​4Shared For iOS Reviewed: Who Shares What?

​4Shared For iOS Reviewed: Who Shares What? on Freepps Top Blog
4Shared is a file sharing service that’s been well known even before Dropbox and other today’s cloud storage services like iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive and others. Now these services seem obsolete, and since Megaupload was closed there was no superstar in old-school file hosting, though cloud platforms only grew.

4Shared claims to have the best of both worlds. It’s optimized for sharing files and at the same time, it’s good as a private cloud workspace where you can keep your docs, pictures, other files. A comfortable mobile app lets you share your files easily and provides you quick access to your files stored in the cloud.

Cloud replacement for file system access

Though today’s iOS is not as closed as seven years ago, it’s still safe and leaves almost no freedom to access its file system, unless you’re risky enough to jailbreak it. So your local memory is only partly available. But you can store your documents, sketches, notes and other data in outer cloud sources.
Your files and folders
Enjoy a lot of benefits this way. You have access to the most actual version of your docs from any of your devices. If there’s a version conflict you can save both versions and then edit any of them. You’re not bound by your own hardware: 4Shared has a web interface you can access your files with.

The only situation when local memory is better is if you live in rural Nevada and totally offline. But there’s less and less uncovered ground even in the Rockies. So cloud services like 4Shared will compensate you insufficient inner memory and lack of direct access to your files.

There is a special info tab in the app’s interface with your profile. Of course, it contains technical details rather than social. This page displays your free and used space, traffic limits and actual traffic. App settings can also be found in this section. You can turn camera upload on or off, set up push notifications, set a passcode if you need extra security.

Closely connected

The 4Shared app connects all your workplaces, both mobile and stationary. All the documents you have uploaded are now available from your iDevice. The internal viewer allows you to preview pictures, office documents, PDF and other files. There’s no built-in editor like Google Docs or Office365, but there’s a good fullscreen mode that allows reading your docs directly from 4Shared.

Fullscreen document viewer

But if this functionality is not enough you can open a file in any third-party app that supports it via Share button in the upper right corner. Edit files in other apps and save. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that the updated versions will be sent to 4Shared immediately. Maybe you’ll have to upload them manually. At least, so it is with Smart Office 2.


4Shared cares about your music in a special way. There’s even a built-in player for your cloud collection. It brings decent quality and easy playback control. You can use this app as a default player of your cloud collection if your connection is fast enough for streaming. Even 3G would do, let alone Wi-Fi or LTE.

The internal player

4Shared app integrated into data exchange system. You can share your files via 4Shared from most apps that support sharing. The app has a special tab for viewing shared folders, both yours and other users’.
And yes, you can share your files with other users by just sending links. But no direct downloading from free accounts. The receiver will have to visit the page with the download link and a great lot of ads.

Just another cloud service?

This practice seems long forgotten, but 4Shared has its traffic limitation for free users. This is the way the service avoids being used as a host for images and videos to be embedded into external pages. The traffic limit fir a free user is 3 GB per day and 30 GB per month.  The mobile app users get 15 GB of storage for free. Even the ones that have registered the account earlier from their PC and received 5 GB get updated and receive 10 GB more.

If you only store your private files on 4Shared, that’s quite enough. If you need more you may purchase Premium account with 100 GB of storage and other features (security options, direct downloading, backup and so on). A month of Premium costs from $6.50 up to $9.95, according to your plan. There is a special option that turns off ads in your mobile app, though they are not aggressive at all, and it will cost another $0.99.

But to tell the truth, it’s not necessary if you need less than 15 GB. You can use 4Shared along with other cloud storage services like Box or Dropbox, for example. You may use 4Shared for your photos only and save your Dropbox or iCloud space for other needs.

The bottom line

Of course, 4Shared is not as deeply integrated with other apps and services as for example Dropbox. Despite this, 4Shared is a good cloud storage service with a good app for iPhone or iPad. 

It’s especially good at music and photo exchanging but works well with docs and other file types. The premium features are good and attractive but aren't crucial unless you need more than 15 GB of space.

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