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5 Reasons To Use Camera360 on Freepps Top Blog

Smartphone cameras have come a long way to what they are now. The first attempts were more nominal than essential: look, eh, we have a camera here! But in fact, they were only good to make a face snapshot for a contact. Last 15 years have made rather a revolution than an evolution; today’s smartphones have totally replaced compact cameras as their built-in camera modules provide more than decent quality.

But there’s always something to improve. Native camera apps by Apple, Google or by phone vendors are not always as good and functional as we’d like them to be. But there’s always an app for that, or what are we in it for?

So one of the most popular unified camera apps is Camera360. This app has gained popularity both for Android and iOS. As the developers reported recently, the overall audience of the app has risen above 500 million people. Oh my gosh, it looks like one out of a dozen people is using it! Are you in? If not, why?

We have had a closer look at what this camera is now, and found no reason Camera 360 is outpaced by default Android cameras and five reasons why Camera360 is way better than its rivals. Say cheese and follow us!


Well, the word selfie has made its way into Merriam-Webster dictionary and into any Webster's everyday vocabulary. Accessory makers reacted to it by producing millions of selfie sticks, external flashes and other accessories for picturing oneself with your phone. But it all needs respective software, right? That’s what Camera360 brings to you.

It the app’s menu Selfie has got its own section. When you run it you automatically start your front camera. But what makes a difference is an option-rich menu below the frame. By default selfies are taken in an Instagram-ready 1:1 format, but you can change it. 

You can take shots automatically with a thumb-up gesture if you activate this feature. The frame can be vignetted as you take it. There is also a timer, an LED indicator and optional touch activation.

Selfie-sticks can be activated in Advanced options. Tap on the Volume Key Function section and select Capture. Now you can use your stick button to make snaps.

And there’s another thing, but it goes out to all your photos, no matter which camera you select.


There’s a classic example of how a bad thing turns good. Do you remember how poor phone cameras were when Instagram appeared? And it was the iPhone with its quite decent cameras for its time, and things were much worse on cheap Android models. But there were filters to make photos so distorted that they gained some special old charm. Now cameras got better beyond any comparison, so did the filters.

With Camera360, you don’t have to find good filters in third-party apps. There are about 200 preinstalled filters you can apply. They are available below the preview frame so the filter applies as you take the shot, there’s no need to select it later. 

There are even more advantages: you can adjust the frame for the selected filter, move your camera to capture the parts of the landscape, select the right point of view to get the most beautiful result.

Filters are available both in the camera app and in the editor. We’d only wish a better preview that would show the specter of filters on the image to edit, not on different ones as it is now.


These stickers are what have been put into the headline of this app! And guess why? Because that’s what makes a fest out of the simple photo shoot! And this feeling is worth your attention. Make your friends smile with a photo sent to them from this app!

And no, you don’t have to be a Photoshop guru to make a good card for your lover, friend or relative. All you need is to select a good sticker and place it in the right spot in the photo. There are various apps projected for “stickering” photos, but Camera360 can take their place on your device.

The stickers are animated and they color up your photos in a very special way. Sometimes it takes you by surprise. For example, there’s a 2016 symbol, the monkey, grabbing your head from up there, and it’s not visible on the preview screen.

There’s much to explore in stickers section. You can activate it by tapping on a smiley below the preview, no matter what camera you use.

Built-in Editor

Are there more advanced apps? There must be. But Camera360 has an internal editor that satisfies most our needs. You can do almost anything with your taken photos:

  • Crop them
  • rotate them
  • adjust colors
  • brightness
  • temperature
  • shadow
  • other parameters.

You can make your usual urban landscape, both futuristic, bright and post-apocalyptically morbid with the right adjustments.

You can also paint upon your photos, apply colors-like effects - some of these are named after famous painters, others after painting techniquesl, detect faces and automatically create stylish portraits, and make other incredible things. All it requires from you is a bit of good taste. And then your masterpieces can make you an Instagram star and even lead you further.

Maybe one of the most useful tools is Quick-fix that will make the best out of your photos with a single tap. Select the level of correction, and the app does the rest.

The most social camera app

There’s no more surprise in a photo app having its own cloud service. Yes, it helps a lot in saving your photos, your settings and so on. You make create a special account for that or use popular social services like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.

Confess if you know other camera apps that make contests for their users. Well, Camera360 does! Capture Challenge is a funny photo game where you have to make your photo the most popular. Take impressive shots and share them via your account, like other users’ photos and motivate them to like yours.

And yes, you’ll have your reward for being the most attractive model or a great photographer. You’ll have some premium content for free!

Besides all that, there’s a good support via social services. You can connect with Camera360 developers and support via its official Facebook page.

There’s more to Camera360 than a camera

As you see, this app combines a great lot of features. We didn’t mention some default functions like:

  • exporting photos and videos to social services
  • sending them via email
  • saving settings, as they go by default in any camera app.

The shot's quality is only limited by camera hardware properties. Beyond all listed features, there’s a little more to talk about.

Is this camera app perfect? In fact, nothing is. Some may find Camera360 too heavy for their everyday needs. Others may get angry about a lot of ads within the app’s interface. Thanks to the developers, there’s no ads while you’re taking shots or editing pictures. 

For some, it’s hard to make out app’s interface. Well, if you’re using an old phone with slow CPU and running out of free memory, you better not even try it, even if you're sporting Android ICS, a minimum required.

But if somehow you managed to run around this app and not use it, we do recommend it. It may take several days to test all of its features, but we’re sure you’ll set it as your default camera as soon as you appreciate it.

Antonio Neri


Our resident meandering word artist, Antonio surely knows how to spot a good taco.


  • SH
    Scott Hale
    5 years ago
    Nice app, I realy like it. Yea, sometimes I cant find some filters, but it is anyway realy helpful.
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  • MK
    Man Knox
    5 years ago
    This application is one of the most popular, and in my humble opinion it deserves popularity.It has a lot of features that give you an opportunity to make your photos better and more interesting. Some of them are described in the article above.
  • D
    5 years ago
    Good app with slightly confusing interface, but great potential. Recommended, if you want to take beautiful pictures.
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