10 Substantial Changes In Android Nougat

10 Substantial Changes In Android Nougat on Freepps Top Blog

Have you already received an update to Nougat? If you have, you’ve possibly noticed that though the visual changes aren’t as substantial as we all saw in Android Lollipop, Nougat includes more innovations and refinements over the previous Android version — Marshmallow.

While the Android O upcoming release is yet to come, Android Nougat is the latest version which draws our close attention. It provides you with more new features which are impossible not to enjoy.

It this article I’ll tell you what’s new in Android 7.x and review its 10 most prominent features and usability changes. Read this article to find out what to expect before you start using the latest Android version or to discover more impressive features you could have missed.

1. Split-screen apps and tabs

To start using the split-screen mode, open an app and long-tap the overview button. One app will rise at the top half of the screen, and the list of recent apps will be in the bottom half. Tap the app you need and use them both simultaneously.

Not all the Android 7 and 7.1 users know how to split-screen two Chrome tabs. Here’s a short instruction:

  • launch Chrome;
  • pull up a couple of new tabs;
  • start the split screen mode by long-tapping the overview button;
  • go to Chrome's menu;
  • select “Move to another window.”

After that, the opened tab moves over to another half of the display, and you get an opportunity to view 2 tabs at once.

2. Redesigned notifications

On Android 7 the notifications received a slight makeover and became wider. There’s less space vertically between each of them so that you get more information and waste less place on your screen.

Long-tap a notification to view and change its priority settings. You may also swipe it a little to the side and press the gear icon to view the options. There are 3 variants:

  • show notifications silently;   
  • block all notifications;
  • don’t silence or block.

With Nougat, adjusting the notifications on an app-by-app basis is easier than ever.

3. Separate home and lock screen wallpapers

Finally. It has happened. Starting with Android 7.0, you can choose separate lock screen and home screen wallpapers. Now it's part of core Android. Just select an image you would like to set as a wallpaper, and the device will show you a new prompt to choose the place where this picture will live.

4. App overview changes

The developers have updated the recent apps menu. There are fewer cards which are now larger in the app overview. This menu makes switching between your recent apps an easily navigable and quick affair.

You’ll find a helpful Clear all button at the top of your card stack. Using it, you will be able to clear up the clutter and tell Nougat to close the app processes.

5. Improved toggles

It’s not necessary to download third-party toggle widgets with Android Nougat. It has own built-in toggles or the quick settings menu. You’ll find them above your notifications, and to start using them, just swipe down from the top of your screen.

What are the new toggles? Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, etc. You’ll see 2 toggle menus. The first one appears when you swipe down, and the second one is complete and appears after you press the down arrow at the top right.

6. An additional function of the overview button

To try it out, double-tap the overview button. It will help you to navigate back to any app you were previously using in the quickest way.

Google understands that users need to multitask on their devices, do now you will be able to flip back and forth between various apps.

7. Data Saver

Apps running in the background may quickly burn through your precious monthly data. That’s why the Data Saver exists. It keeps the apps from running in the background unless you're using Wi-Fi.

8. Longer battery life

Doze Mode is familiar to you if you have already used Android Marshmallow. It saved the battery life when the screen was off, and your device wasn’t moving. It wasn’t comfortable enough as you couldn’t use your phone or tablet. This mode didn’t help when your device was bouncing in your bag. Now the Doze Mode starts after the screen goes off even if your device is in motion.

9. Security enhancements

Maybe the last improvement on the list will be much more enjoyable for you than reading about the system's file-based encryption. But this feature is essential because it helps you protect your profile and information.

Previously, Android protected your device using full-disk encryption. It means your smartphone or tablet were encrypted as one big unit. Starting with Android Nougat, every file is encrypted individually. Such measures are necessary for keeping your device safe.

10. New emojis

The world of emojis on Android Nougat became much more diverse, realistic, and human-like. You’ll be able to choose various male and female professions like astronauts, firefighters, scientists, students, or artists. Tap and hold an Emoji you need, and select the skin tone option and gender.

Android Nougat also features the single parent families and lots of new symbols, such as the rainbow pride flag, male and female symbols, or even a ripe avocado. Overall, there are lots of changes, but the rest stay standard.

If you are already an Android Nougat user and have found some interesting features, tell our readers and us about the most useful ones in the comment section below.

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