5 Best iPad Apps For Counting Calories

5 Best iPad Apps For Counting Calories on Freepps Top Blog

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential if you want to enjoy your life to the fullest and avoid a number of health problems. If you’re trying to lose weight or simply want to know how many calories you consume during your meals, there is nothing more convenient than an application. 

Modern apps designed for counting calories include a variety of additional features, including recipes, exercise plans, and nutritional databases, which are highly useful. Here we suggest you to take a look at the five excellent iPad apps that will help you get in shape. 

Calorie Counter (by FatSecret)

Knowing how many calories you consume is now easier than ever with Calorie Counte

The Calorie Counter app is a great application to have on your iPad as it has a number of features that will help you stay fit. 

The application allows you to keep track of the food you’re eating and your weight, view meal ideas and recipes, use a barcode scanner and look up a nutritional database of the grocery store products and restaurant food. 

What is also great about the app is that you can sync the data so that you can access the information wherever you are. 

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker (by MyFitnessPal)

Pleasant design and smooth navigation of Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

This application for counting calories is extremely easy to use. It provides you with one of the most extensive food databases, so you will be able to find everything you need. 

Moreover, the Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker app features a barcode scanner, thus finding the food before you cook it will not be a problem. 

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential if you want to enjoy your life

In addition to the calorie-counting function, the app comes with a goals tracker, exercise database, and a possibility of connecting with your friends. You can use the recipe calculator in the app to assess your own recipes, which is always useful.


A wide range of exciting features in the GoMealsHD app

GoMealsHD is a comprehensive app that gives you an opportunity to keep track of your meals on a daily basis, view a nutrition database, and use a restaurant locator. 

With the help of the nutrition database, you can view the nutrition details from all the well-known restaurant chains. 

Moreover, you can read the information regarding the foods you buy from the grocery stores. In addition to the calories, you can actually see how much carbs, fats, and proteins you get from your meals.

Lose it!

 Getting in shape doesnt have to be difficult if you use Lose it!

Lose it! is certainly an application that will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys taking care of one’s health. The interface of the Lose it! application is simple and easy to navigate. Here are the things you can do:

  • Add your recipes to the app, 
  • Select the foods that are already available, 
  • Add your own foods;

Scan the barcodes on your food if you don’t feel like entering the name manually.

CalorieKing Food Search

The most extensive food database in the CalorieKing Food Search app

While this application doesn’t exactly track your calories, if you need an app that you can use to quickly look up the calories in your food, it’s perfect for this purpose. 

CalorieKing Food Search includes more than 70.000 foods in the database, so you can be sure to find the products you eat. 

Also, you can view not only the calories, but also the amounts of fiber, cholesterol, sodium, saturated fat, and other details that are incredibly important if you want to stay healthy.

Calorie-tracking apps – excellent tools to improve your diet

Most of us know that following a certain diet can be quite challenging, but with the help of efficient apps that are designed to track your calories, it becomes a lot easier to lead a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the calorie-counting, all of the mentioned apps have extra features that will be useful whether you prefer to eat at home or go to a restaurant. 

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