5 Useful Book Apps For Your iPad

5 Useful Book Apps For Your iPad on Freepps Top Blog

Reading is a favorite hobby of a lot of people, and it’s only natural that when you love reading, you want to carry all your books with you wherever you go. 

E-books become more and more popular every single day because of how convenient it is to read in this way. A lot of users prefer using their iPads for reading purposes, as it supports a variety of book sources and formats. 

Here, we selected five excellent books apps that you will certainly find extremely useful if you’re someone who enjoys reading on the go.


User-friendly interface of the iBooks app

iBooks is an excellent application that offers a lot of great features for iPad users. A prominent advantage of this app is that it supports buying e-books from the application using the iTunes account. 

This way, you can start reading your books straight away. The interface of the app looks nice, and it’s extremely easy to use. 

You can change the size and style of the font, highlight certain moments, make notes, adjust brightness, bookmark, use an app dictionary, and many others. 

Also, the iBooks app syncs all the books you buy with other devices that use your Apple ID. You can use the app to read books in PDF and ePub formats, but they cannot be synced.

Bluefire Reader

Great design and customization opportunities in Bluefire Reader

Bluefire Reader is a useful app with a sleek design, convenient navigation, and customization opportunities. The app gives you a chance to change your interface by organizing your books, choosing the right level of brightness, and set the preferences on turning pages. 

When it comes to the actual process of reading, you can change the color of the text or background, margins, the size of the text, etc. A great feature that makes the Bluefire Reader stand out from other apps is support for Adobe DRM, which stands for "digital rights management". 

This function allows you to log in with an Adobe ID and read the books in PDF and ePub formats that use Adobe DRM regardless of where you have bought them. You can also use Bluefire Reader to download the books from the Feedbooks store.


Wide range of customization features for every user in Nook

The Nook app is an excellent application for iOS devices, which allows you to easily adjust the reading experience to fit your needs and preferences. The app includes a broad selection of customization features, including changing:

  • size;
  • fonts;
  • spacing;
  • the color of pages  and text. 

What is great is that you can actually save such customizations as themes and use them whenever you need. It should be noted that this app only allows you to read the books bought from Barnes and Noble store.


Library account is all you need to access thousands of books in Overdrive

OverDrive is an application that offers you in-app links to library websites where you can find and borrow the books in text format and audiobooks. To put is simply, OverDrive is the local library on your iOS device. 

You can easily access the app features by logging in with the library account and download the books that you like from the collection. 

You should remember that just like the offline libraries, there is a time limit for the books, which can be seen near the title so that you don’t forget. 

OverDrive will simply disappear from your device at the stated time. 


Sharing the books you enjoy is easy with the Kobo app

Kobo is an application that offers you to enjoy the social experience while reading the book. 

The app allows you to sign into your Twitter or Facebook accounts, interact with your friends, and share your reading progress, notes, and likes. 

Seeing what your friends read will help you find the books that you may like. At the same time, you should remember that your account cannot be made private, which is suitable for some users and not for others. 

Moreover, the Kobo app is linked to the online bookstore, and once you create an account, you can download certain books for free. 

Book apps – make your reading experience even more pleasant

When it comes to reading e-books, everyone seems to have different opinions. Some people like to purchase books, others borrow them from the libraries, and by installing these book apps you can do both. 

With the help of the mentioned apps, you will be able to customize the texts and interface according to your perception and personal preferences, which is always extremely important.

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