5 iOS Apps Every Vegan And Vegetarian Should Have

5 iOS Apps Every Vegan And Vegetarian Should Have  on Freepps Top Blog

When you first decide to become a vegetarian or vegan it can certainly be quite confusing and overwhelming. Fortunately, these days there is a wide range of cruelty-free restaurants and dishes that you can enjoy. Whether you have been vegan or vegetarian for a long time or you’re completely new to this lifestyle, you will definitely find these applications useful.

1. VegKitchen

An extensive list of vegan recipes in the VegKitchen app

This application created for vegans and vegetarians provides you with a great number of recommendations and tips on how to turn cooking into a fun adventure. The appetizing photos of various dishes will definitely make you want to recreate everything you see in the app. In VegKitchen, you will find not only a lot of healthy and delicious recipes but also the shopping lists, so you can easily go to the grocery store with the app and pick everything you need. You can mark the recipes you like as favorites and share your own with others. Moreover, there is a space to write notes if you want to make any adjustments.

2. Is It Vegan?

Always know the ingredients with the help of the barcode scanner in the app

Being a vegan means constant awareness of which products went into the making of the food that you can buy at the store. This useful vegan application allows you to scan the barcode of any beverages or food to instantly know whether they are suitable for you. Once you scan the product, you will be able to see if it is Definitely Vegan, Definitely Vegetarian, or Definitely Non-Vegetarian.

The most amazing thing is that the app will also show you the ingredients. Besides scanning, you can also enter the product code and the results will be displayed to you almost immediately. One thing to note that can affect the results is whether you consider sugar vegan or vegetarian, which is something you can state before using the app. Also, if the items you need are not in the database, you have an opportunity to add them.

3. Smoothie Recipes Pro

A variety of healthy and tasty smoothies in the Smoothie Recipes Pro

Smoothies can be a part of any lifestyle whether vegan or not. This awesome application offers you more than 200 healthy and tasty smoothie recipes, so you will definitely find something you like. The list of recipes continues to grow, so you won’t be short of options. You can bookmark your favorite smoothies and share the ones you like with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Similar to many recipes apps, you can also share yours with other users. Incredible photos in the app will undoubtedly inspire you to try the recipes for yourself.

4. Cruelty-Free

The lists of companies that are certified cruelty-free

Created by PETA, Cruelty-Free is an application that should be on the device of every vegan as it can make your life so much easier. The app offers you a simple yet extensive list of various companies that are certified as the ones that don’t test their products on animals. The application is especially useful when you’re searching for specific products, for example, a bottle of shower gel, and you want to find out which companies provide you with cruelty-free options.

At the same time, you should remember that there are a number of companies that are certified cruelty free, but they are owned by parent companies that do test their products on animals. In such a way, you should be careful and do your research before making the decisions. 

Healthy and Cruelty-Free Options for Everyone

Being a vegetarian or vegan these days is quite easy because of how many food options and restaurants we have available to us. These applications will make it even more enjoyable to find more awesome places to eat and meals to cook. All of the applications on the list can be downloaded for free, which is always great news. 


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