5 Useful Food-Ordering Apps For iOS

5 Useful Food-Ordering Apps For iOS on Freepps Top Blog

Cooking food after a long and stressful day sometimes seems like too much work when all you want to do is relax. Fortunately, there are so many take-out services out there that it’s very difficult to stay hungry. Here are some excellent apps to make the process of finding your meal a lot easier.

Beyond Menu

Beyond Menu appBeyond Menu appBeyond Menu app

Beyond Menu is quite a simple food ordering app that is easy to use, and you can get your order really fast. It will take you only a few minutes to set up an account, which is a definite bonus when you want your food to arrive as soon as possible. 

The interface of the app is not the most exciting, but it’s easy to navigate, which is the most important factor. Moreover, using Beyond Menu you can make reservations if you decide to have a dinner at a restaurant rather than eat at home.


Foodpanda appFoodpanda appFoodpanda app

FoodPanda is a perfect app for not only when you’re at home but also while traveling. The app covers delivery services in a large number of countries, and it will be highly useful if you visit Asia.

With the help of FoodPanda you can order from the famous chain restaurants, such as Pizza Hut and KFC, but also, you can make more unusual orders from local restaurants. 

What is great about the app is that all delivery services on the list are carefully selected. 

Also, you can stumble upon great discounts and deals because the company cooperates with a number of restaurants.


Seamless appSeamless appSeamless app

Another great app on the list is Seamless. The app includes convenient search system that you can choose to find particular dishes or look for cuisines. 

The simplicity of the interface combined with the effective search system make this app extremely useful and easy to use. You can also view the prices, restaurant ratings, and the average time of delivery.


GrubHub appGrubHub appGrubHub app

GrubHub is among the most popular food ordering apps, and it’s not surprising. The application offers you an extensive list of restaurants, detailed descriptions, and easy ordering system. 

Another benefit of GrubHub can be noticed when you find the restaurant that seems nice and decide that you want to order your food. Here you have an opportunity to view the most popular meals chosen by the users, so if you have never ordered from the selected place, you’re more likely to order something delicious.  

Eat 24

Eat24 appEat24 appEat24 app

Eat 24 is on the level with the previously mentioned apps, but it includes a larger number of reviews thanks to the fact that it’s powered by Yelp. 

Reviews can certainly help you make a right decision, and are especially important when you’re completely unfamiliar with a certain restaurant. What is more, you can also track your food delivery.

Convenience and ease of ordering food

Nowadays, using apps to order food is the most accessible and convenient way because as long as you have you phone, you can make an order wherever you are. 

All the mentioned applications are popular among users who don’t want to waste their time searching for the closest restaurants. 

Moreover, the ratings and reviews can be extremely useful when you don’t know anything about the place.

What's your favourite food delivery app? Share it in the comments!

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  • sg
    sarita gupta
    4 years ago
    Hello,thanks for sharing great app.....best blog....In today’s era people have reached to mobile phone and most of the restaurants are move themselves into online platform by publish android application to grab business from online platform. AppsBazar have a unique Restaurant Business Solution which will provide you an option to create your own app and move your restaurant at online platform.
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  • G
    5 years ago
    Well, thanks a lot, will definetly check these apps out! I actually always wanted to order some food online, as the nearest shops and restraunts to me are located quite far away, and Im simply too lazy to go there on foot xD
  • MM
    Mr. McAlister
    5 years ago
    Wow! It's the first time I see Eat 24. Sounds like a joke. But anyway I will try it. Thank you!
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