowest gas prices at the stations around. The info one sees in the app is relevant as all the data are collected by the user community itself. So, don’t forget to report about cheap gas, if you happen to stumble upon it. Moreover, you have a chance to win the real money for gas by earning points via simple sharing the price info with others. Please, note that GasBuddy works only in Canada and the USA.

Get Waze’s Alerts of Traffic Jams, Police Traps, and Accidents


Waze is one more driver-friendly application, which offers to have an access to the real-time traffic situation, advanced navigation with automatic changing of routes, police and traffic jam alerts, etc. Synchronizing with Facebook allows seeing your friends’ current location on a map and their approximate arrival time. You can also enjoy the reports about the cheap gas stations. It’s a community-based app, too, meaning you are supposed to take part in updating the road situation.

Get Digital Reports of Travel Expenses


This app is supposed to be a perfect one for business travelers, but it will also be useful for an ordinary adventurer as it helps with managing expenses greatly. It tracks everything and transforms the info into digital reports. Scanning the receipts allows getting rid of them, instead of storing a pile of paper. The lack of connection isn’t a problem for the app users because of the offline mode support. So, if you need or like to calculate your money spending, the Expensify and forget about manual calculations.

Urgent.ly Helps with Unexpected Road Situations


Nobody can be sure that a regular trip will end exactly the way you think it should. For instance, you can’t predict battery death or a flat tire. That is why Urgent.ly exists. It's a mobile app for roadside assistance for the situations when something goes wrong. It takes only a couple of taps to call for help. The app will detect your current location and send you a tow truck to cope with troubles. Moreover, you’ll be able to track its approaching and time of arrival. The app isn’t a fee-based and you pay for the service only.

The Final Word

Of course, it’s not necessary to use all of the aforementioned applications on your Android smartphone. Just pick up a couple of them, which will cover the majority of your trip aspects’. If you travel on the regular basis and you’re a packing pro already, then you won’t get much of PackPoint. Still, it’s always possible to get some useful ideas from each app of this collection.

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