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With a flow of time, our mobile phones change greatly, offering us more and more wonderful features and amazing opportunities. They’ve become smarter and more powerful. Today we can do almost anything using only our smartphones: listen to some catchy tunes, send emails, count calories, even measure the heart fate and so on. Though, it’s pretty obvious that we can’t fulfill these operations without the appropriate software installed. Perhaps, it’s an impossible mission to count all the existing applications. They are so numerous and various, that everyone can find something special for him or her. 

In Search of Google Play Alternatives

We got used to the thought that we need to launch the Google Play Market to find a game or some other stuff for our Android devices. In fact, we do it automatically without any hesitation or thinking. However, we forget that Google Play isn’t the only source for our increasing app collections. There’s plenty of other fish in the sea! A lot of other app markets do exist on the net. Of course, they’re not so famous and can’t boast of such a huge audience, but they do have a couple of advantages and cool features.
You may explore Getjar, Amazon Appstore, CNET, or any other stores, but we recommend you to visit 1Mobile Market Lite first because of its impressive app collection. It’s quite logical that you won’t find the appropriate app for your smartphone on Google Play, but it may be downloaded from the official site. It’s rather lightweight (only 7.48MB) and its last version (6.6.8) was released not so long ago (October 10, 2015). The only thing required before installing is to allow accepting content from the unknown sources. 

1Mobile Market Lite for Developers

If application creation is your cup of tea, you're just ought to get acquainted with the Market. The first reason is you won’t have to pay twenty-five dollars for listing each of them on Google Play.
App recommendation is also a great opportunity for your newly-designed application to be shown among dozens of similar ones offered for a user’s request. When it comes to Google Play, you won’t have almost any chance, unless your app is already among the top ones.
In any case, it is a nice additional platform for your creations’ promotion as potential customers will have an opportunity to get to know about them. 

1Mobile Market Lite for Users

Two following reasons are prevailing when it comes to searching for Google Play alternatives: incompatibility of a device with an app or a payment-based character of this app. Besides, you may be just tired of this craving-to-be monopolist. Whatever your reason is, you’ll almost definitely find what you’re looking for on 1Mobile Market Lite.


The total amount of applications available is 1.6 million. What is more important, all of them are free or charge.
Despite the fact that the Market has a very large app collection, you may not worry about getting lost among them. They are well-organized and divided into categories by their type (Books, Finance, Education, Social, Tools, Business, etc.), top status by ranking, or by the number of downloads. Other categories are New Updated Apps, New Updated Games, Google Play Top, Google Play Hot, Users Search, Selected Casual Games, etc.  Besides, you’ll be offered to look through some recommended applications picked-up on the basis of your preferences. 
1Mobile Market Lite Manager Features


If you think that you will be thrown into the sea of apps and left to fend for yourself, you are mistaken greatly. There is an App Manager that will inform you of the newest app versions, help remember the apps installed for future reinstalls, and make backups of your current apps. 


Except for the games and apps, there are over 3.1 million wallpapers you can either download or share with others. All of them are of high resolution and good quality. Explore the Categories (Abstract, Comedy, Logos, Nature, Love, Sport, and so on), Top, and New sections.

Funny Section

Unlike the majority of similar services, 1Mobile Market Lite allows you to share the moments of your life with others. Just sign up and post photos, pictures, and GIFs into the system. Other users will be able to view them, comment, like, or share. It’s a kind of a social network, actually!


Plunge into Settings and find Notifications. Set those ones you need with a check mark. Later you’ll be informed of app updates, downloading completion, errors, etc.


Downloading from Breakpoint

It’s a very cool feature! Downloading something from the Market, you may not think of casual interruptions. The process will be automatically continued from the breakpoint without reloading, what is almost incredible!
Instead of Conclusion.
If it was the first time you have ever heard of 1Mobile Market Lite and you’re very impressed by the opportunities open for you, we fully understand you and share your delight. As a rule, both developers (getting a new and free platform for apps) and ordinary users (getting the enormous number of free apps and games to try on) are fond of the service due to the reasons mentioned before. 
Still, we have to warn you of a danger that may happen to you. Exploring the content available in the store is an addictive thing and you may spend a lot of time there. Just stop when you feel exhausted and pick it up tomorrow!

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