10 Years of Cubes: Minecraft Celebrates Its Anniversary With a New Map

10 Years of Cubes: Minecraft Celebrates Its Anniversary With a New Map on Freepps Top Blog

It has been a whole decade of cuboid adventures. We have seen bombastic, bizarre and crazy structures architected by enthusiasts — from Taj Mahal and Mario Land to King's Landings from the Game of Thrones. We have even seen the exact replicas of players' bedrooms. And of course, there were Baby Zombies, Enderman and Green Creeper.

To commemorate every bright event and every Minecraft patch in history, Mojang has released a special anniversary map. Your adventure begins as you hop in the golden minecart, which takes you from one page of the game's history to another. Year after year until you see every major moment that will make every Minecraft veteran shed a nostalgic tear.

As the map's description says: “Hop into the golden minecart and you’ll be zipped along a powered rail down memory lane! You’ll get a brief tour of each of our updates over the years! It’s a fast paced treat through the past of ‘Minecraft’…"

As your retrospective journey is over, you'll be offered to solve a few clever puzzles. Upon finishing them, you'll get access to Minecraft museum rich with more historically worthy exhibits.

Even though it feels very nostalgic and bittersweet, there's no time to get sentimental. Mojang is preparing a special treat to the fan community: Minecraft Earth. It is an AR title, which will allow you to enter Minecraft world literally. It will be available for Android and iOS with the help of Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore devices. More info on Minecraft Earth.

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