38 Essential Apps For Lawyers

38 Essential Apps For Lawyers on Freepps Top Blog

You know, firsthand, how hard and exhausting it can be to manage daily tasks if you're a lawyer or involved in some kind of legal business. You should always

 keep a hold of lots of things and often find yourself busy. But there's a way to avoid such problems. Try to pick up some useful apps for lawyers from the list below. 

They were created to compile, gather and manage your tasks so that you find it easy to cope with them.


1. AgileLaw

The app is free, but you need a free account to use it. Designed for iPad, makes the deposition process print-free and easy to navigate.

2. American Arbitration Association

Essential if you want to stay updated about codes, rules, and protocols of the Free American Arbitration Association.

3. Aptorney

Dropbox-friendly reference app that eases your legal research and remembers your searches. You'll get extra court rules, codes of evidence, and statutory codes in-app. Perfect for a swift-to-response injury attorney!

4. Bloomberg Law

A great free app, but it requires a current paid Bloomberg subscription. If you do have it, you can follow all the news, litigation, and market information that will make you the king among accident attorneys. Get timely alerts for legal and news searches and share your documents via email.

5. CLE Mobile 

The app is free, but you have to subscribe to one of 4.5K CLE courses and pay separately. You can listen to content instead of straining your eyes and submit courses to get CLE credit. Unfortunately, some courses may be unavailable in different states.

6. Clio 

Just like with two previous apps, you'll need a subscription to get all the perks of the app. If you do, you'll get access to the cloud-based solution that will allow you to track expenses, time, cases, as well as upload documents and view contacts and calendar. A great tool if you have clients who want to know what to do in an auto accident.

7. CourtLink 

Another free app that requires a CourtLink user ID/password. If you're a current user, you're free to review the recent court docket activity, set alerts and tracks online and monitor them through the app.

8. Docket Law 

Download Docket Law for iOS to easily calculate deadlines and event dates according to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

9. eDepoze 

Manage your documents in the cloud for free with eDepoze. Its easy-to-use interface is what you need to manage your e-papers to exhibit your deposition. The app is free, of course.

10. Fastcase 

Fastcase is free to use, but it requires that you sign up first. Conduct your legal research to answer questions like "is home insurance tax deductible?" within federal and state cases and statutes and save documents for later use.

11. Evernote 

This one isn't strictly a legal app, but the sheer functionality of Evernote makes it a must-have for any personal injury lawsuit lawyer.

12. GAO 

Can't find the exact definition of bail? Quickly find it with GAO along with decisions and Congressional testimonies brought to you by the Government Accountability Office.

13. Google Docs

A completely free-to-use set of tools by Google that allows you to create and share texts, spreadsheets, presentations, and questionnaires — basically, everything you need for a successful legal career.

14. HeinOnline

A free research tool itself, but it does require a HeinOnline account and authentication. With it, you get access to hundreds of law articles in PDF.

15. IntelliConnect Mobile 

Similarly to the previous app, IntelliConnect requires a valid Wolters-Kluwer subscription. Provides you with access to legal content including taxes, legislative updates, and financial planning. Great even if you're a busy mesothelioma cancer lawyer.

16. iTimekeep 

A free timekeeping app that allows you to track hours billed. However, integrating it with an automated billing system requires a paid account.

17. iWrite Legal

A free app for great writing tips and accurate checklists for legal writing.

18. Law Dictionary and Guide

A free online dictionary based on Black's Law Dictionary. Comes with a built-in lawyer directory.

19. LawStack

A comprehensive library of all things legal. Find, read and search through the U.S. Constitution, Federal Rules of Civil, Criminal and Appellate Procedure, Evidence and Bankruptcy. Download extra codes if needed.

20. Lawyers.com

An excellent way to find lawyers and be found if you're one. Filter by name, areas of practice, ratings and zip code. As a perk, the information you find is easy to share online.

21. Legal Edge

Legal Edge is a free app that gives you access to legal newsletters and articles sorted by topics, fields of practice and industry. Comes with notable cases enclosed for studying and reference.

22. Lexis Advance

Use this free app with your current Lexis account to access their databases to find your files and folders.

23. M&A Tax Report

A free app to get a monthly review of court cases, regulation, private letters and rulings by IRS.

24. Mobile Transcript

Mobile Transcript is a free app to review depositions and court transcripts. Highlight testimonies and log hours billed with ease. Easy to use even on a motorcycle, accident lawyers beware!

25. MyCase

A great app to communicate with clients, check schedules, edit and view cases, manage your time and finances. Free, but requires paid MyCase subscription.

26. Picture It Settled

As the name hints, this app allows litigants to analyze the position they're in and develop negotiation strategies from there.

27. PushLegal

An app with over 30 sets of federal and state rules and regulations, along with state codes for California, New York, Illinois, Florida and Texas. Like many of the apps on the list, it requires a subscription.

28. Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter is a great solution for time and billing software for smaller firms. Add contacts and calendar events, track billable hours, check account balances and much more.

29. Rulebook

A free app with in-app purchases but mostly free access to federal rules and the U.S. Constitution.

30. Shake

An app made to create, sign and send legally binding agreements instantly. Excellent choice for a professional offshore injury lawyer.

31. Statutes and Case Law Library by PushLegal

This app is a great free source that covers federal and state statutes complete with leading cases.

32. The Congressional Record

Your mobile edition of the Congressional Record! Access data starting with January 1995 to present, search, save documents, share and print them.

33. TrialDirector

A helpful presentation and management app with a multitude of functions. Upload exhibits via Dropbox and sync with your desktop. Superb for trial lawyers.

34. TrialTouch

A cloud storage and presentation app that converts documents and videos into courtroom-ready. Free, but requires a DK Global subscription to work to the full extent.

35. TrialWorks

With this app, you can easily access your notes, dockets, contact lists and files stored online. Free if you have access to TrialWorks Case Management.

36. U.S. Constitution

Courtesy of the Library of Congress, this app provides you with the full text of the Constitution and relevant Supreme Court cases. Free.

37. Westlaw Case Notebook

Review and annotate transcripts as e-transcripts. Works without a Westlaw Case Notebook subscription, but you'll have to upload transcripts to the desktop version of Westlaw Case Notebook to keep it functional.

38. WestlawNext

Another Westlaw-related app, Next gives you mobile access to WestlawNext databases. Search, save, highlight and share materials for free if you have a current subscription. A solid choice for good car accident lawyers.

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