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Amazing Emergency Apps for iOS devices on Freepps Top Blog

There are a lot of apps out there that can improve your day to day life or provide you entertainment when you need it. These applications are created to help you out in emergency situations, which means that even though you won’t use them every day, you should still have them on your device just in case. We recommend you to browse through them and learn which features they offer before so that you can quickly use them in case you ever find yourself in unpleasant situations. 

1. wikiHow: DIY Survival Kit and How to

Everything you need to know about various emergencies in wikiHow

It is one of those applications that you should familiarize yourself with before you ever get into any emergency situations. The wikiHow app offers you a wide range of emergencies to learn about, and while a lot of them often seem unlikely to happen, it is still nice to know that the information is there. You can get the advice on anything from controlling a spooked camel to delivering a baby! The app also includes the First Aid and CPR, which are undoubtedly valuable features to have on your device wherever you are. Learn from this app, because if you ever find yourself in the emergency situation you probably won’t have much time to browse through your phone.

2. Winter Survival Kit

Informative recommendations for winter conditions in Winter Survival Kit

Those who are used to living in the countries where it gets snowy and absolutely freezing in winter know how important it is to keep survival kits in their cars. Some of the basic things you can find in these kits include water, food, snow brush, blankets, warm clothes, and other. This application offers you the guidelines to pack this type of a winter kit. Moreover, you can use it to enter emergency numbers so that you can quickly access them if you get stranded. Also, the gas calculator will show you how long you will be able to drive before your car runs out of gas.

3. iTriage

Saving your medical history in the iTriage app

iTriage is an app for those situations when you or someone in your life is sick or gets an injury. The application can be used to figure out what may be causing a problem if it is unclear. Also, the iTriage app can help you find a medical professional in case you are not able to solve the problem on your own. The app also offers you a useful function of storing your medical history so that you don’t lose any details. It’s definitely one of those apps that everyone should have on their phones.  

4. First Aid by American Red Cross

Detailed instructions on how to act in emergencies in First Aid

As most of you know, the American Red Cross is a respected organization that has delivered the information on first aid for years. The First Aid application is quite informative, and you can not only read the instructions but also watch some videos on certain topics. Furthermore, the app provides you with the guidelines on what to do in natural disasters (fire, hurricane, etc.). Also, a great thing about this app is that you can check how much you’ve learned by taking a test.

5. AxiKit 

Creating an accident report in AxiKit

AxiKit is an efficient accident application that all the car drivers should have installed on their devices. When it comes to car accidents, it’s important to record all the details so that you can defend your position when needed. The app allows you to save important information easily and quickly, which is essential in stressful situations. The features of the app include voice recording, photo checklist, an opportunity to contact emergency services, built-in map, and others. It’s definitely an app that will make your life a lot easier if you something happens to your car. 

Essential apps that you should have on your phone

You never know in which situations you may find yourself one day, so having these free applications installed on your device can never hurt. Even if you’re not the one affected by the emergency, you may be able to help someone out with our knowledge. The apps offer you a lot of information on a variety of topics so that you can be prepared for virtually anything. 


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