5 Great iOS Apps To Plan Your Budget

5 Great iOS Apps To Plan Your Budget on Freepps Top Blog

Keeping track of your expenses is certainly the best thing you can do when you want to save up money for a big purchase or simply know how much you actually spend every single day.

Sometimes we don’t even realize how much money we spend when we constantly buy small items, such as a cup of coffee before work.

Once you install one or several of these iOS apps, you will be able to analyze your budget and make better decisions.


Easily manage your finances with Mint

Mint is an iPhone application that gives you a chance to easily plan your budget.

The application is designed to analyze how you spend your money on a regular basis according to your bank accounts information.

When used consistently, the Mint app will certainly help you save more money because you will be a lot more aware of your expenses.

With the help of this iOS app, you can receive bill reminders, create a budget, and take a look at all your accounts and cards from a single place. To get the best results, you should create a realistic budget and look at it using the app throughout the week to see your progress.

WellSpent Free

All the budget-managing features in WellSpent Free

Another application that you may find extremely useful is WellSpent Free. The app allows you to create separate budgets, which is what a lot of users appreciate.

Depending on your needs, you can set a budget of $400 a month for your food and $200 for entertainment or any other categories.

After you buy some groceries at the store, you can enter how much money you spent and instantly see how much you have left for future purchases.

The app features great visuals, such as color-coding of different budgets and a ring around each category that gradually disappears when you spend your money. 

Daily Budget Original

A great number of useful functions in Daily Budget Original

The Daily Budget Original app offers you a slightly different approach to monitoring your expenses.

Once you run the app, you will be asked to state your monthly income, and the app will count how much you should spend according to that information.

Afterward, you have to enter your expenses, and a certain sum of money will be taken away from your daily budget.

Then, you can state how much you want to save in percentage, and it will also be subtracted from your daily amount, thus allowing you to save your money gradually.

A great feature of the app is called “Big Spendings,” and it allows you to create a plan to save up the needed sum. All you should do is state how much the item costs and set the date when you want to buy it.

Daily Budget Original will calculate how much you have to save every day to buy the item.

Pocket Expense Personal Finance

User-friendly interface of Pocket Expense Personal Finance

This application is just what you need when you want to manage your finances like a pro.

With the help of Pocket Expense Personal Finance, you can create and keep track of several budgets, view several accounts, and always be on top of your bills.

The purpose of the application is to help you save money on a daily basis and avoid getting into debt. The app is certainly extremely pleasant to use thanks to the smoothness of operation and nice design.


All the details of your budget you need in MoneyWell

MoneyWell is an excellent version of the popular Mac software, which you can install on your iPad. The application gives you an opportunity to effectively manage your finances by taking a look at your activities in the accounts.

The app is certainly not the prettiest one around in 2016, but it does the job extremely well.

Afterward, you can enter your income, set the budget, and review your expenses. The charts in MoneyWell are great for when you want to evaluate your budget visually. 

Reach your financial goals easily and quickly

A lot of people consider managing their finances a tedious and boring task, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With the help of budgeting apps, even saving money can be quite a fun and enjoyable experience.

When used regularly, they can help you get rid of debt or save enough money for the things you dream about.

What's your favorite money-saver app? Share it in the comments!

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    5 years ago
    Oh, that's really interesting. I used to plan my budget in my mind and just count money without fixing how much i spent and for what. After reading this article i'll try these apps, I think.
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  • D
    5 years ago
    My favorite app is WellSpent Free. It is beautiful and useful. I see clearly where I leave my money.
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    5 years ago
    Really useful article, thank you. Although it's very boring to control finances all the time for me, I think Pocket Expense Personal Finance is very simple to use and I need to try it.
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    5 years ago
    I think the MoneyWell was made exactly for me and I'm sure this app will organise somehow my disordered financial life.
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