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If you are a privileged Android owner, there is nothing odd about wanting every function to be perfect. Especially when it comes to the app that will manage your amazing photos. What if your gallery app is sluggish and too simple? Or it might have issues with sorting files and poor design choices.

Here we offer you 12 options to solve this terrible problem. These photo gallery apps for Android aim to make your experience of managing tons of photos as perfect as it gets.


QuickPic screenshot

QuickPic is not the best looking gallery app, but it’s indeed one of the most feature-rich ones. It supports almost all the different image and video formats and lets you upload your pictures to the cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. along with its own CM Cloud service.

Plus, it has all the basic stuff like creating albums, renaming photos, browsing photos by date or by folder, and ability to lock private photos with a password.

Google Photos

Google Photos screenshot

Google Photos is an intelligent app you can use both as a cloud service and a gallery. There is a high chance you have it on your Android device as it’s a default app. So, it’d be smart to take full advantage of the functions Google Photos provides.

This app packs in features like visual search, which lets you search for photos with the things associated with them. You can either type something to search, or you can just enter an emoji. Besides, it allows to you create albums, collages, animations, and movies. Google Photos automatically categorizes pictures based on people, place and common things.

The only downside is that the photos and video will be compressed in Google's High-Quality setting.

F-Stop Media Gallery

F-Stop screenshot

F-Stop Media Gallery is a lightning fast app, with a flat and clean design and a few excellent features. It allows you to search for your photos by its metadata, add tags for easier organization, and best of all, it supports GIFs.

Beyond that, you can lock pictures and videos with a password, make slideshows with different transitions and search for pictures based on their location on Google Maps.

There is also a Pro version of the app, which brings the features like drag and drop support, nested folders, etc. along with the ability to save tags and ratings in XMP format.


Focus screenshot

Focus is a very capable Gallery replacement, which supports all image types, GIFs, and video files. It also includes a password protection, a light and dark theme, and 11 tags for better sorting — Family, Friends, Nature, Art, Me, Travel, Pets and more.

There is also an optional Premium version which brings control on what pictures are seen on the main page, the ability to change the icon of the app, custom tags and more. Although you will have to buy the Premium version to enjoy the best features, it’s totally worth it.

MyRoll Gallery

MyRoll screenshot

MyRoll includes a number of cool features, and a unique Smart Mode is among them. The Smart Mode chooses your best photos with your smiling faces centered in the thumbnails. The app also sorts out your photos according to date, time, events, and location.

The “Moments” feature, which offers a more collage-like view, makes it easy to relive precious memories without making any effort of organizing pictures yourself. Although MyRoll doesn’t integrate with major cloud storages, it plays along with social networks, allowing you to create Facebook albums from within the app.

Cyanogen Gallery

Cyanogen Gallery screenshot

Cyanogen Gallery is stylish gallery app which provides convenient ways to store photos and videos. It can be synchronized with Google+, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, and much more, so you can browse online images from within the app.

The app also creates a folder of photos and videos using their locations and organizes them by date and folder.


PhotoMap screenshot

PhotoMap is a unique gallery app for Android, which lets you take photos and save them via location. Then, you can use a map to view your pictures based on where you took them.

For example, you’d have to navigate to the beach to view the photos you took there. It’s a fun GPS-based gallery app, which you can download for free or pay for the pro version with impressive Augmented Reality features.

A+ Gallery

A+ Gallery screenshot

A+ Gallery looks like an ideal combination of Android and iOS, offering a Material Design-inspired interface that borrows from Apple products’ design. Even though the experience will feel unfamiliar for Android users, A+ Gallery won’t take long to learn.

While it features some basics like managing your photos and creating albums, it also offers a unique ability to browse photos based on color. You select one and watch as all of the photos on-screen filter out except for ones that most closely match your selection. It’s not perfectly accurate, but amusing nevertheless. It can be helpful if you want to track down photos that are easier to recall visually than by time or place.Piktures


Piktures screenshot

The Piktures app features excellent gesture-based controls, which make the navigation a lot easier. It also includes a cool calendar view, which shows pictures inside a calendar and location view, with pictures taken at various locations.

Plus, the Piktures app offers a Secure Drive, protected by a password, where you can save your personal photos and videos. Other features include GIF & video support, ability to view EXIF data, slideshows, etc.

Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault screenshot

Gallery Vault’s name talks by itself. This app creates a private vault for your pictures to keep them away from prying eyes. Along with photos and videos, you can hide the icon, so no one knows how to access it but you.

Besides, Gallery Vault notifies you if someone breaks in and supports some fingerprint-enabled devices. This app is a great option if you need strong privacy for your pictures.

FOTO Gallery

FOTO Gallery screenshot

FOTO Gallery is one of the best gallery apps for Android with an intuitive interface and easy-to-use functions. The app shows pictures one by one in a circular interface, and you just tap on albums where you want to place the photo.

FOTO Gallery also lets you create tags and sort photos by name, size or order. Other features include an ability to search for photos by date and albums, hide albums, choose album covers and more.

Photo Gallery HD and Editor

Photo Gallery HD and Editor screenshot

This app comes with, you guessed it, a built-in photo editor. Given that, Photo Gallery HD and Editor remains lightweight and simple. You can do gallery stuff like move photos, delete them, and set wallpapers as well as edit pictures by cropping, rotation and applying various filters.

It’s a delightful choice for those who don’t want to install any separate app for editing pictures.

So, this is our choice of the best Gallery apps for Android — fast, intuitive and with cool additional features. Let us know about your favorite Gallery app in the comments section below. We love hearing from you!

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