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5 Awesome Android Movie And TV Apps on Freepps Top Blog

There is no doubt that watching movies and TV shows is the pastime activity that a lot of people enjoy. While you can watch films at home, sometimes you may want to have an opportunity to watch them on the go whether you’re traveling or just get bored wherever you are.

With the help of movie and TV apps for your Android device, you always have a chance to do that. Take a look at the best apps for created to watch and download movies and choose the ones you prefer!

1.  Viewster

Clear and straightforward interface of the Viewster application

Viewster is an application that occupies a prominent position among the video services in Europe. The app provides you with a large selection of TV shows, movies, and anime to watch whenever you feel like you want some entertainment. If you’re someone who enjoys watching anime, this app is definitely the one you should have installed on your Android device, as there are a ton of them to choose from.

The app comes with the Chromecast support so you can easily watch the videos on the large screen if you feel like it. What is also great about the Viewster besides the fact that you can watch everything for free is that you don’t have to sign up. Viewster is definitely an app you should not overlook. 

2. Crackle

The movies you know and a ton of original content for you in the Crackle app

Another application that can be downloaded and enjoyed on the Android devices is called Crackle. Once you open the application, you will notice that the movies are arranged according to different genres (drama, comedy, etc.) so that you’re able to quickly choose what you want to watch.

In the app, you will also find a number of original programs created by Crackle. As opposed to some other movie and TV apps, the movies provided in the app are not available for the download. Overall, it’s a convenient and user-friendly app that does its job really well.

3.  Hubi

Excellent quality of movies and TV episodes that you can download with Hubi

Hubi is an excellent app designed to watch and download movies for free. The way the application works is by extracting the download links of any videos that you may decide to watch online on your Android device. It is a perfect app to have if you want to download a number of movies to watch whenever you’re offline.

The Hubi app supports a number of services, including 180Upload, BillionUploads, DaClips, AllMyVideos, and many others. In addition, you have an opportunity to share the links that you like with your friends. Moreover, you don’t need a flash player to pay the movies and TV shows.

4. Tubi TV

 A wide range of video options for everyone in the Tubi TV application

When it comes to excellent ratings in the Play Store, not a lot of film-watching applications actually get the best votes. Tubi TV is one of those apps that are greatly appreciated by a large number of Android users. Similarly to other apps on the list, it offers you a chance to watch both TV series and movies for free.

Once you install Tubi TV on your device, you are able to choose from 40000 different options! Even if you’re in search of foreign movies, for instance, Korean ones, you are likely to find them in this app. Moreover, a variety of genres is a prominent characteristic of this app, so you will be able to find everything from horror films and thrillers to musicals and light-hearted comedies. Install Tubi TV on your device and you won’t be disappointed.

5. Flipps TV

A Flipps TV selection of top-quality videos in a number of categories

Flipps TV is one of those apps that have it all. Whether you want to watch music videos, TV episodes, sports news, documentaries, YouTube videos, or movies, you are able to find something exciting. The app supports the Full 1080p HD standard, so the quality of videos that you watch is always impeccable.

With the help of Flipps TV, you will always have something to watch, and the user interface is as convenient as it gets with the way all the videos are organized according to the categories. Flipps TV is certainly an excellent application to have if you’re used to watching different types of videos on a daily basis.

Watch movies and TV series wherever you are

It’s always nice when you can spend your time doing what you like, such as watching your favorite TV shows or movies. Once you install a movie application on your device, you will always have something to do on your lunch break, while standing in line or commuting.

Moreover, the applications can come in handy at home as you can synchronize them and watch your films on a large screen. The apps on the list share a number of similar features, so it all depends on your personal preferences and taste in movies.

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