5 Best Call Blockers for Android

5 Best Call Blockers for Android on Freepps Top Blog

Weird thing happened to me. I started using my phone for its primary purpose - calling.

Not texting, emailing, neither liking more Instagram posts. I began making calls and mostly receiving them. And, surprisingly for myself, answering calls took more of my time than using apps. You might wonder how did it happen? 

Less than a month ago noisy ringing almost made my phone explode. No. It wasn’t my granny with “what did you eat?” question. It neither was my ex who likes drunk-dialing occasionally. Nor my impatient boss. Something much more irritating bothered me - spammers.

After a week and a half of being terrorized by unknown callers, I started to twitch from any sound coming from the phone. It was telemarketers, robocalls, debt collectors, scammers and they got me like:

Well, the story is silent on the fact why did it start happening, but I can assure you: better don’t give your phone number to strangers or leave it in suspicious places. You might take this advice for granted, but I wish I’d hear it before I left my number.

Right after it happened, unknown callers were disturbing me for a long time until I realized that there should be a way to limit all those calls, voice mails and messages.

This is when call blocking apps came in! They helped me to create a “blacklist” of unwanted callers. And I’ll share with you some of the apps from my blocking list that might become your salvation of the ringing problem.

Calls Blacklist

It’s a free app which not only blocks calls but also filters messages. There are three categories of numbers in this app that you can block: “unknown”, “private” and “all calls”. The latter is helpful when you’re extra annoyed or too busy drinking cocktails. Calls Blacklist also lets you keep a journal of blocked calls, so you can check anytime who wanted to disturb you from that tasty cocktail.

Block Calls & Caller ID

It’s a free app from Privacystar which sends you a warning every time telemarketers or scammers are calling you. It automatically blocks calls from already known scammers and provides you with information about the caller while the phone is ringing. So, unlike the previous app, this one will also show you a person’s name, location and links to social profiles.


Whoscall assists is also free-to-use. But this app has a database of 700 million phone numbers from all over the world. This fact makes a search for a particular number easy and fast. You can also help other users to avoid spam by reporting a number that should be blocked to the app.

This app creates your personalized Whoscall Card. It works like an identity card and displays on a screen of your call’s receiver. This option makes your calls more likely to be answered because people will identify you as a caller easily.

Google Voice

It provides another way to block pesky spam calls. Google Voice can not only forward calls, text messages and voicemail to any of your devices, it also filters spam automatically. You can block calls in three ways: by sending calls to voicemail, tagging certain voicemails as spam or by call blocking a caller completely with the “Number not in service” message.

Extreme Call Blocker

While other apps protect you from unwanted calls and messages, they still let a caller leave voicemails. The only app that consistently dismissed calls without the caller being able to leave a voicemail is Extreme Call Blocker. Moreover, this app has a stealth mode and can be hidden on your phone.

But its brightest feature is the ability to block your outgoing calls. You can turn it on and don’t blame yourself anymore for calling your ex late at night after having a few cocktails, simply because you won’t be able to do that. And I doubt that you’ll turn off this function easily when the app is hidden.

Prevention is better than cure

Of course, the best way to prevent spammers from flooding you with annoying calls is just not letting them get your phone number. Use a fake or alternate number when you have to sign up on suspicious sites or at least don’t post your number on Facebook or Google profiles. The people you want to hear from already have you in their contact lists.

And keep in mind: prevention is better than cure.

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