5 Sweetest Features in Android 6.0

5 Sweetest Features in Android 6.0 on Freepps Top Blog

For the lucky ones out there, Android 6.0 Marshmallow or simply M is out and you can finally download the latest iteration of Google’s OS. The new version packs some cool features that might not be a deal breaker on their own, but they really add a new sweet flavor to overall usability. 

Let’s have a closer look at what’s under the wrapping this time.

<img alt="Google Now on Tap">

Google now on Tap

You can already find heaps of useful info with Google Now, but the added Tap option takes it to a new level as it gives you the information you need without even asking you (how rude of you, Now!).
Imagine this: your friend texts you that he’s got a flat tire and needs your help. If you’re a good friend, you’d normally close the Messenger, go to a search bar and start typing something like “tire service Lawrence KS”. Well, that’s a bit old-fashioned. But, when you have Google Now on Tap, you don’t have to close your messenger as all you have to do is to long-press the home button. Now on Tap would give you the address, navigation tips, service prices if available - basically everything, save for the informal chat with a tow truck driver.
This is just one example of using Now on Tap among many as it works with almost every app on your device. Try experimenting with it to find its’ true potential.

<img alt="Doze">


Another new feature introduced in 6.0 is Doze. It’s meant to extend your battery life as it puts your device to bed if it’s been idle for a while, but you might still get some notifications if devs tick the box to enable it. Hangouts and Gmail would be the prime examples of this.
Another thing that you might find interesting is that you can enable notifications for a particular app you need even while your phone is Dozing and it’s easily done in Settings/Battery menu.

Google Translate Within Apps

If your home is 8 hours away by plane, chances are you use Google Translate heavily. Another new feature of Marshmallow is translation within the app. You can now choose the text you want to translate inside the app, long-press it and within the -menu you'll see the Translate option. So here's the phrase you struggled with, translated without opening any additional apps and copy pasting. This feature is supposed to work with most apps where text selection is allowed.

Exact Battery Percentage

It's always nice to know how much juice your phone has and seeing the exact percentage might be better for those math-inclined. If you're into numbers, you can toggle this feature in System UI tuner: Settings>Show Embedded Battery>Percentage. Once this sequence is completed, you'll see the exact number instead of the-glass-is-half-empty.

<img alt="Silent Mode in Android 6.0">

Volume Button for Silent Mode

The last one isn't a feature really, but we've all been through some awkward moments when we thought that our Lollipop phone is silent only to find out that Media Volume is on all the way up (Sorry, boss, I was paying attention!) Good times - the ability to kill all sounds is back and all you have to do is just hold the Volume button down and this applies to everything but alarms.

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  • R
    6 years ago
    Now using my Android has become much easier, awesome features! 100% agreed!
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  • c
    6 years ago
    Every year Android gets better, and I think that Android 6.0 is one of the best OS on our phones.
  • J
    6 years ago
    Google translate within apps is a good feature because unfortunately not everyone knows English and sometimes it's a real problem during travelling.
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