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5 Most Underrated Android Apps on Freepps Top Blog

Android offers us an abundance of apps that can make our lives easier or simply provide some entertainment when we are bored. 

Because there so many applications out there, it’s quite easy to overlook the gems that are downloaded by fewer users. Here we offer you to take a look at excellent but also incredibly underrated Android apps that you may find useful in your everyday life.

Loop – develop habits and stick to them

Loop appLoop app

When you have a lot on your plate, sticking to certain positive habits for a long time can seem like quite a challenge. If you’re one of those people who like to see the progress in the visual form to keep motivated, then the Loop app is just what you need to install on your phone. 

Loop is an application that allows you to create the lists of habits, set the dates and time when certain actions should be repeated, get reminders, and track your progress. The graphs created by the app allow you to see when you carried out the tasks successfully and when you skipped the days. 

The app is open-source, and you won’t be bothered by any ads, which is certainly a bonus.

Hermit – save your space and battery power

Hermit appHermit app

Hermit is an app which you can use to create wrappers for various websites. The function of Lite Apps offered by Hermit gives you an opportunity to replace official apps that require a lot of resources, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

The lite versions of the apps act like normal applications – they send notifications and show up in the recent applications drawer. However, they take a minimum amount of storage space and use only one percent of your battery or even less.

Instadict –  find out the meaning of words in a fun way

Instadict appInstadict

Another underrated app on the list will be interesting to those who like to expand their vocabularies or those users who are in the process of learning a language. 

The Instadict app allows you to find out the meaning of words in the most entertaining way, which means that you’re more likely to pay attention to new words that you stumble upon while reading. 

All you have to do is highlight the word, copy it, shake your Android device, and a definition will appear on the screen! Such approach definitely makes the app a lot more exciting compared to the standard dictionaries that you can download.

Regularly – keep track of the irregular tasks

Regularly app

Planning is essential if you want to reduce the levels of stress in your life, but sometimes it can be easy to forget about various tasks if you don’t need to repeat them every single day. 

Annual visits to the doctor, cleaning the fridge, or changing the car oil are the things we should do from time to time. The Regularly app gives you a chance to keep track of such recurring tasks in the most simple and efficient way. 

Doing it is easy - just create a task and decide how regularly you want to be reminded, e.g. once every two weeks, once a year, etc. It’s definitely a great way to stay on track and remember all the important things that have to be done.

Portal – transfer your files easily

Portal by PushbulletPortal app

Portal is a Wi-Fi file transferring application that allows you to transfer various files from your computer to your phone over Wi-Fi, so you completely avoid any link-following on your phone or data charges. 

All you should do is establish a connection using QR code and drop your files into Portal on your PC. The files appear on your Android device, so the entire process is extremely simple.

Explore these underrated apps and you’ll be surprised

Today, there are millions of apps around, and a lot of excellent alternatives are overshadowed by those created by the famous developers. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the options that are worthy of your attention. 

While the apps in this list are quite underrated, when it comes to their quality and usefulness, they are just as great as famous applications, and you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to try them for yourself.

Which one of these have you used already? Share it in the comments!

Antoine DeGrasse


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  • H
    1 year ago
    I think the most useful apps listed in the article are "Regularly" & "Loop". I'm going to download them. As for "Portal":no, I can use Google Photos. "Hermit": I dont see it useful. "Instadict": not now.
  • H
    1 year ago
    I think the most useful apps listed in the article are "Regularly" & "Loop". I'm going to download them. As for "Portal":no, I can use Google Photos. "Hermit": I dont see it useful. "Instadict": not now.
  • A
    1 year ago
    Now I can see these useful apps are really underrated. Especially by me. Especially the Regularly app. It could make my confused life a little more regular.
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