5 Practical Tips for a Faster Android Smartphone

5 Practical Tips for a Faster Android Smartphone on Freepps Top Blog
Sooner or later, this moment happens to everyone. It seemed like only several days ago your mobile device worked in a perfect way, but now it doesn’t run so smoothly anymore. The smartphone starts to lag and freeze for fractions of a second more and more often. Fortunately, you can take a couple of measures to fix this problem. There are more than a dozen various actions, but these five tips are the most effective and easy.

1. Uninstall Some Apps

The removal of unnecessary and rarely used applications definitely is the easiest and the most useful advice. The smartphone may be packed with dozens of them, especially, when it comes to the preinstalled “out-of-the-box” content (these ones can’t be uninstalled – only disabled).
However, you may also move these apps to SD card, but this operation can’t be performed with some of them.
How to Uninstall Apps

2. Make Updates

Certain apps may have some bugs which are usually fixed by updating them to the newest version. Furthermore, always make sure that you use the latest software (you may check it automatically) with the most relevant system improvements.

3. Limit Notifications

Look through the list of your applications and choose those ones which should send you the immediate notifications anytime. Then turn off notifications for the others. It will not only boost the phone’s performance but will also prolong the battery life as the permanent connection and synchronization drain it heavily.

4. Clear the Cache

It may sound trivial, though, almost every application running on the device leaves its fragments, clogging the system memory. These “crumbs” are accumulated that causes the slowdown of the whole system. One should better install on of the cleaners available on the Store for being able to remove all the cache just with one click. Otherwise, it’s possible to do manually in the Settings Menu.

5. Turn Off Animations 

Various animations of the user interface belong to the cool stuff for sure; however, you’d better switch them off fully (a perfect option) or at least minimize them. To make this done just follow these steps: Settings→ About Phone→ press Build Number several times→ Settings→ Developer Options→ Animation Scale

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    6 years ago
    These are the most useful tips for android users. My girlfriend had a lot of problems with memory and productivity. After doing all these tips everything has been resolved.
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    6 years ago
    I began to notice that my smartphone starts to lag. I always update. But it's time to take measures
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