5 Best iOS Apps To Help You Find A Job

5 Best iOS Apps To Help You Find A Job on Freepps Top Blog

At some point, everyone is in the process of looking for a job whether you’re just starting your career or you want to change things up. Finding the job that you will enjoy can be quite a challenge, but you can make the process a lot more bearable with the help of the efficient job search apps.


With such apps, you can search for jobs whether you’re stuck in traffic or have some free time at home. All the applications on the list are free, which is always pleasant.


1. Simply Hired

Easy navigation and intuitive interface of the Simply Hired app


Simply Hired is one of the most popular apps used by people who are in search of their dream jobs. The app boasts an extensive job database throughout a number of different categories, so you will definitely find some interesting options for yourself.


You can filter your requests by relevance, location, date, and how much time you’re willing to dedicate to your job (part-time, full-time, and hourly). You can easily set up your profile and access the relevant job options in just one click. The more often you use the app, the more accurate your results become.


2. Indeed JobSearch

A variety of JobSearch functions to facilitate your experience

The next great application on this list is Indeed JobSearch. This app is easy to navigate and has all the features you may need when looking for a job. You can narrow down the options by entering the company, job title, location, and the hours you want to work.

A cool feature of the app is that you can see the openings in the cities close to you thanks to the GPS on your device. You have an opportunity to personalize your profile by creating different messages for each application, creating a detailed resume, and even setting yourself a reminder to apply later if you need some time to think.

3. Snagajob

Effective job search tools available to you in Snagajob

A great app to consider when you need to find the job options quickly and easily is Snagajob. The app offers you to complete a personality quiz and add it to your profile for the employers to get the information about your character traits.

You can even add a video to your profile to make sure you stand out from the sea of other applicants. Similar to other apps, you can search using the location, keywords, and a number of other filters. When using Snagajob, you will get daily job matches to your account so that you don’t miss out on anything.


4. Jobs by CareerBuilder

Assessing the level of competition and applying is possible in Jobs by CareerBuilder

Another application that you may find extremely useful is Jobs by CareerBuilder. With the help of this app, you can browse through thousands of job offers (based on your set filters) and manage the options that you see (track which ones you’ve seen and save the new ones).

Moreover, you will receive a notification when an employer views your application. An awesome function of the app is that you’re able to assess your level of competition by looking up how many people have applied to the same position and see their average levels of education and experience.


5. JobAware

Learning and searching for jobs is made simple with JobAware

JobAware is an excellent application used by thousands of people who want to improve their careers. Whether you’re looking for a freelance or full-time job, this application is just what you need on your device. A variety of filters will help you find the exact job you’re looking for at any moment, including international applications from over 50 countries.


You can also use the app to compare salaries for the occupations in the top fifty cities in the United States. A useful feature is tracking the jobs by priority – dream job, second best option, third one, etc. You can also learn the information on how to prepare for an interview, write a competitive resume, and a lot more helpful content.


Find the job of your dreams using apps


We realize that looking for a job can be a tiresome and frustrating experience, which is why we offer you to install the free apps designed specifically to make your life a lot easier. All these apps share similar features, such as filters to help you navigate through millions of options, but there are a number of functions that are unique to each app. Depending on what your needs and preferences are, you can choose the app that will be perfect in your particular case. 


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