3 Days to Super Mario Run Release: Update on Latest Rumors

3 Days to Super Mario Run Release: Update on Latest Rumors on Freepps Top Blog

Super Mario Run is coming out really soon, and we want you to be aware of all the news swirling around it. Since Nintendo has announced the game, there were some fresh aspects revealed which you certainly shouldn’t miss.

Nintendo and Apple Collaboration

As it’s become clear after recent interview of Super Mario’s creator Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo decided to play it safe from the very beginning and combined forces with the Apple company.

Shigeru Miyamoto and Super Mario

“In order for us to have the performance we wanted we needed some development support to ensure that the game would run the way we expected,” Shigeru Miyamoto said.

Heading to the new, untested mobile space, Nintendo needed a strong partner, which helps in the development and will serve as a great launching platform.

You might ask why they chose Apple rather than Android. We got you on this too.

Piracy Concerns

Nintendo is concerned about a piracy issue on the Android devices — it’s as simple as that. And it might be justified as Android users tend to have more freedom to download and work with their operation system than iOS users. Probably, that is why Nintendo hasn’t still announced any official date of the Android version release.

Another way they aim to fight the piracy and illegal activity is the internet connection, which means Super Mario Run won’t be available offline. It’s hard to blame Nintendo for that as they want to keep things in control and inspire users to make a full game’s purchase.

Stay Tuned

It remains to be seen what kind of paid content we will get and when Super Mario Run will jump onto Android user’s devices. And meanwhile, we remind iOS lucky gamers that they can start looking for their favorite plumber from December, 15.


What are your thoughts on Super Mario Run? Do you think it will even get Android release after all? Let us know in the comment section below.

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