3 iOS Email Apps Worth Downloading

3 iOS Email Apps Worth Downloading on Freepps Top Blog
Day after day we face the inevitability of going through piles of emails – sorting, reading, answering, deleting etc. No matter, we do it with our own correspondence or with business stuff; still the reliable and efficient mail client is what makes it faster and easier. But before we start analyzing the existing email applications in search for the best one, let’s define how the most convenient mail app should look like. 
First and foremost, it must be quick enough – nobody likes to wait for mail list updating. Second, but definitely not less important – it must be easy to navigate and switch between various tasks, such as reading your email and checking some scheduled events in your calendar or other task manager.

It should also get you an easy and fast access to your contact list in case you want to call your business partner or just a friend. Multiple tasks manageability is a thing not all the email apps can afford. In spite of constant updates and renovations, the indigenous iOS mail engine is not good enough.

Thus, in the process of checking we sorted out three the most trustworthy email clients for iOS.

Let’s have a look at them.

Outlook from Microsoft

Microsoft Outlook Mobile Email Application

On the top of our list – yes, you should be surprised – is the engine from Microsoft is incredibly good for various purposes. It is next to impossible to compete with it in questions of productivity, speed, and reliability. Besides its standard features similar to all other apps aiming to fulfill the same function, it has a built-in task planner and calendar. In such a way you don’t need to switch between couples of apps – everything you might need is already here. It supports a lot of mailing platforms, so you can get your emails from numerous sources at a time. There is one more very handy feature – the box is divided into two parts ‘Focused’ (the most important mails) and ‘Other’ – a guarantee you never miss the essentials. Yes, it takes time to get used to such a multifunctional client, but it is worth trying.
Boxer for Emails

Boxer Lite

This application is the richest in features among its peers. The only significant drawback is that to get the full range of features you’ll have to upgrade. Free access is only available if you are going to use it within one account. This app is very good at navigation – a couple of swipes help you to clear, sort out, and respond to mails. It is compatible with Evernote and many other mail providers. A cute feature is that it lets you ‘like’ the received mails. It sends the report about your affection to the sender showing in such a way that you have read the message. You can even create a template with some information, like an agreement with something or just a gratitude reply.


Inbox – Simplicity in Action

This austere application from Google works perfectly on iOS too. It has nothing but necessary things. It is bound to Calendar and Reminders, so you can schedule some tasks you need to fulfill and the app will remind you about them. There is also this unique and extremely convenient feature – you can see the email from one address as ‘Bundles’ – so you can work with them all at once and delete them in one swipe the moment you stop needing them. You are also able here to ‘Snooze’ some emails and the app will alert you about them the moment you are ready to manage them – the date of reminding is very flexible.
Thus, having gone through a couple of the most rated email client, we suggest you use one of these three due to their reliability, speed, and trustfulness. It is up to you to pick up the one that is the most suitable for you and your purposes.

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    5 years ago
    Thank you for sharing excellent email apps to download. It is worth to download. As I am the blogger, I suggest everyone kindly download all these apps to make your life easier. Cheers :) AHaha don't forget to read my blog: http://www.mobilepundits.com/
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  • a
    6 years ago
    Inbox is just a gimmicky spoiled Gmail! If you accidentally press done you have to spend like 10 minutes looking for that lost email!
  • s
    6 years ago
    boxer roxx, my favorite email app ever! blows the rest outta water!
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